Saturday, January 31, 2004

sappy saturday

hi. how's things getting along on your side? my side's fine. just feeling a little. disorientated. lost. like something's missing in my life. well. yea. a big part of me is missing. for the benefit of those less abstract of us, it's like. i lost my entire torso and legs and only my hands and head was left. ha. and then someone wanna come and chop off my fingernails. ok fine.

anyway. i cut my hair. its a disaster. it looks like mickey mouse, donald duck, and jennifer lopez all had a hand in this and i ended up looking like a mix of bugs bunny, big bird and the cookie monster. yes. it is. THAT. DAMN. BAD. ok but the seductress who was cutting my hair looked as if she put alot of effort in it. she looks like a ktv hostess. but how would i know if she looks like a ktv hostess or not? i've never been served by one before. ok she looks like a fantasy ktv hostess. and she was like pressing her thigh againt my hand when cutting the front of my hair. and then halfway thru her seducing act she asked me, why you so hot?! like i was hot lah! it was air conned! then i said oh i came here from ps then she was like oh i thought our air con is not cold enough. but it was quite freaky. i ran out of that place man!

anyway. orchard road was so crowded. i had to go home asap. and liang fa that idiot who was so horny he ran off with another girl amidst the seduction. and didnt go to church because he was with that girl....horny bugger.... hahahaahahaah

oh then at ps i saw bird lee's shop. which isnt quite interesting. cos the things are all so ex. and there's like no business. which is quite sad for bird lee. then when i was going up the escalator i saw this congregation of sn girls. then i saw shuxuan. then she asked me to donate to her, but my aiming wasnt so good to throw the coin into that little slot in the small metal tin. but that created thoughts in my mind. why is it tt ppl want others to donate to their tin? will they be able to take the money? will they benefit from it? no right! that's why my flag days are always days spent eating and chilling out for cip hours. ok tts wad shuxuan was doing, but why do some ppl like to stand there and wait for ppl to donate? why don't they do something more constructive like maybe busking or something tt will attract more money? ok i don't know.

went for a run just now. it was quite cool. realised that my shoes need to be changed cos they are flat. then went to do my pull up. cos my pull up very obviously sucks. and i dun wanna get 25 points for napfa and fail cos of my stupid pull up. realised that if u just run and run u can run away from everything on ur mind. u wont really go and think abt stuff. but u can't run away from everything can u? ultimately, everything will come crashing down on you. and where will u run then? nowhere. and then u die. and u die. and u die a horrible death. a slow, painful excruciating death. and then u r released from this agony. u are free. u have no more shackles. and your journey has begun. cool. not a bad deal actually.

so where are all my blogeurs today? hey blogeurs!! can u like post a link on my tagboard so that i can go and be a blogeur too? thanks!!!
byebye, listening to josh groban now. quite cool. oh. i saw zaizai today. he looks like a girl.

the worst way to do things,
is to try to find the best way to do it.

mervyn at 1/31/2004 04:18:00 PM

quizzy stuff

maybe u guys wanna know more about my personality. since i dun reveal much of it on this blog except the pms-al me. so maybe this might help. ok im just trying to talk crap since im damn bored now and have nothing much to do.

1. You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and

2. In the process of courtship, the approach that would make you
feel irresistable is straight-forward, just tell you he/she
loves you.

3. The impression you would like to give to your lover is optimistic.

4. You don't like it when your partner is emotional and/or too
moody; and you don't know how to please him/her.

5. The kind of relationship you would like to build with your
partner is one that you care not only about the present but
also the future with your partner, a long-lasting relationship
that you can grow with.

6. You care about the society and morality, you won't do anything
wrong after marriage.

7. You think of marriage as a precious thing. Once you get married,
you'll treasure it and your partner very much.

8. At this moment, you don't have the thirst for love, you can't do
anything for it, you won't fall for it easily.

mervyn at 1/31/2004 01:03:00 PM

Friday, January 30, 2004

too tired to blog. if u wan to know anything, just call me. you should have me number.
but seriously,
fuck it.
i mean, how lucky or unlucky can one get ?

ok the signs were coming but hey. anyway fuck it.

mervyn at 1/30/2004 04:12:00 PM

Thursday, January 29, 2004

the lusting day

well. got to school at 8.30 this morning cos of the tremendous jam which was practically stretching from my house to school. would love to know what happened. school in itself, was less of a chore, more of a routine. bird lee did help ease up the 3 econs cluster a little with his light-heartedness and little jokes interspersed within. he's quite a nice teacher, mercenary, but effective. ha. econs is quite a fun subject anyway. especially econs mcq. such a waste of time, but fun to do. just like a cold beer.

so what have you, pe was a total bore. warm ups of soccer trainings count for more physical exertion. haha. no but i can't have this kinda negative attitude. after pe, surprisingly, the clouds were nice to me. for once! cool. so it stopped raining. and the court was still wet but i went to play some street soccer til 6++. the soccer was good. yeah it was, long time since i played like that, being able to fool around and try audacious and stupid things.. wouldn't dare to do these kinda things on the field, especially with coach scolding and watching us.. scored one quite nice goal from around centre line where i lob the ball in.. second time i managed to do it successfully.. from the same angle.. cool. when will the third come? wasted many stupid chances.. which makes me eligible to go join the singapore team.

then whilst we were playing court the touch rug girls started training. there were a couple of cute ones. and we were such idiotic horny boys that we just gathered around on the court and looked across to where they were training, whilst gesturing wildly and pointing.. funny come to think of it. haha..

whilst i was playing street soccer. the one walked across the track. wow. actually, i dunno why im so captivated by her. could it be the face? ok, it does have some kinda x-factor to it which i can't explain. maybe its the legs. its so. refreshing, and new to see a girl with legs like that. ha. ok maybe some of my private fantasies. but yah whatever. maybe i'm a legs man! but not possible. cos i've never taken notice of girls' legs before when all the horny idiots sitting in the canteen are saying -----'s or ---------'s legs are nice.. ok. it has to be her. yah. its her. u know, like when u know something, u definitely know sometihng. like. its written in the stars! yeah! ok im just talking nonsense to satisfy myself.

oh, cool. la vie en rose is a nice song. maybe i should sing it huh.
give your love to me, and life will always be, la vie en rose.
hahaha. ok once again, never expect sense from this blog. its mine. btw, la vie en rose means to look at life through rose-colored glasses.

actually, there's loads on my mind at this point of time. but i can't really say it out, can't tell anyone. maybe can tell bastards like zhirong and bra cos i know they wont tell anyone. cos in the first place they dunno anyone of the ppl i talk abt. and they can't really be bothered to tell this kinda stuff. not like this liang fa..... whole life say i bastard.... and wanna tell ......... but actually. its an internal conflict. dillema. but i don't really care do i? yea i dun.

thought up of quite a gd idea just now to raise money for soccer to pay for coach fees. not a bad idea. i think i should get more cip hours!! for my intellectual rights.

been sleeping really late these few days. when will i ever get a reprieve? hopefuly can sleep early. its not good for my body. and health. and i must take care of my health.

actually. this blog doesnt really talk about much does it? it just talks about myself, and my activities. ok. i think i'll end here. nothing much to say actually. good night one and all. sweet dreams to myself. and may you sleep well.

i think,
i think too much.

mervyn at 1/29/2004 04:10:00 PM

to his coy mistress

this is a nice poem that we went through yesterday in literature class!

To his Coy Mistress

by Andrew Marvell

Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime.
We would sit down and think which way
To walk, and pass our long love's day;
Thou by the Indian Ganges' side
Shouldst rubies find; I by the tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the Flood;
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.
My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow.
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast,
But thirty thousand to the rest;
An age at least to every part,
And the last age should show your heart.
For, lady, you deserve this state,
Nor would I love at lower rate.

But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity.
Thy beauty shall no more be found,
Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound
My echoing song; then worms shall try
That long preserv'd virginity,
And your quaint honour turn to dust,
And into ashes all my lust.
The grave's a fine and private place,
But none I think do there embrace.

Now therefore, while the youthful hue
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,
And while thy willing soul transpires
At every pore with instant fires,
Now let us sport us while we may;
And now, like am'rous birds of prey,
Rather at once our time devour,
Than languish in his slow-chapp'd power.
Let us roll all our strength, and all
Our sweetness, up into one ball;
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Thorough the iron gates of life.
Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

mervyn at 1/29/2004 06:15:00 AM

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

the day.

hi, morning! great day innit. 12.45 now and i just had a bath after coming back and finishing my work. i guess i need lotsa sleep soon. otherwise i'd be so fatigued.

anyway, today, there was the uk and us university talk. it seems like a completely impossible, uphill task to even get into a uk university, much less oxford or cambridge. well, i'd wanna go to cambridge. or maybe oxford, where they have the tutorial system. and get a scholarship. maybe the SPF scholarship. ya. it seems like im aiming for the stars. its close to impossible. but hey, who would have dared to place a $10 bet that i'd still be around in team b around last year november?! so, these are my targets, and i must work hard to reach it. focus is the key, and consistency is the way. and then i will be relieved, my parents will be happy, my grandparents will be overjoyed, and my fucked-up classmates and schoolmates don't really give a fuck whether i live or die but i dun care either so ok.

so today after the talk, miss chua held a mini contact for us. she talked about the class. and our class's segregation is so bad that even some subject tutors tell her about it. yea. our class is segregated. but i don't really care anyway. they're just not the kinda ppl i would feel comfortable around with. ok but they're not exactly comfortable around my cussing foul mouth. but hey! we ain't comfortable with each other, what gives? frankly, its really damn segregated. i've never seen a class that's like that before. lemme see. in the past week, starting since we returned from chinese new year, the people i have held a conversation with in class can be counted on one hand. bingwen, liangs, ek kiat, clara. wow. and i still have a little finger or a thumb to go! ok maybe its my attitude. but i wont continue with the same stupid logical fallicy that james had in his post. ha.
enough about my class then.

i lost my council badge this morning. it dropped underneath the car seat. tried to find it, but cant. forget it.

had council gm today, lucky soccer training was fitness. don't wanna miss too many fields. fitness, can be done individually. like david beckham, who has his own fitness workout routine, just like all other real galacticos. but i'm not a galactico. im just a beep test boy. so i just play a little street soccer to get my fitness maybe. council gm, was extremely pointless. it was to discuss the merger. like fuck it, since you all already fucking decided to merge, what's the point of telling us, yea we have a voice. yea, we can make our suggestions heard. like hey fuck you're just giving us a death sentence and saying, yea, you could die by hanging, execution squad, lethal injection, or from too many polings. like hey. what's the fucking point of making us sit around there, giving suggestions, raising concerns, when in the first place, you fucking had no intention of including us in this? to make us feel important? i'm sorry "THE MAN" (fr. sch of rock) but i can't help it if my intelligence level is high enough to detect the facade that you're painting and the farcical nature of this whole fucking issue. sue me if u might, sack me if you will, JUST DON'T TAKE ME FOR A FUCKING FOOL.

ok after that they treated us to some jack's place buffet. but not really very nice also. just to fill the tummy. sometimes its not the food but the company. anyway after that headed down with alroy, ronald, dom and thiam hoew to orchard then to nat. stadium to watch the sg. vs norway match. well it was really exciting and sg really didnt deserve the 5-2 scoreline. a 3-3 scoreline would have been more fair. in my opinion. we had many wasted chances. came real close many times. sweden's goal was all damn cheapskate. there was one where they scored with rafi ali down in the penalty box. hey where's the sportmanship? are you saying that you can't score with 11 men? but i don't care. it was great fun anyway, huddling under 2 umbrellas. yes its damn gay, but nvm about that. the rain was really heavy too but it was alright. cos its cool. and the company was quite nice also. we had fun. yea we did. a great getaway from all the stresses of sch. yea. beer was missing tho. ha.

i guess that's all i'll say for now. maybe next time. til then, cya!


mervyn at 1/28/2004 04:29:00 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

out of life.

-warning- pms-ey, attitude-laden post ahead. if in bad mood, kindly go to proceed with caution.

hihi. i know that greeting sounds chirpy, but im way off the chirp scale.

i hate to say this, but im tired. im tired of school! im tired of not knowing how to integrate a simple equation. im afraid of acknowledging that i'm just too bloody lazy to learn how to do a simple integration.
im tired of studying! im tired of being a bastard. im FUCKING tired! and i need some sleep. lots of sleep. but i don't seem to allow myself to get that fucking sleep. i always come up with lotsa weird dreams, which honestly, disrupt my bloody sleep when i need it! i hate waking up in the middle of the night with fucking nightmares, i hate waking up with a sense of doubt, i hate waking up thinking that its reality.

today, i had to retype an entire econs essay. and add footnotes. and add bibliography. and add charts. and add graphs. and add appendices. which i had none. so i spent 3 hours doing it. and frankly, i am sick of it. why? because i don't know what to write. so i use my common sense to write. and it sounds stupid. why? because the simple concepts are expressed as big words. which is what adults like to do. take a simple issue. and express it in big terms. to make them smarter of course. but essentially, its the same bloody stupid idea! to say that i have an immense propensity to dispose of my money in a frivolous manner. its the same as saying im a wasteful spendthrift. no? then why do they wanna complicate matters? why can't life be simple A - B - C. 1-2-3? why!
you know why? because i'm going to earn a million bloody dollars and blow the balls off the next person who dares to act smart and give me an answer.

ok. so maybe, i could be classified as a bastard. as liangfa alredy calls me, and brother too, who even beats me up now cos im a bastard. BUT DO U REALLLLLLLY THInk i like being a bastard?!?! no!!!!! i have no choice!!! i wanna be a good guy!!! but i cannot. ok nvm. i don't really care anyway. there're times when i feel like a complete idiot, but i dun care. i can't be bothered to go and be a nice guy anyway.

actually i have quite alot of things to blog. but i forgot them all. oh. i have council gm tmr. guess im gonna miss 2 consecutive soccer trainings. whoa. that sucks. its not like im a christiano ronaldo or anything. ok maybe i'm just a sol campbell. but who cares?! i don't care! you don't care! nobody cares! why?! because this is a world where nobody gives a damn whether or not you are sol campbell or campbell soup! just mind your own business, do your own thing, and maybe one day you'll end up in the governor's suite of grosvenor's lodge having your own little party.

anyway i guess that's enough nonsense from me for the day. this post isnt exactly very pleasant is it? DOESNT Rreally go along with the big picture beside this post does it? oh.

the fantasy.

mervyn at 1/27/2004 04:06:00 PM

Monday, January 26, 2004


i am so tired.

training ended around 7+ close to 8.
had the beep test again, and i was shocked when i found out it was a beep test! luckily i didnt get under 11 or i have to go for extra training! was quite pleased with myself for making an improvement.
the beep test is a killer. everyone who runs the stupid beep test will end up like hell after the beep test. it is a mass murderer! ppl like the tall james, jono, me, all were going to die after the beep test. many ppl also lah. worse than 2.4. compared with the beep test, 2.4 is like a stroll in the park.

in school today, i was very troubled. i kept thinkign and thinking and thinking. and eventually decided not to bother about it anymore. because i am that damn good. yah right. maybe cos i was too sleepy. i dunno actually.

and now i have to do my stupid econs s essay before i can sleep. actually i think the essay abit no point. cos im talking cock. but i always talk cock. does that suggest that i am no point and that my entire existence is meaningless?

anyway. who is to say what our existence is for? ok forget it. this is a stupid question.

im very tired.

mervyn at 1/26/2004 03:19:00 PM

Saturday, January 24, 2004

there are times when i feel like such a complete bastard that i can't even bring me to look myself in the mirror.

mervyn at 1/24/2004 05:12:00 PM

my own screenplay

"are you sure?"
"yes, very sure."
"because i am the king"
"i understand, but.."
"just shut up will you!"

ok the above dialogue came out of nothing but i was just feeling bored and letting the voices in my head rear their heads for a short while.
yes. the voices also need some fresh air.

well, im hungry once again. what should i do at this critical point of time?

sometimes, when you dun have something, you want it. and when you want it, you'll get it. and after you got it, you realised you don't want it. and everything will be at square one. in that case, why don't we have a world where we'll get everything we want because in the end we won't want it anyway. that would be idealistic and make everyone happy right? and if there were such a system, the marxists could have screwed themselves and the whole world would be a prosperous state. and there'd be no third world countries or developing countries as they're called politically correctly. there would be whole world countries.

but you realise, that this blog, is all cock don't you? so the above does not hold true. maybe one day when i get to play god, all these fantasies would turn up. but oh well, there are many things which i want which would never get accomplished because of the way things are now. and i can't change it! why?! BECAUSE I CAN'T LAH! and tv is so boring now.
and i want the rain to stop. so why won't it stop? if it continues on like that, the soil would erode very easily, and who knows, maybe the treasure i buried in the field 23 steps away from the corner flag to the left of the goal post would be unearthed by a lucky, unsuspecting soul. oh no. but who would be so smart and lucky to be able to find that exact spot except me? because i marked it out with a big red +. cos X is so passe.

ok actually i just want the rain to stop because i hate the sound of the raindrops. i hate to see the floor so wet. i hate to see the sky so cloudy. because the raindrops remind me of tears. and tears are a sign of weakness. so why should the sky be weak? isn't the sky omnipresent? why is it weak then! why does it have to shed tears? why does it rain! STOP RAINING U BLOODY IDIOTS! ok business opportunity - building a huge glass dome to cover the whole of sg, so that it can be air-conditioned, and there'd be no rain.

ok i just typed that whole buncha crap to obscure the post below because its a load of gibberish.

mervyn at 1/24/2004 03:24:00 PM

nice song by ambrose hsu

天上飞来的爱情 我终于等到一个奇迹
每天不能不见你 我的恶梦就是你被人追去
无法抗拒爱上你 有你才会有活的勇气
只要你不怕我缠你 我的胸膛随时欢迎你休息
我这个人善良单纯没问题 就是不懂甜言蜜语
真希望有个人来管管我的命 只准你有这个权力
I Wanna Be Your Heart I Wanna Be Your Fool

随时随地 任你差遣 傻傻爱着她
傻傻跟她睡 只要你说可以 我会把你放在我的天堂里
I Wanna Be Your Heart I Wanna Be Your Fool
喝她喝过的水都幸福 傻傻爱着她
傻傻听她话 只要你说可以 我会把你放在我的天堂里

mervyn at 1/24/2004 09:41:00 AM

yes, so once again, im here, with everyone sleeping at home cos its a brilliant day for sleeping, with all the rain, and the clouds obscuring the tiniest ray of sunshine from the sky.
and i m here once again, trying to entertain myself with my brilliant words, which i think are very nice to read, but they arent.
so just now i woke up and gone to my grandparents house. ate there. played with my baby cousins. and that's about it. and after that i came home. that's it.
oh and some trouble erupted whilst i was at my grandparents house.
here's the story.
ok and so was furious. or upset. or something. the spectrum upon which the emotion lies i know not. but it wasn't good. so maybe its my fault. so i tried to appease the one who is upset. but to no avail! ok maybe in the end its ok. but this isn't the end of the story is it? ok thru a series of interacting neutrons and protons, the air has exploded and then that's it! ok so after some explanation, and assurance, the yin and yang collaborated again to form the stasis in which the world exists.
and everyone was happy again.

don't understand what i'm talking about? good. cos u're not supposed to. but ppl like liangs, bra and whoever should know wad im talking about. why? because we are all bastards so u should understand the words!

well. that's about it for this post. i'm quite bored and my computer has officially screwed up. ok maybe its me.

sometimes, it is better to remain in your dreams. but other times it is not. because, your dreams could be either
1. the reflection of what you want
2. the potrayal of what is happening but which you can't accept
3. just some nonsense thought up by your brain that u never thought your brain could think up of. like maybe evonne hsu coming to propose to me and saying that she's totally in love with me and that we should get married at this very point of time cos she just can't wait any longer. ok. that's a real number 3.

things are ok, when its number 1 and number 3. at least, u can sleep peacefully and enjoy the brilliance of your mind, whilst evonne hsu lies next to u in bed, or maybe evonne is waking u up, with breakfast in bed (with the appetiser of course). for that matter, elva hsiao is not bad too. hahaha. oh no. i just spotted a trend. do i like girls whose surnames start with hs---?! no...... that can't be! hahahaa why?!!?!?! BECAUSE. U SHOULD KNOW IT FOR YOURSELF OK!! HAHAHAA u know who im talking about! yeah you!
ok back to my dreams point. it is when you are at number 2 that you are in deep deep deep trouble. when your dreams POTRAY IN VIVID AND REALISTIC detail the things that are happening that you NEVER EVER WANNA ADMIT because very simply, you don't like it, that's when the problem ends. how is one going to save himself from a dream? you're not conscious, so u can't do anything. so u just let yourself fall. into the deep abyss.

ok that's it.
the end of my post to keep myself entertained.
ok. now i think i need a run.

mervyn at 1/24/2004 08:29:00 AM

the cowboy

a cowboy was herding his sheep one day when he lost his cow
what is a cowboy without his cow?
so he said, fine, i'll get a horse instead.
a horse can go faster than cows, its much more magnificent, and it looks nicer. ok said he.
he went about getting the most magnificent horse of all, as white as white could be. it was a maginificent sight to behold. the cowboy on his white horse. one day, the cow came wandering back. the cowboy told the cow to go into the stable.
and nowadays, the cowboy is a icon of marlboro. and never without his horse.

and the moral of this story is?
fuck the cowboys, the cows, the horses, and marlboro.

mervyn at 1/24/2004 05:01:00 AM

Friday, January 23, 2004

the last emperor

hi. this is mervyn reporting from home.
i just came home from the gala premiere of the last emperor, at the esplanade, performed by the hong kong ballet.
well. what do i have to say about it? it was a treat for the senses, absolutely wonderful artistry. brilliant score i must say, composed by the oscar-winning composer. it was terrific, with every note and melody conveying the exact tone of the story. the cheoreography was perfect to say the least. every step and movement was synced with the music and that only served to enhance the story-telling even better. the artistic movement was great too and the ballet was seamless and made the plot every bit more enjoyable. the women went on pointe as easily as they walk, it was a treat to the senses. there is something different. something magical, about watching women wearing traditional, chinese costumes, dancing ballet. it adds a whole new dimension, a completely new grace and elegance to ballet. if only the ancient concubines did really dance ballet and not subject their feet to the binding. china would be a much more prosperous society. can u imagine a ballet studio in the middle of the forbidden palace? that is like so amazing. hahahaha. and yes, i went with A GIRL. now now, if you all used your brains and gave it a little more thought, you all would know who i'm talking about. i'm not supposed to drop names here, but let's just say that YOU. (yea you.) (yes im talking about you who thinks i dunno that u read this but i know ok!) you would know! hahaha so SPREAD THE JOY, THE WORD, AND THE FESTIVITIES!

oh anyway it was enchanting. worth every single cent of the $65 ticket. i wouldnt mind paying more for it even. it was a fantastic storyline, told in an elegant way. oh its really so fusion and so... new, the only thing lacking is a good glass of wine. yes.

ok. then what happened next? i tried to force some info out of A GIRL. and ended up getting it from ANOTHER GIRL because A GIRL couldnt bring herself to say it. and i was cheated! because the info wasnt as juicy as i expected it to be. its like so. anticlimax. but it was great looking at the excruciating pain and agony on A GIRL'S face, maybe cos i'm sadistic and evil and and absolute tyrant to say the least. HA HA HA! now A GIRL is very agonised and she's drafting a letter to aunt agony. and the coffee i had just now was great, bittersweet, like a great brew should be. and its gonna keep me awake for ages. that, and the wonderful experience that i had tonight. absolutely amazing ballet. amazing score. amazing storyline. won't regret watching this. would have regretted not watching it tho. and yes, i'd rather regret something i did than to regret something i did not do. BUT HEY! who's regretting anything!

oh and the rain seems to calm the night so well. but the stars have all gone. and so is the moon. why can't it be minus something degrees here and then maybe we'll have snow. and we can go frolicking in the snow with wild abandon. oh. and build my army of mini snowmen.

ok. i think i need a little alcohol now.

mervyn at 1/23/2004 03:59:00 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2004

hmm today was a rather alright day, but i ate kfc. sinful. yea. but i atoned for it by going running just now so its alright. slept alot. i think my hobby is sleeping. was just thinking what kinda girl is like the one for me. in the bath just now. and the list i have come up with so far is :-

1. she must look like evonne hsu
2. she must be able to put up with my nonsense.
3. she should be able to wash my dishes!
4. she should have an attitude. (a good one) hahaha
oh i want someone who would be able to just sit quietly with me watching the planes take off and marvel at the beauty of them. and then some.
maybe one who would do stupid things with me and go sailing is not bad too. one whom enjoys the outdoor and is not frivolous, yet knows how to pamper one's self at times.
one whom is not high maintenance but manages to look like she is.
ok i think that's enough of my MCP-ness. i'm asking for a greek goddess. maybe venus or aphrodite. or maybe just evonne hsu is fine.
ok that's enough nonsense for the day. a nonsense post for the new blog shows where this blog is heading. BUT TO HELL WITH IT! why?! cos i say so.

mervyn at 1/22/2004 06:07:00 PM

hi! this is mervyn's new blog. yes it is.

mervyn at 1/22/2004 04:51:00 PM