Friday, April 30, 2004

poysonous mineralls, i doe not fear

hi, wad's up with everyone man.. anyway today was a mixed day. it kinda sucked, but discounting the sucks, it was an alright day actually.
well... went to sch, a short day in sch really, cos i went to help out in the choir concert and got cip for it..

well, talk about cip. i was there frm like 2 to 10.30. yea. talk to me about cip. and god, from 3.30 to 7, i was wasting m,y time as a carpark boy... but i spent my time idling away usefully, reading the economist. but still, it was damn sian.. anyway 7 came and all the ppl who wee sposed to park parked and i went up.. and then i helped to sell those programme booklets... and free concert anyways.... it was not bad

hmm that was abt my whole day.

well, something unpleasant happened in e morning and dimmed my mood. and then whilst iw as preparing to go for choir thing, glee came over and talked to me.. well, that kinda sucked.. i guess he meant well but he doesnt really know the context of the whole issue.. but i guess i am still in the wrong.. cos she's a damn gd actor and since he's my gd fren, i shudnt give him stick over this stupid thing.. frm now on.. i dun care abt them.... the adademy awards and oscar awards man.....

anyway thru doing the choir cip i also learnt that ms lit chua really doesnt have a sense of humour.. all my jokes wif her fell flat ahhaha but tts cos she takes everything literally.... haha but nvm anyway

notice i don't blog much nowadays? cos im addicted to this game i discover recently.. u can find it.. at
watching central and playing the game now
central's playing this hgh society show starring frank sinatra.. also, saw some pretty girls just now at the choir concert. oh, and there was this girl who came to me and asked if i was mervyn cos she was my junior in pri sch band.. must go lk for her in sch next time and talk to her.. hahaha.....

okok i wanna go play the game already.. damnn pro man.. hahaa... have cip frm 9-5 tmr.. wanna godown to vj funfair.. dunno how sial.. nvm.. see y`all in the meantime, take care and have fun man.... gdnite.

mervyn at 4/30/2004 05:06:00 PM

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

shattered dreams, broken hearts, rage and apathy

hi, what's up with this blog man!! anyway today was a total day. there was an interesting gp lesson, slow math lesson, and a disappointing, and i mean, extremely disappointing table tennis match..

yes, once again, we have lost to hc, this time not by a narrow margin, but bad enough. we had the chance to win the doubles, but they cocked up. and that sucks!! cos i can't stand those hc arrogant cocky bastards... but oh wells, i think we'd be able to win next year, hopefully. just get one more strong singles in and thats it.. its in the bag..

gp was extremely interesting tho.. wonderful debate going on..

went to ponderosa for dinner.. and wells that's about it..

anyway, since i'm so bored today, i shall expound on the theories of how to live your life the mervyn way. the first of the series.

well. my basic philosophy of life is, don't screw me and i wont screw you.. but the moment you screw me, i'll screw you a million times over. and ppl who know me should know how bad my temper is and how vicious a person i can be. but ppl who know me better should know how nice i can be too. but not many ppl know the nice side of me, so i shall just be meanie me (pun intended hahaha)

the next thing one should know is that, i don't really care. yea, you can do anything and i wont really care, as long as ultimately the outcome is beneficial and doesn't affect me, i wont bother. of cos, if you're someone nice, i might care if you were into something bad, but otherwise, i wont really give a damn.

and the final philosophy of living life the mervyn way is, i have a very thick skin and i will do anything for fun. ok almost anything. toned down now, but still.
oh wells.

anyway, i shall tell all of you a story today. one day, there was this guy M. and so he was a j2. and orientation came. and so, his duty was to look after this orientation grp. and when he spent too much time on his duty, trying to make this orientation grp feel comfortable in the new environment, and trying to make this retainee in his OG feel comfortable too, he was accused of not bothering about others. and so this others went to tell M. pissed about it, M didnt care. so what happened? the others went to tell ppl. about M. and the ppl went to tell some other ppl abt M. and this led to a full blown affair. and now M doesnt talk to the ppl, the others, nor the orientation group.
sounds like a logical development to you? yea, not to me either. interesting story? definitely.

well, i'm not usually one to kiss and tell, but trust me. i have many interesting stories i'm sure all of you would love to find out about. yes, they are scandalous. yes, they are true. and trust me, boy are they hot, steamy, and full of JUICE.

ok goodnight everyone.
take care yea.

mervyn at 4/28/2004 04:57:00 PM

Monday, April 26, 2004

still in bliss.

hi folks, as luck would have it, arsenal, being the lousy dumbass team that they are, did a stupid thing which cost me my investment. now that was dumb. jens lehmann, in particular was suspect. as life would have it, we lost to yj today, which was a totally dumb move on our part. now we're in the same group as rj, mj and vj. now, i appeal to any intellectual souls to tell me the odds of being in this group as compared to the other. as usual, who else was suspect for the goal, but our one and only, champion scorer, damn handsome, "thinking player" yeah you probably know who i'm talking about.
pissed off a great deal about that.

oh wells, but today was too good a day to be pissed off. i shall have a new resolution to not care about others. that's frankly all their own business. but today was a day when lim swee say came to say some things (aww bad pun there) to us. he is my new role model. frankly, me and him have many things in common.. maybe i can be the next lim swee say too.. lets see what we have in common
1. we are both from nj
2. we are both from nj student council
3. we both admit to being "lousy councillors"
4. we both have long hair
5. we both have a fixed routine
6. we came to jc for the girls..
7. i'm chinese educated too!!! but just tt i cant speak chinese lah, but i can speak abit of chinese, just not those biao zhun ones. but i got lotsa chinese culture in me ok!!
hmm.. i got potential.. to be the next environment minister.. not bad.. hahaha..
for once, this was an interesting dialogue session which i attended. tho he talked lotsa crap.. but at least it was interesting..

damn anyway i need to postpone my sats, and that involves a long distance call. which i would have to make sometime soon. like tomorrow? to attend that econs symposium. of cos, we are strongly encouraged to go, but i really realyl wanna go!! i realised that all these symposiums are ultimately damn bloody interesting, tho most might find it banal and a waste of time, but surprisingly, i relaly like going for these symposiums, be it HSSRP, history or what not. i think its like when they speak and u just listen and all and it kinda internalises all the info and its at yr fingertips and there's like infinite amounts of knowledge which one can gain from it. and what's more, you get to ask questions to clarify your doubts!! damn cool lah!! ok either way. i wanna go. and that's finale.
what else do i gotta do? hmm cant recall..

anyway then now imma watching shi zi lu kou.. so lame..

ah anyway i think that's all for the day.. i'm still feeling really happy and all but oh wells, the adrenaline and endorphins should be enough to tide me by for a couple more days before i need another fix. i believe ill find that fix soon. oh, and there's also an econs case study test tmr, but seriously, who believes i'd study for it? yea, i may seem like those posers who act slack, but seriously, do we even need to study for it? ok im such an idiot. but oh wells, i'll tell u when i actually get down to some real studying. ok gdnight all. take care


mervyn at 4/26/2004 04:49:00 PM

Sunday, April 25, 2004

this is bliss

hi, im back here to give a BLOW-by-BLOW account of what's been up around here. yesterday i was duaed by a guy by the name of cock fu who asked to me rouge, when the place was one hell of a old folks home with nobody in there.. only all the aunties and uncles. wondering how that dead place can even survive man..

oh wells.. so i came home and played monopoly and all that crap.. and went to bed

oh before that i also went to dotcon zero which was essentially a toy convention. and i spent like $240 on some stuff. but that's a small matter cos i'm reselling them at a higher price cos these stuff are essentially limited editions, and highly collectable. the ultraman set would drive some adults wild man..

also some LOTR busts there, of gollum, which was incredibly lifelike. damn cool stuff.

anyway today was somewhat of a boring day, woke up, went for lunch etc, the usual.

but something great and infinitely interesting happened in the evening.. i was chatting wif cheryl and den after that, cheryl called me frm canada! to say the least, i was pleasantly surprised and we ended up talkng abt lotsa nonsense... but then it was so late in canada it would have been gd for her to sleep. yea it was arnd 5am.. so i hurried her off to sleep and she said i was chasing her and didnt wanna talk. ah but heck, she still had to sleep anyways. but oh wells, it was nice talking to her. perhaps the best thing in my whole uneventful day. oh yes, it was an uneventful day with an event in it.

and then i went to wager 50 of my dollars on arsenal vs liverpool, which would give me a yield of 55%, which is an incredible investment, considering it's just 1 day. this actually translates into an incredible 20075%/annum return on yr investment, as compared to banks offering a meagre 0.075%/annum. and they're currently up 2 goals to nothing. and they'll win the title, tho that's least of my concerns. afterall, soccer teams are there to earn you money. not for you to pledge yr undying support to.

ok that's all for the day, off to watch it again. goodnight to y`all. and take gd care of yrself.

mervyn at 4/25/2004 04:45:00 PM

Saturday, April 24, 2004

true colors

will update tmr, too sleepy now.

but i had fun today. hard rock cafe was great. i like the food there. i should go there sometime soon again.

yes, and i spent some money. lots of it. hahaahaaa retail therapy? definitely not. oh and i had a new idea. how cool....

mervyn at 4/24/2004 07:57:00 PM

Friday, April 23, 2004

a sonata for you

hi.. havent been here in quite awhile.. reason being i was too caught up with my econs s stuff.. now that it's over and done with, a huge sigh of relief is heaved, and i am free and easy to do other things... let's see.. tmr i shall go to orchard parade hotel for the toys fair.. den perhaps pop on down to sungei road market for a little look-see. but that's of course after i finish my CIP over at bedok.

well, today was a terrible day of buttache, i could have gotten piles sitting there from 3pm to 10am. (my clock works reverse) it was interesting for the first part, and then it turned into drones by the time it was 3pm. i was restless and just telling the candidates to screw off somewhere else. i shot a few candidates down muahaha simply cos i didnt like their faces. brenda, not tt i dun like her face, but others dun like her face, so i shot her down. tt was classic man.. she was speechless.. but i think tt if she this kinda ppl get in.. den its for their own selfish interests.. which is not right.. den i shot the other girl si lin or something cos she simply had a damn dulan face.. and she doesnt sing the sch anthem in the morning.. something which i am strongly against.. cos i believe u must sing sch anthem!! haha..but i rescued this girl named krystle who got it real bad in some other LTs tho, cos i heard frm ek kiat tt she was close to tears.. so decided not to make it worse for her.. but i had kinda same experience last yr, so i guess i can identify. ha, i seem to be making myself seem like a master manipulator of sorts, the puppeteer of the whole elections farce. a rasputin. if only i were. then i'd be able to rig the whole thing. hahaha...

i spent 5 to 3 doing nothing much actually just slacking arnd the place.. sigh... such an unproductive day..

but then came the exciting bit of the day, which was the econs s. my god, it was so interesting doing the seminar topic.. i could do seminars for a living... pity my presentation was kinda shoddy work cos i didnt spend much time doing it. ah but since its over.. i got merit for it tho.. wish i will get distinction next time.. and also to pick up on my econs a. and my other subjects too.. guess i have to take some form of pro-active measure. sigh...

and as i was doing my usual daily introspection, i realised that oh no, i'm dead, my clock's ticking away and i have nowhere to go. i wanna write a play. about what, i think i know, but i pretend i don't know.

and this is the first time i'm actually saying something like that here, but i kinda think girls really suck nowadays. as in, they're not sweet, sugar or spice. they're just mean to the core. i mean, some of them are nice, but the majority are sluts, bitches etc. actually, what good are girls, if not for sex objects?
ok, they can be utilised at ATMs. eye candy. practical purpose? zero. zilch. screw it, the world's a bitch anyway.

ok a little teenage angst there, which is only natural coming from me. but if you know me, you should know my remarks are more often than not much more cutting, caustic, and acidic. and you should know my demolition plans are much more infinitely destructive than the worst of nuclear powers.
why am i saying this? i don't know.
perhaps its just me and my useless rants. yes, i probably should be a happy young punk and all. but i'm not. i'm a discontented youth. actually i'm contented, just underachieving. i can achieve so much more. and i will.
trust me.
i'll come back and crush you
trust me.
i will.
and when the time comes.
you'll have no choice

mervyn at 4/23/2004 05:08:00 PM

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

one more step to heaven

hey, bloggo. what's been new. anyway today was a hectic day, a very eventful day to say the least. i still have yet to do my econs s presentationn but thats besides the point cos i got a headache at this pt of time. anyway this entry is for yiling for treeating me to grass jelly during lunch today. thank you yiling!!

anyway today was really interesting during GP cos we had a huge discussion of love, and believe you me, it was really interesting with everyone sharing their opinions, but i felt the class was kinda quiet during the whole thing so i guess tts besides the pt.

i also managed to dig out many scandals frm stacy tan and basically gae her a traumatising time for the short time i was in her class.

today we were also interviewed about our project work thing. cos we were really good group. but the thing about it was that it ws for channel u but i tried to speak chinese, was too lousy, and ended up speaking english instead. the reporter, i think, was trying to provoke us into saying PW sucks, but im the kinda guy tt doesnt give ppl what they want, so i basically shot her back down into place. the stupid photo taking for the newspaper took one whole hour though;. that sucks!! anyway watch chan u news tmr at 10pm to see my handsome face saying the most politically correct thing u'll ever hear from me man..

also, i decided i wanna go for the OBS korea, its a once in a lifetime thing, as opposed to going on a holiday. so i have to ask cmpb to send me a letter tt says i can go and that it wont clash with my enlistment. ek kiat wans to go too so tts gd i;ll have some company.. other than girls.. hahaha.. okie.

if u might notice my speech is a little disjointed today. that's cos i am having a terrible headache. ok i think i'm gonna sleep now. early for once. thank you. good bye, gdnite and sweet drms!!

mervyn at 4/21/2004 04:11:00 PM

econs s

this is the culmination of my many days of work and you may read it now. will update later. watch channel u news tmr to see me politcally correct side.

mervyn at 4/21/2004 03:42:00 PM

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

sweet as the lavenders, grazing the wind, swept my heart.

hi, i'm back again. listening to a music disc now.. its damn nce.. waiting for guess3 to start... den i can go do my math PnC and econs mcq.. both of which is super duh topics.

anyway lets talk abt the state of my life now. i'm leading a pretty fruitful life now, engaging myself in useful activities such as soccer, econs s, and basically immersing myself in the process of scholarship and learning. because ultimately, that is what i should be gaining from a college education. yes, i have learnt a large number of interpersonal skills and i might say that i am already a wonderful conversationalist who can talk to ppl well. i think i can also manage ppl real well.. as stalin once said, ppl are nothing but just cogs in the wheel. and i am the manipulator, the engineer of the cogs. and they shall turn when i say turn and stop when i say stop.

however, my fitness has been going down and i figure i must take more proactive steps to increase the level of my fitness, for a person's health is wealth. and we must take care of our body.

however, on the emotional side, i have been pursuing a few goals and aims. of which one is long term goal, capital accumulation of stocks for future consumption. a few of the goals are for present consumption, and one is being invested for vested interests and also for liquidation of the firm. however, i feel that i'm still not producing at my ppf, as in, there is unemployment in the economy. however, that is beyond any major concern for growth is expected in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of FY 2004.

anyway i am in a moral dillema. i think i should go brush up on my econs A so that i can go be a econs A teacher. and then i can teach some ppl.. hiak hiak.. evil evil on my part, but hey, when you've got an absolute/comparative advantage, you'd be a total dumbass, a complete fool to just leave it and not exploit it right??

ok i guess that's all the reporting of the state of the union.

anyway i realised that i have never worn the nj tie with the nj uniform before. i always wear it with the white shirt and blazer only. but some of these candidates damn too much, wearing the tie so slack without buttoning the top button. needs to be screwed.. disrespect for the uniform.

ok that's about it.. will end here and go watch guess 3. goodbye everyone.

mervyn at 4/20/2004 04:21:00 PM

hedonistic calculus

hi. today, we engage in a little hedonistic calculus. a little equation, theory, plan devised for the enjoyment of the future. today was the day i played hooky, and went home for a little sleep. the funny thing was, i overslept my stop and had to walk home.

today was a day when i finally finished my econs S paper. wasted should have started doing it earlier. then i would have more things to say. though i'm pretty sure i overshot the 4000 word limit, but still. i would love to post it up for your references but im sure everybody would be pretty bored by it, cos as ek kiat says, econs is only hot to yrself but not to others. aww. can u sense that look of hurt on my face? but anyways theres to be many thanks to glee and the pseudo ms chua's bf for helping me print my essay out . but it still did cost me a grand $15.45 to print the many copies needed for everyone. so now i'm broke.

there was something funny he said abt us having the2 most high tech phones in the college and i thought that was pretty funy but to a certain extent its kinda true. but what do we need such a high tech phone for? my computer can't even keep up with my phone, and thus the sync function is wasted on me. i could sync on my laptop tho but that's a different issue. the point im trying to make is that i have no point.

you know i always have these moments of epiphanies in class or somewhere where i cant write it down, and when i wanna write it down here, i kinda forget.
so irritating.

anyway i think i'm slowly growing to be a vicious, evil, mean guy. but that wont change. no it wont. anyway i think i wanna go know this girl. but knowing me, you know all my words are probably bull and full of hot air. ok so sue me, i'll go do something else now. more to come later. maybe when i have my epiphanies.

mervyn at 4/20/2004 12:03:00 PM

Monday, April 19, 2004

in school

hi, i'm in school now. anyway i think sometimes miscommunication is the root of all evils. went to school late today, cos i woke up at like what 7.40? ah but who cares man.. late is good. cos u can get more rest at home

glee's lesson was like what, quantum physics? actually it wasnt, but judging by the looks on some people's face, god it looked like they were trying to work out how the teleportation process works. hahaha it was so duh.. but nvm...

its damn boring now.. cos contact's been cancelled as usual.. and the class, being a buncha jackasses and screwoffs are scattered all over the place. so here i am in the luxury of bytz typing this. and soon off i go to play monopoly and type out my econs s seminar at the same time

so til then, bye ya guys. and i'm surprised at how me and my og ppl can actually walk past each other without acknowledgement. yea. but that's life. and it sucks. and its all cos of one stupid reason.

mervyn at 4/19/2004 04:54:00 AM

Sunday, April 18, 2004

absolut waterbabies

yeah. once again im here after a long demise. had a rather hectic weekend i must say..

went to centro on saturday night to catch the absolut waterbabies bikini show.. god.. it was good!! the models were damn hot and all.. and what's more, it was free flow and free entry!! nothing like a good night out at a good club with good music... hahaa headed to rav after that... and went home and died on the bed..

prior to that, went to tpcc to donate blood.. relatively painless and quick process.. maybe my blood has already been used up now.. who knows..

anyway today was a really boring day, but i got my new phone, the o2 xphone.. quite high tech phone.. but i dun really know how to use it.. nvm, figures i'll use it sometime soon.
am quite pissed off with some ppl who are talking crap.. but that's besides the point. they're rather inconsequential, insignificant buggers ain't they.

annyway off to do my econs s stuff. see y`all later. or next time perhaps.

mervyn at 4/18/2004 05:08:00 PM

Friday, April 16, 2004

the blue waves slip by the lonely bridge

hey, once again, i'm back here!!

anyway today was an exciting day. it was filled with unexpected events, pw grades, exciting table tennis matches, interesting econs S lesson, and then a nice dinner and going to tampines mall to play.

anyway today was the day we got back our pw grades, the culmination of a year's of agony, pain and hard work put into the stupid thing. as luck would have it, i got a one, which was highly expected, but what was unexpected was that we were the only grp that got a one. didnt know its so hard to get a one. but oh wells, that's the first shot down of my a levels entry requirements.

was sent to chung cheng high to go sppt the table tennis team, which would have won anyway so it was rather useless sppting them.

on the way there, the bus passed over nicoll highway. then in my solitude, lost in my music, i looked out onto the little channel of water running underneath it. and it was so tranquil, so brilliant, so nice. then i saw the route that we always run for road run in dunman, and all those good times just came back to me. haha and the trophies that i got for slogging my guts out at the stupid road run.. seeing anty's stupid face when i passed him after the turn.. hahaha.. didnt manage to see brian tho. he was too slow.. hahaha but tt doesnt matter... those were the good times man......

and then econs s. was interesting, but james presentation was disappointing. binh's was really well structured and clear i guess she deserves credit for that. but mefelt that there was a lack of breadth in her presentation. and there is so much to talk abt in that topic, it really is rather irriating. perhaps im just reading between the lines too much mate.

mum fetched me and went out for dinner with joelle, my dad's coming back frm korea soon..

going to donate blood tmr.... hope it'll bef un.. ah i duno. as usual, am playing monopoly now. maybe next time i can be a monopolist! haha who knows! ah screw i'm lagging..

so apparently the new student nominees have been selected already, and i must say i do disagree with some of the choices in there, but i tend to suffer from a disease otherwise known as myopia, so my judgement might be flawed.

i also got back my history essay, which i obtained a surprising 30/50 for. which is a good grade, in case you're wondering. "one of the best pieces of work you've ever written" from miss ng. which is a really really rare thing. compliment from ms ng. haha....

and sometimes, i just don't get some things. and by doing a small simple thing, the implications are so widespread they ripple through the entire surface of the pond and create tidal waves in it. and i regret dropping that stupid bloody stone. and i have suffered so many stupid repercussions, will you all just cut me some bloody slack from now on?

k bye.

mervyn at 4/16/2004 06:36:00 PM

Thursday, April 15, 2004

assumptions in an ideal world

hi, imma updating this whilst playing monopoly. i am a champion monopolist... the strategies that u can use in monopoly are endless... and it is a totally mind boggling game!! everyone should play it!! den u all will learn economic concepts and business strategies! what a useful game.. killing two birds with the one stone.

anyways today was an interesting day in school, as there were not one, not two, but THREE ECONS PERIODS!! oh everyday should be like that, cos econs is so fun. but he was doing MCQ and TYS which is so boring. this is because it has been statistically proven that u dun have to do your TYS religously to do well in the MCQ exam. but we still must practise abit. however, it has been proven that mugging religously your TYS til u can memorise every single question can gain you 5 more marks, and 5 more marks is a substantial amount. thus, we should try to get these 5 marks in hand. this is because a bird in hand is worth three in the bush.

i realised many ppl like to rant and rant and rant abt their S papers. if they're so unhappy abt it, then drop it lah!! methinks S paper is all abt interest. nd if u r not interested in yr S paper den quit la dun waste so much breath talking abt it.... ok im only saying this cos i like my econs S alot cos its uber-cool, ultra interesting. been doing lotsa interesting readings recently. will do some later on in the night.

also, im very irritated with certain ppl, who think they are the epitome of chic couture, of class and of elegance. little do they know they are nothing but plain sluts. cheap, and very hypocritical. yeayeayea u prolly know who i'm talking about don't you. well, try second guessing me.

omg meteor garden 2 is showing!! cool, i like meteor garden 1 tho!! its a damn nice show man.... hahaha where is my shancai............. hahahhaa.......

and bloody hell, melvyck smsed me a few days ago to tell me tt we r dismissed at 1230 on fri to go to sppt the pingpong match.. and i was like.. i got econs s. n he's like ur excused frm that too.. and i say, but its v impt and i wanna go. and he says.. oh then its ok then.. u can go for that.. but this is one of the very last times. (referring to going to cheer wif e council) so you decide... at that pt i wished he were right in front of me so i could give him a "hell yeah" and proceed to give him a stone cold stunner. i mean, what kinda stupid mind game is that man.. reeverse psychology sial.. but anyway i have made my choice and i'd rather go to econs s. ping pong isnt a sport where the louder u cheer the more motivated u'll become. u need to focus on the ball... and they don't really need our sppt anyway cos they'll prolly win.

speaking about winning, NJC won AJC 1-0 today in soccer. ha! rocks man!! we finally whipped their asses!! and that felt good... although we had quite a substantial amount of injuries.. hopefully we can last all the way to semi finals at least.... muahahahahahaaaa got a ride home with ms ho after tt.. thankfully... hahaha..

ah with that i'll go bathe and then read my seminar stuff.. and with that, i'll leave ya guys. hopefully i'll have a fruitful friday and have fun. k gdnight everyone, and sweet dreams to u all.

mervyn at 4/15/2004 04:19:00 PM

assumptions in an ideal world

mervyn at 4/15/2004 04:19:00 PM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

be not afraid, for great tasks await you

hey, what's been going on? today was quite a fruitful day for me, went to sch and did quite alotta things. but oh wells, life's like that..

watched a euthanasia vid during gp and it set me thinking (as does many things) about death, whether ppl shud be allowed to die or not and stuff. i think my inner self is calling for euthanasia, cos i actually felt rather sad when the woman died, not cos she died but cos she didnt manage to die earlier by euthanasia. come to think of it, euthanasia would have killed her only 1 or 2 days earlier, surely 1 or 2 days is alright? but then the religous implications and stuff have a much wider impact so i guess, if u factor those in, euthanasia cannot be allowed.

had the pre u sem after sch.. kinda boring.. like we don't do much, cos im a slacker role.. but we managed to exploit the knowledge community system tho.. hahaha..

went home and watched the ding tian li di.. damn nice la the show.. wasted will be missing it tmr.. dunno how sial.. tmr surely damn exciting.. but i hate the way the show goes.. cos i want yuhang to go with yazhou instead of that jerk kechun... and the way yazhou reject her sucks.. cos u know yazhou still loves her.. how dumb.. picked joelle frm sch after tt.. she today abit siao siao.. funny ah hahaha.....

well, been reading lotsa econs books recently, to prepare for my seminar topic.. sibei cheem.. dunno if i can complete it.. hopefully i can... i dunno mate, oh screw im going to donate blood this sat right? ya i think so.. i realised through my course of study that economists are all one hell of a funny ppl.. e.g. keynes said that the stock market was just like a beauty peagant, except that it was not the prettiest that won, but rather, who the ppl think is the prettiest. actually that's true to an extent in the real world, cos any rational economic agent would want to maximise his gains and that can only be done when more ppl support his idea.

oh, and i saw the one as i was walking to the bus stop today. but i couldnt really be bothered cos i was worried that i saw ms ho too late. and then i was worried that i'd miss ding tian li di.. and i am pissed off with myself.

anyway i'll just share some pics with y`all... for the time being...
me and part of my 1st 3 months class in front of a giant shark at suntec city.. lame pose i know, but can't be helped.

us outside cafe cartel.. if u wanna know any of them in there, just leave a tag man!! hahaha... tho i doubt u'll wanna know any of them.. hahaha =P

ok. with that i leave you guys. listening to z-chen's bu ye cheng now.. damn nice.. highly reccomended.. ok goodnight to all of u, back to my books. yea, take care and sweet drms mate!

and great rewards abound you.

mervyn at 4/14/2004 05:18:00 PM

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


hi, what's up everyone! anyway its really late now and im watching guess3. gonna play monopoly after updating this so will make this quick.

anyway todays been a rather boring day, really sleepy too.. had napfa today, which i failed promptly due to my inability of doing pull-ups and general lack of motivation. well, will have til august to retake it anyway so what's the rush about?

didnt see The One today so kinda sad, but i think i will punt my luck with That One instead haha... but nah its hard we'll see how things go man.. this sucks.. haveta to my econs s stuff, which is still relatively raw.. i will refine it til it becomes a diamond man....

okok i'll go play monopoly now update when im less sleepy tmr... stayed in sch til 8 to watch the soccer video... really sickening seeing those mistakes.... monopoly rocks man.. its a game of utmost strategy... and playing each player off the other one...... damn fun.. and eventually..... u win!ok goodnight everyone, sweet dreams. byebye!

mervyn at 4/13/2004 06:02:00 PM

Monday, April 12, 2004

a short post

hi, will keep this short today due to my splitting headache that i have that makes me just wanna lie down and sleep. however, i will not subvert myself to the very ills of blogging - writing in point form.

thus, today was a great start to my sleepy day. one whom is experienced in the architecture of the national junior college should know the way the stairs up to the canteen is engineered. as i came from the side nearer the tennis courts, and i approached the peak of the stairs, where both sides coverge, guess who was to be approaching me. yes, as fate would have it once again, it were to be The One. God, do u know how excited i were when i saw it were her and we were walking towards each other like two star-crossed lovers. (pity we aren't) and when we met, for a brief second, it were as if time stopped. for me at least. and then time continued with me acting nonchalant and all and just walking up at my usual pace, perhaps a little quicker. all the while trying to calm my racing heartbeat and keeping all that adrenaline and testosterone in check.

another incident today would be the one where once again, i were walking down the stairs, and she were walking up. but i was on the left side and she, the right. FYI, the stairs are the ones leading from linkway to the LT circle. for a brief moment, time stopped once again, when our gazes met. and perhaps it were my own self-hypnosis, for we know the power of the mind is but too strong for our imagination. it seemed as if from the corner of her sweet pouty lips, there appeared to be a hint, a fine little sign of a smile. a gentle, demure, sweet smile from an angel that were made from the stars. that left me star-struck. but perhaps, all this were a figment of my imagination.
which will never be reality.

on a side note, NJ soccer did fantastic in that brief streak, scoring so many goals, but i was totally let down in the 2nd half. certainly hope they'll buck up. not so lucky against other opponents.

oh, and the other day, i was on the train and saw this buddhist nun sitting opposite me. she looked real pain and her mouth was contorted into a natural frown. her wrinkled face seem to symbolise years of toil and hardship. in our superficial world, one'd expect buddhist nuns to be serene, tranquil and be totally at peace with themselves, and not be so pained. perhaps buddha has been overglamourised. zen is no longer zen.

oh and i wanna set up a productions studios next time producing films or whatnot, and ive already thought of the name for it. i'll call it shutup productions, so dun steal my name all ya ppl!

thats all for now, i wanna go lie down on my bed. good night to all peasantry and nobility, sweet drms. take care all of y`all.

mervyn at 4/12/2004 04:32:00 PM

Saturday, April 10, 2004

a chapter ends, and thus begins a new.

hey, what's been up. not been here like for quite awhile. anyway today was the hssrp thing and its the final leg of the hssrp. its the symposium. so i sat thru a painful few hours listening to the presentations, presented me own. me own was very well anticipated by those young boys who wanna act smart on politics, but obviously they r just like every young GEP boy, who wanna think they r damn smart in politics. well, my presentation did go rather smoothly, considering it was my first time looking at the bloody slides cos im such a slacker never seen them before. the normally apathetic audience was also shooting qstns as if we were on the death row. that was gd, at least they werent all quiet and subdued. whihc always makes for a boring audience.

went back to sch after tt for a little soccer, became the coach for today haha.. not bad actually, but not as easy as it seems.

my hectic life is so hectic that it never once takes a backseat or even the pause button so the moment it finished i rushed home, took a bath and dashed out as hastily as i had dashed home. reached city hall where i met me friends to celebrate me friends' birthday and then yea tts abt it.

very happy that me hssrp is over. yet sad that i didnt put in effort into it. it was good opportunity, but as glee has said before, moe efforts are normally like that.. well intentioned, but by the time it gets carried out, its bullshit! the mentors werent' really very interested anyway. at least the politcal sci dept. shud have done something on the depoliticisation of sg instead of opp. parties. later ppl link me to opp. parties and im screwed! cos we all know that it is a social taboo to be associated with the opp. i den dun wanna play politics sial!!!
also, i'm really irritated with ppl using the wrong tone of voice for presentations. it is so fake and i cannot stand it anymore!! and its all been brought abt by the stupid schools!! why do they use such an argumentative tone to present an informative topic? we are listening and not arguing so why do u have to STRESS EVERY SINGLE SyLlaBle Like We Dont UnDerStAnd Your Point? its so irritating after awhile.. oh and there was this rj girl whose face was really bang by a truck and run over by many elephants and she tot she's supermodel of the year, her skirt was super short, even shorter than the acjc girls' ones, which i presumed to be the benchmark, and ultra tight, lik she was going for some party lah. i wouldnt mind if she'd been chio, but she wasnt. and that made all the difference.

im so damn irritated! im online, searching for courses on double degree of LLB/BEc, which is essentially a bachelor of law and bachelor of economics, but all the courses offered are in aust. which kinda sucks. and uk doesnt have them. anyone knows where to take LLB/BEc double degree course? ya ya i think u're prolly saying im siao or something cos its damn heavy but i guess its relly damn interesting la.. i was reading new ideas from dead economists today, and then i read the part on law being related to econs and it really furthered my interest even further la.. i mean, its been my ambition all along to study law, and my interest to study econs.. im sure i'll have a fun time man!! wont it be fun to examine the various corporate structures and craft new ones to beat the system.. hahaha.....

oh and winter sonata is showing again. i like that show. alot. its very, sweet, romantic etc. the scenery is picturesque. korean scenery is really damn nice. perhaps shud go there again soon huh hahaa... nth to do tonight, bra wanted to go clubbing but he dua me cos he said nobody goes.. but its ok anyway. be good lor.

and so i was walking around the place. and i see couples, affectionating towards their partners. and im thinking, what's this thing called love, that creates this absolutely irrational actions in ppls minds? surely, it defies all classical thought? anyway i still think that love is stupid and that nobody will be able to find thru love at this age. but i still like to live in my fantasied world, and still have nice imges. just that i acknowledge that they're a fantasy. and that they r just a dream. but it seriously would be nice la. arh whatever man. not making sense to anyone, not even myself.

watching the buz luhrman's romeo and juliet now. stupid sial... ok think i'll end here. had some ideas to talk abt but cant rem now. maybe when i do, i'll pen it down somewhere. k in the meantime, see ya guys. take loadsa care and gdnite. bye!

mervyn at 4/10/2004 06:44:00 PM

Thursday, April 08, 2004

the eye of the sun looks upon i

hi. what's been new? today, was a significantly insignificant day in the history of my life. it was a busy, yet insignificatn day. i had to go to ACS for the hssrp symposium, which in my frank opinion, was a real waste of my time, cos essentially it was nothing more than a technical rehearsal which should have taken less than 15 mins of my time. my travelling time from sch to there and back home was like one half hours.. wth man..

today was also a day in which i got back my lit paper, for plath, which i figure was rather ok-done, and my econs, which i completely threw away. however, i believe i would do better next time. there is room for improvement definitely, areas in which we shall examine.
i also signed up for a blood donation drive when i saw the notice on the cip board. been wanting to donate blood and when i saw that it was a toa payoh, which is rather accessible and close to my house, i immediately signed up for it. tho it shud mean tt im going alone. sadly. but nvm.

today, was also a day, when the luckiest of all lucky things happened, the penultimate chapter in my life unfolded. as luck would have it, as i were standing arnd the locker area, THE ONE walked by, and as fate had arranged it, i were to push my bag back at this point of time in which it knocked into her. omg, positively so happy hahahaha but too bad i didnt say sorry cos my back was towards her and i only realised when she walked past me. my god, i was once again in utter adulation and admiration of my bag.. my bag has gone to such great heights.. why not me.. hahaha.... perhaps i could start by opening my mouth. and say hi. sucks.

went out after sch to meet brian. to go to rouge, which looked real boring. so we went to other places. which equally sucked. another day perhaps. it is just so boring, life. went to his house after tt and saw how he, an econs S student like me, screwed up his essay too. perhaps all of us screws up our econs essays. cewrtainly a trend to be curbed in the immediate future. got some dvds from him, band of brothers an stuff.. went home at 3am, reached home quite late..

watching sylvia now. it is very nice, but only if u had already read her poems and know her history and studied her in detail. the movie has so much dramatic irony, and u really gain a deeper understanding into the psyche of this deranged magnificent poet. very veyr interesting. anyone wants to borrow it can just tag me. yiling i know u definitely wanna borrow it righT? hahahaha okie nvm man

think ill end here for the time being. its late, and i wanna watch my show. take care everyone, gd night. sweet dreams!!

mervyn at 4/08/2004 08:45:00 PM

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


If a picture paints a thousand words,
Then why can't I paint you?
The words will never show the you I've come to know.
If a face could launch a thousand ships,
Then where am I to go?
There's no one home but you,
You're all that's left me too.
And when my love for life is running dry

thats where the song ends for me, the next line can't apply. haha. to find out the next line, go find the lyrics yrself!!
anyway i spent like 2 hours doing my history timeline.. which is rather good if u ask my frank opinion on it.. cos i put effort into it.. this proves that, if you put effort into something, you will do it well!! and i have an immense sense of satisfaction from doing it. i guess this is the secret to all my hardworking frens, guess i will become a mugger soon too!!

anyway my life is so incredibly hectic now, it zooms by at a tremendous pace, yet it walks on with heavy footsteps, with me having to bear the burden of each step. dizzying, yet heavy. how horrible. but i guess all this shud end by next monday, when hssrp stops. oh but then there is soccer nationals. . oh. ok. argh i still am very irritated at that sucker!! but nvm. he is just a sucker who plays an insignificant part in my life and i shud not waste my breath on him at all.

i wish my life would slow down, the way it shud be. oh today i saw the one train. she looks damn cute la, like a hamster hahahaha!!! but ok i cant look too much la or else my eyes might just pop out. aiya but hua shuo dao lai, i am nothing but a stupid wussy coward. so i shall just admire from afar. sadly. haha...

listening to zhang zhi chen's bu ye cheng now. quite nice. waiting for my hair to dry before i go to slp.

if only i had a teacher like ms ng in my sec sch, i figured i would have done much better. ms ng really is damn gd teacher la, she understands man!! wasted she gave me up to ms ting last yr after 1st 3 months.. tho i think it was for my own good... hopefully it really is good.. so cos ms ng is such a nice teacher... i shall dedicate this entry to her.. not that it is much of a good entry or anything. ha.. ok perhaps one day when i come up with a tremendous spark of brilliance, or anything tt ppl like, i shud dedicate it to her. hmm whilst on this topic, lets think of the teachers whom i shall thank when i get very good grades for my a levels.
(in no particular order)
1. ms ng 2. mr lee 3. ms vignesh 4. ms ho 5. mr whitby 6. mr dio 7. mrs poon math chua
ya i guess thats it la. the others.. sorry.. hahahaa..... shud stop being mean..
i could be a total bitch at this pt of time and come out with a list of classmates whom i want to get gd grades and classmates whom i want to get bad grades but then ultimately i can't affect them so i shudnt be such a bitch and let everyone have gd grades instead. ok i think i'll end here and go do some other stuff...

kk gdnite everyone.. take care and loadsa sweet drms mate!! see y`all soon! chill on my behalf man!

mervyn at 4/07/2004 05:53:00 PM


whilst i am not the leading authority on this issue, perhaps i should talk about leadership a little today, just because i feel like it. and i wanna do something before doing my homework.

Leadership is probably the most overemphasized, overrated and overused term/characteristic in the whole english language. everything stresses leadership. undeniably, leadership is an extremely important issue in society today, for we all know that an army of sheep led by a lion would easily defeat and army of lion led by a sheep. thus, leadership truly is an important issue.

however, how many of us really know what it is to be a leader, to guide the people and take them on a road of progress, or whereever they need to go? i would say not many, however much leadership has been stressed by schools and basically the whole system per se. in my opinion, a true leader is one whom is regarded as one by his "leadees"(subjects sounds demeaning) and is one who is effectively able to get the job done with little resistance, as if to signify a change of initial attitude of intertia to one of utmost enthusiasm. in order to do that, one must possess several qualities

firstly, it would be that of being able to connect with your ppl, thus EQ comes into play. you must know how to effectively communicate what you want with them, and not only that, listen effectively to what they want. many a times, the latter is the part in which many fail to accomplish, and turn into a tyrant. ppl don't normally say what they want, unless they are in a superior position, but a good leader should be one whom is able to tell implicitly from conversations and minute details.

next, a good leader should be one whom is able to be in other's shoes. only then will he be able to understand what actually needs to be done with these ppl and understand their point of view. this would enable the leader to persuade his ppl to go on the path willingly, and remove their initial stigma of change. if the leader is not able to understand what his people really want, or how they really feel, how would he be part of them? and if he's not part of them, there's no way he can truly lead them. just like the marxist system, the leader is not someone superior, but just someone who is better suited to leading the ppl, but ultimately, he's equal with the rest (or so they claim) but the marxist system failed, so what am i talking abt. hahaha ok but basically the point i'm trying to make is that a leader should be amongst his ppl rather than on top. he should have views which are macro, from the top, and he should implement them and gauge the reaction from the bottom, the micro.

and that brings me to the point of servant-leadership. do i really believe in it? no. but i feel that being a leader is serving the ppl in a sense by providing them a service in which they would not be able to execute as well. but ppl often say servant leadership is abt bringing yrself down to lead by example, serve them, do stuff for them etc etc. i don't believe in that. altho i am very sure that u have to start by leading by example, but ultimately, the task is everybody's so i think that this style of leadership has been overstressed. LKY, bush, blabla etc. can they really be called servant leaders? leave that up to u.

and finally, a leader has to be of impeccable character. which is something i have failed in, allowing myself to be plagued with tons and millions of scandals, of which perhaps 0.1% is true, 1% is half true and 100% not from my mouth. but well, character flaws would lead to ur leadership being questioned, but seriously i feel this is wrong. but i guess its a basic human instinct, darwin's evolution theory, of wanting to find the best mate etc.etc. so u judge everyone based on a holistic approach rather than saying.. hey he's damn gd at this bla bla bla and then nvm abt his flaws. ok but just a small flaw would lead to ur collapse, and i know this best! hahahaa anyway if ur task in being a leader is to just bring the people to their point and screw off, i guess this doesnt really matter. but come on, if this meepok guy cooked really nice meepok but he is damn childish and likes to fly kites or perhaps he is a real jerk but he still coooks damn nice meepok, would u still buy meepok from him? YES RIght? point proven.

anyway i think i'll end here. a little serious tone here today. very hectic lfie ahead of me, wonder how i'm gonna cope. hssrp rehearsal tmr, which really sucks, hssrp symposium on saturday + soccer. screw everything man! this all sucks! but nvm, i have the determination and drive to push forward. cos like dao ming si said, "chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zhi, bu zhi de hua jiu ba ta zhuang zhi" translated, it means that when the boat docks, it'll stop rocking and be steady and upright. if it doesnt stay upright, we'll bang it into place and make sure it is steady. i like that principle. hahaha ok bye guys. see ya sometime later.

mervyn at 4/07/2004 01:43:00 PM

Monday, April 05, 2004

just when i needed you most.

hi.. today was quite a tiring day for me. woke up and went to sch, as expected, only to see the one walking up to the podium part after assembly.. stupid me watched in vain. and then we went to the hall, where we insignificant arts students were made to listen to the principal's banding exercise even tho we weren't affected. i wished they banded our lit classes and all those other stuff. i would feel less pressue i guess. and also, the teacher wouldnt always be so biased and compare us with other better ones. and they'll be able to dui zhen xia yao.

then went for pe, where we played soccer for awhile. managed to score a goal.. which kinda angered the crazy goalkeeper who decided enuf was enuf after liangs scored one goal which was kinda crazy and me adding on to that.. haha so he went mad and went arnd trying to break our legs, and kill his own team mates in the process. that was kinda funny. haha went for glee's lesson after that, where we effectively slacked away talking cock with him whilst the girls did their pruning and manicuring. it was quite interesting hearing him talk abt air rifle. i guess when u're passionate abt something, yr passion just kinda spills over and makes yr listeners feel the same passion. so if u wanna speak to anyone and say something, i guess u must have the true passion before u start..

the rest of the day was really rather slack, civics was free, had a free period, so we ended up playing cards in the Student lounge whilst the young j1s had their student leadership q and a. hahaha.... all those dumb qstns they asked.. really quite funny when u think of it.. and u think tt u were once one of those young innocent lil kids. ok they aint kids theyre just one yr younger. or a few months perhaps.

went with soccer team to acjc to check out the hot babes there after sch. ok la actually we went for a soccer match but i was distracted by the hot babes. their skirt is like as short as our pe shorts! maybe ac doesnt have much ventilation and the air con in their classrooms break down frequently so they have to wear a little less to keep themselves cool.. otherwise it would be quite an unsightly sight to see those hot (pun not intended) babes with sweat flowing down their thighs and legs right??

anyway the match was pretty darn interesting in the first half and i thought we were gonna win this match! we managed to put on the pressure and play our passing game well.. but then we kinda degenerated in the 2nd half... and eventually led to a 0-0 draw amongst us.. kinda disappointed actually cos i thought we could have won the game.. just tt we didnt talk.. i guess they need to learn to talk and communicate their intentions more.. the echoing thing after the match was quite fun hahaha... really crazy sia.. they could have won one la.. wasted sial... SIAL LA ABANG!!!!

oh yesterday i was thinking how stupid this system is.. 18 yr old ppl can go donate sperm and watch the latest porn videos but ppl under 21 cant go to cinema and watch legitimate R(A) videos which are much less hardcore than those porn vids. but perhaps the 18 yr olds are doing it for a gd cause. what if they wanna advance their own knowledge by watching the ra films?? therefore... the pirates are doing us a good deed too!!

aiya i think enuf here.. hope i see the one soon.. hahaha... kk gdnite everyone, take care til i see u again!! oh and becks been caught up with another scandal of him bedding his personal assistant. becks, i know how u feel man, my heart goes out to you, we're both in the same predicament. let's go for coffee some time, but for god's sake, LEAVE THE BLOODY SARONG AT HOME!

good night.

mervyn at 4/05/2004 04:49:00 PM

Sunday, April 04, 2004

mad season

hey everyone, how's life. life as a whole, has been quite normal, average joe, plain jane to me. spent the weekend kinda slacking away.. not doing much, basically doing what a weekend is supposed to entail..

well, over the course of the weekend, i bought a dvd player.. and i watched american wedding. that was kinda funny...haha.. the usual dumb jock shows. gonna watch sylvia sometime in the near future.. am amazed at how clear dvd is compared to vcd.. kinda makes me realises how backwards in technology i am.

woke up this morning and went for an early breakfast, cos my dad's back in SG. wasnt very fantastic, the breakfast. (it usually is quite nice) in case u ppl are wondering where im talking abt, maybe wait til i get a car then i'll date u ppl out on sunday mornings for breakfast, but til then, i guess i'll keep y`all in suspense! if y`all r expecting a posh diner, u r wrong, its a hawker centre, so u guys can retract yr suspense hahaa.... my brain's working a little funny today, can't think straight really. went to the market, a place where i used to go often when i was young, but not much recently. it was quite a nice experience. saw the stingrays and sharks lying on the counter, then i thoght of bingwen, who is so sad over the death of his darling stingray by unknown reasons, and then there lies like 10 stingrays which once had a life and den just died cos of ppl like me who want to eat them.. so stupid right... saw all the dead fish.. all the dead meat.. then the vegetables.. and i thank the heavens im not stupid enough to be vegetarian.. cos all this meat is waiting for me to eat them!!!

anyway received my math results on fri. guess i didnt put in enuf effort, and was just too careless and slipshod in my math, which reflects tt i dont know my technical concepts well enuf. but then ms chua was being such a bloody ass about it, cos we were saying that we wanted to go attend the yr 1 lectures cos we didnt really pay attention in yr 1 and we wanted some kinda refresher. then she started scolding saying the girls are so hardworking looking at notes whilst the guys are so concerned abt other things, bla bla bla etc. etc. that is such a myopic view. if the girls were hardworking, they wont have failed. if the guys were concerned abt other things, we wouldnt even be in her lesson. and wads wrong with just taking a little time after looking at yr papers to talk abt something else? u cant possibly be examining yr mistakes for 1 full hour righT? we just happen to comprehend it faster? is there anything wrong? or we'll put in extra effort at home cos its not very conducive in class? did she ever consider those? no. she just scold scold scold yak yak yak like a bloody sexist, scolding us for a small thing. so i got fed up. and throwed my test paper on the floor and took out my dead economists to read. and basically didnt bother abt her. stupid woman, always pms after giving us our grades and taking it out on the guys. bullshit. so i was really unhappy.

but i guess i just dun have the aptitude for math, since sec 2, when i had 3 changes of teachers and i was disjointed and couldnt really keep up. so then from then on my math sucked to the max. i remember last time my math was still quite gd, always AAAAAA!!! aiya screw it i'll get my bloody A and ms chua can go and be her sexist for all i care.

and then there are my groupies, who are still really interested in my scandals, of which i have none, and so they invent a few to call their own. really pissed off with that. extremely..

also, i didnt see the one over the weekend hahaha but that's expected so once again im fed up and pissed off. i think im gonna stop talking here and watch my ali g videos (thanks to kiat's reccomendations) and also play my hearts and talk to some friends. and she sucks. trying to play mind games with me unsucessfully. and she is the root cause of all this. yeah she is.

ok goodnight everyone, leave u with this quote from pm lee.
in his address on the opening of the sports school last friday, pm goh gave this definition of success:
"Sports is not just about winning. sports is about dedication adn determination to do your best. if your best is better than anyone's else's, congratulations. you are a champion.
but if you lose, even when you play your absolute best, that is hard. you will no doubt feel disappointed. but if you learn a lesson from your loss, and are the stronger for it, you have not lost.
in a sense you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery. whether you win or lose, what is crucial is for each of you to say i have given my best to something i believe in and i am the better person for it. "

good night.

mervyn at 4/04/2004 03:15:00 PM

Saturday, April 03, 2004

gonna sleep soon

hey!! i am finally back after my long reclusive absence into obscurity!! anyways jon and liang stayed over last nite at my house after the srjc match cos it was too late for them to go home.... so im damn tired now. cos i had to wake at 645 to go to the lit lecture. which was going at a quite slow pace. leisurely saturday morning.

anyway life hasnt been dealing me roses and cherries and what other sweet things have you the past few days, or weeks. not unexpectedly, i did badly for math. but worse than i expected. ppl have once again begun to write my novels for me. i think that really sucks. i mean its like, why are ppl that interested in my life. is it really that interesting? im not that excited by it actually y`know. perhaps they just dun haf much of a life and need to hinge on mine to get by? poor you. nothing better to do, so you have to come bother abt me and my life, and then start to lead ur ideal life adopting me as yr persona. and suddenly, in the twinkle of an eye, my life seems to have so many significant events that i never knew happened. wow!! i struck lottery! wow!! i am a big businessman!! wow!!! 99 girls came and approached me for numbers. if so, why am i still sitting here, writing this shit, hoping for my air con to cool the place down and so that i can go sleep faster?

seriously, i feel all these ppl are damn coward and bull la. like they don't dare to come discuss my life with me, and have all these stupid theories amongst themselves. come on la, im not david beckham or anything right why so much talk amongst yrself?!?! i'm not even good looking for christ's sake! spare me! i look so darn ugly the next thing you know they might send me to africa to live with the chimps!! why don't you guys talk abt the chimps instead? i'm sure they'll do fine as yr subject matters, with both of u grps possessing around the same intellect, save the chimps have a little more.

survivor last night was quite exciting, but i didnt watch it! damn!!!! ah but nvm. ding tian li di too. oh and everyone seems to say i have bad taste. but i dun think so. hm would someone like enlighten me on something or anything?? maybe... there should be a resuffling of the pack. i dont know.

one lesson i've learnt from this is... its the whole package. u'll never be able to buy a coke without the can, the cup, the ice, or the straw. it inevitably comes along with it. and that's when it screws u up. and that's when you'll end up. the way i am now.

goodbye. thoughts to ponder. don't understand? perhaps its just a lack of intellect. or perhaps, you just aren't fated to read this.

mervyn at 4/03/2004 04:46:00 AM