Wednesday, June 30, 2004

how can you mend this broken man?

hi blog. wassap today eh. today was a really slack day man paper in the afternoon for me, which of course i didn't know how to do cos it was LITERATure. stupid useless literature, hours upon hours spent psychoanalysing them dead authors through their works. i mean, its crazy innit. we know these author's psyche inside and outside, outside and inside, yet we know close to nothing of the very same people who sit beside us in class and whom we interact (or try to) with everyday. the futility of the education system.

actually education and all the subjects we learn is all about application. i was thinking about that on my way home today. we all often ask ourselves or our teachers "what is the point of studying history/math/english/_____(fill in whatever you want here)" well, my answer would be that, there is no point unless you see the point. and that's very true innit? i mean, what can we learn frm history? nothing much actually who actually cares if the koreans actually were fighting a civil war and the us barged in except when you visit the incheon war memorial (which i did) haha but then, the real point of it is in the application of it. of us being able to see the impacts that certain policies and why governments act the way they do. but then econs is a subject which is so applicable it even draws on real life examples. like how cool. you see magazines like the economist and forbes but u don't see magazines like the historian or the biologist or the physicist right. ok there're magazines called natural science and ROBOTS but then again, thats the reason we study literature. to detect bias. especially bias in my writing hahahaahahaahahhaha....

well, i figure some few thousand kilometres away from where i am currently rooted, tapping away at my keyboard, figo and his mates are probably tapping their feet listening to the latest tactics from scolari or probably having a little kickaround or perhaps putting their earphones on pretending to act seh as they always do when they get off from the team bus (you gotta watch the coverage before the match starts to see this.) but we all know figo doesnt wear headphones, or at least not the ones that go over your head for they'd just mess up his immaculately coiffed hairstyle. haha... we use gatsby wax on our hair, deco probalyy uses brazilian wax on his hair.

ah wells, figures. i don't know anyway i got a free day tomorrow to study for my history paper on friday and me literature paper 3 on saturday, which is much more interesting. but then again, it'll soon be over!! and i'll be crying like the green man at the end of each just for laughs programme hahaha...

ok i guess i'll end here its rather late. don't know if i should stay at home to watch soccer or go over to yaochens house where bra and yc currently are. figures its more exciting than watching at home. but kinda lazy haha.. ah who cares we'll decide upon that later. ok guess this is where i end. some people have already finished their exams. so jealous. argh argh argh. and some wil finish tmr. all this ppl who finnish.. should go to finland lah. where the people are finnish hahahahaha so funny right? no? ok nvm. i have a knack for telling things which are so "not funny lor."
just gotta accept that stand-up comedy's not my cup of tea. anyway i'd be quite tired from doing all that standing-up yea? and i don't think the audience will be able to STAND me also. but im no busker and they'd probably be in a swanky restaurant listening to me jokes. but then again, im no joker alright. im damn fierce lah.

ok figures if i talk anymore you people wont be able to stand me. right?? ok then. byebye. take care.

p.s. by the way, all of you are sitting down.

mervyn at 6/30/2004 06:19:00 PM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

what did you see in the clouds today?

ooh, hi hi hi blog. wassap with you man.. anyway im finally home, back from the ordeal of mathematics, and the paper that is just pure CONning eCONomics hahaha....

so math was just like y`know. thank god statistics took up such a large portion of the paper. at least then i can gurantee that i wont fail like get an F or something. cos me statistics is not bad lah so cool. haha. but the rest of the paper.. aiya.. saddening sialllll..... its like if i sat for the paper i only know how to do statistics only lor. and numerical methods. and that's all. how sad can life get lah!

but then, econs was kinda rocksy. tho the mcq was a stunner lah like so difficult but doesnt matter i don't study for mcq anyway. never beleived in studying for mcq. but i'll be happy to get like perhaps 16 or 17 marks for mcq lah. so its ok. the drq was rather breezy though. quite simple actually, only tt it was on unemployment, which i don't like so i didnt study for. so that wasnt so nice. but the essay was cool. great time management i had there, 45 minutes per essay, finishing with 2 or 3 minutes in hand, and i think my essays were quite good if i might say, tho i dunno if gglee thinks its good or not. hope he does though.

oh wells. went home, was supposed to share a cab wif kelly and hilda, the two vain girls who like to take cabs [hope they don't see this]. hahah then went to eat at CHOMP CHOMP cos kelly wanted to go eat but nvm i go eat too cos i like to CHOMP CHOMP the chicken CHOP but i didnt have chicken chop though. insteaded, i CHOMPED on satay beehooon. wah quite cool right like if i am surnamed tay, then i can name my kids SA den he'll be SA TAY and then maybe another one i can call derek then the chinese name would be Da Rik then he will be TAY DA RIK hahaha.... but tan is also a good surname... got RamBo Tan, Zha Tan so many.. hahaha ookok enuf nonsense for the time being...

anyways, i think that i am able to write essays well now thanks to the revolutionary new, non-linear thinking method!! muahahah and thus, the divergence of ideas leads to greater dynamism and synergy. to learn more, pls dial 1800-mervyn-rocks and to sign up for courses at a special introductory rate of $88.86 (thats me bday btw so u better remember) per lesson, please dial 1800--yea-he-does.

ah wells, im still in the midst of my studying. something most peculiar occured just now. there was a nationwide blackout or ok maybe a halfnation-wide blackout. methinks they've been starving them mice for too long and the mice refuse to run in them wheels any longer. ah wells, but it was resolved quite soon. think they've been mistreating the mice. will lodge a complain with the Mice Employment Registry of Virtual POWER (abbreviated : MERV POWER). anyway it was quite nice seeing the whole place dark and all. kinda romantic and dreamy if you think about it. as in all the places were absolutely dark. like how cool is that lah. i think they should have like a national blackout hour every month or something like that. to let ppl experience what life will be like in the dark and also to save power and also to let people enjoy the night breeze and the little things in life once in awhile and not be caught up with computers, tv, studying you know. and the like. oh wells.. when i become the government i will do that hahahaha!!

ah anyways, the bougainvillas are in bloom. they look splendid. especially if you drive down along the CTE along toa payoh. them bougainvillas are blooming and its just very nice. the colour is really vibrant and all and the way they sway in the wind when a car passes them is nice. oh wells.

back to them books. leave you here then. see y`all soon. byebey

mervyn at 6/29/2004 01:16:00 PM

Monday, June 28, 2004

so why do you still keep her picture in your wallet then?

hi blog, after a gruelling 3 hours of sitting still in the hall, my tortured body and soul is finally back at home!! yeah!! anyway gp exam was kinda ok not too bad, but i was quite tired just sitting in there, prob cos my biological clock can't get used to the new schedule. wonder how i'm gonna wake up tomorrow though. think its some kinda conspiracy that euro stops showing today or something ahha cool at least i wont have to sleep late.. but still i guess i will sleep late cos hardworking me will be doing me math of course. but if i were hardworking i'd have finished me math already.

anyway yesterday i stayed up to watch euro. them czechs are playing the sneaky tactic of going low tempo and suddenly increase the tempo all of a sudden to shock the opposition. but i figure they wont be as good against the sneaky portugese though. them portugese would boo the pants off those czechs when they even get the slightest touch of the ball like perhaps when their shoelace brushes the ball but then again, with tose new technology boots, you don't get laces flying around cos they're all kept in check under the tongue of the shoe. looks like me will be putting a big bet on portugals to be champs. don't think them dutch can overcome the portugese, especially with the portugese being fed on egg tarts and them dutch.. ah.. we all know amsterdam is reknowned for its vices.

anyway i wanna go for a blood donation again but i cant go til like 17th july that sucks man.. im playing with the heart shaped ball they give you when you go donate blood. CooOOOl...

anyway i was lying in bed last night and cos i couldnt get to sleep my thoughts inevitably drifted to places which my physical body would never go hahaha.. and figures that perhaps im a little too bound in me history ? but then again, its one's history which defines what one is. oh well. we'll never know.. ah life sucks though. but it rocks too. ok whatever

anyway, thanks to kelly for the lift home, though it wasn't a lift, it was a cab ride. but i took the lift up to me house anyway hahahahaha.. and anyway gdbye and take care all

mervyn at 6/28/2004 11:59:00 AM

Sunday, June 27, 2004

cafe del mar v2.

hi blog, i actually typed this reallly long thing here, but due to my computer hanging, i had to turn off the thing, and lost everything. now, i could get frustrated and all, but since i am going to be a patient boy, i will not get frustrated, but instead, recreate the post once again..

anyway, i was saying, yesterday i watched the sweden and holland match. and i must say it was hell of a nice match, but i guess after all that whacking, they'd have to replace them posts i guess. if you didnt' know, you'd have thought that the objjective of the game was to hit the post or something. or the balls had magnets in them which made them go to the posts. them posts surely must be dented by now. even during the penalties, them posts were not spared! what with cocu and ljungberg hitting them posts. the latter was a little luckier though, cos it rebounded off vandersaar to go into them nets. being a keeper who lets in a goal is quite pitiful.. sprawled on the floor and all.. now i sympathise with poor, brave zhirong, who has sacrificed himself.. and always say its not pain when he falls on the floor. haha..

anyway me was doing some math just now and it was relatively ok, but i need help with me maths!!! ahh but no worries.. i will persevere on.. because SUCCESS ONLY COMES TO THOSE WHO PERSEVERE!!! and i will strive on and work hard to grab that elusive.... C grade.. muahahaha... ok...

anyway so yesterday i was at that cd shop and as we all know, the one at pacific plaza is like next to chinablack, and since it was a saturday night, i saw all them revellers dressed to the nines waiting to get into that DARK, smoky place called chinaBLACK hahaa.. black cos its dark.. and then i was thinking that all these is like so superficial and all that.. i mean, al these people they go in, looking for a cheap thrill, a quickie perhaps.. and its so... i dunno.. it cheapens people to the point where people become mere COMMODITIES and cease to become PEOPLE. and commodities that others look for just to heighten their marginal utility at a marginal cost perhaps, and some people even make themselves out to be good commodities, wearing clothes which are cost so much but cover so little, showing lots and lots of skin.. and all that. oh wells,figures i'll not be out partying after the exams, guess i'd be getting a few of me mates to watch a little footsy on the big screen. ah ok

enough for now. take care y`all!

mervyn at 6/27/2004 12:25:00 PM

Friday, June 25, 2004

blue moon, you saw me standing alone

hi blog. its been a long time since i was here. i stand before you a broken man. i have been whacked left right and centre by singapore pools. i drowned in the pools!! ahhh will my lucky star and lifeguard pls come save me soon?!?! anyway i decided i am not going to bet big on singapore pools anymoere maybe just ten dollars for entertainment's sake or something like that. not like i need the money anyway, though a little extra money is never bad. but then again, losing money sucks more than having a little extra money so i don't care. this is NON-PRODUCTIVE WEALTH. now now, brian would definitely talk some cock about this, so dear bra, PLS STFU!!

lets see, so today was quite an ok day, woke up at like what. 4 something or 5? like how cool is that. actually i think i hate the sun. i am the yue guang nan hai. moonlight boy. i m a nocturnal boy muahahaha... so then went over to me grandparents for dinner and stuff and then hheaded back home to relak one corner... went out to heartland mall for awhile to do some math perhaps a little econs.. made me realise that i still have to work hard............... so that i can laugh in dchua's face.. muaaahahaha but my literature and history is virtually drowning.. that sucks. ok nvm i will do something about it tomorrow. ah wells. its hard to say what tomorrow brings. but my horoscope says its not bad. so ok lor. but my horoscopes tends to be generally optimistic. perhaps its a leo thing or something eh.

anyway england and portugal was hell of an exciting match. should have been the final or something. wonderful entertainment and great entertainment value for the whole family. was on the edge of my seat... quite happy when portugal finally got thru.. rocks man..

watched my sassy girl just now. damn nice show lah even though ive like watched it 4 times, but its still a damn nice show. i like. hahah the whole thing is so sweet and the girl being mean to the guy is so cool lah.. but even though the girl is mean to the guy u can tell that the girl really lieks the guy and the way the guy gives in to the girl and appeases her is so sweet on his part.. ahh what a sappy love story.. that i should not be going gaga over.. BECAUSE I AM A MAN! but still its damn nice. koreans love to dream up of all these love stories and melodramas and stuff. like winter sonata too. but then i like my sassy girl. the ending was a bit unrealistic but puts hopes into everyone's dreams and heightens our fairy-tale romances doesn't it. ah well.. such things just remain as fairytales and not much else. ah. ok.

but then it was quite interesting. lets say if someone from the future took a time machine back in time and ended up where we were today, would we be able to see him?? or will he just have a reconstruction of the time ?? it'd be quite cool u know maybe someone like ek kiat or something is from the future ahahah but then again if he's frm the future den hilda has to be from the future too right hahaha.... then lets say u travel back in time, would u remember that you were from the future? or would ur mind be teleported back too?? quite cool right?? listening to this band called keane now. its quite nice. y`all should go download some and listen or somethingg like that.

ok i guess i'd best be going to bed now, its like what. 6.09am now. how cool is that. not very cool. but im not really tired. ah well, then to bed i go to lie, and perhaps dream about me fairytales. which i have constructed in the most absurd fashion that would put any dreamy arthouse film to shame. but then again. that's mervyn.

take care folks.

mervyn at 6/25/2004 10:54:00 PM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

the return of the five-foot pathway

hi blog. today, is a boring day. why? because once again, i shall repeat myself in saying that i have screwed up my biological clock. thanks to euro, but i don't catch euro anymore except on the gprs channels. i camp at the airport, trying to force myself to study. which i do rather well. and so now you see, the problem with the whole thing is that, i always sleep till very late. but this is expected considering i sleep til very late even if my biological clock is working fine. but then again, thats some nonsense.

so what have i been doing at the airport? well, let me regale you with a tale of the big fat malay boy at the coffee bean counter and the demure chinese girl with short shoulder length hair. this big fat malay boy was kaopei-ing abt us, but apparently malays seem to know how to klick soccer balls so well because they have no balls. which is why the malay boy didnt dare to come and tell us himself but merely seem to be talking bad about us STUDENTS to nobody in particular, but himself!! which is a very dicky thing to do if you think about it. and then this chinese girl, she is quite friendly and she looks quite pretty. and den when she arrived for her work, the stupid malay boy went to hug her from behind. now what is this?!!? sexual harrassment on the job?!? the audacity of these malay boys nowadays. lucky for the malay i didnt see the sexual harrassment or else i would go and slap him.. bet he's just jealous that 1. we're students, and smart. 2. we're chinese. bloody idiot malay boy tonight i am going to al-qaeda him and make him sorry that he ever disturbed us. and i will protect the girl!! muahahahaha

anyway i need some life now that my life is so boring. does anyone have like anything to do? ah i havent even beeen outside for a breath of fresh air in a long long long time. i swear i will go down ten shots of vodka when i'm free from this exams man.. anyway, my dearest daniel, there's no way i can put a lame jokes section here.. cos my lame jokes are original and copyrighted.. so it's like intellectual property u see.. if u wanna hear them.. u can come look for me.. hahaha... and rachel, so what have you decided to do? tie yourself up in ribbons bondage-style and present yourself?? ahhahahahahaah...... that's a good idea ain't it???

anyway, anyone wants to go watch amelie?? its playing at some starlight cinema thing.. but then again. . oh wells. anyway nothing much to say, maybe i'll tell u abt the sequel to the fat malay boy story tmr. cos i'm going to the airport later. haha..

mervyn at 6/23/2004 02:36:00 PM

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

it is not with the benevolence of the butcher that we get our food.

mighty fine. hi blog. welcome to the latest edition of merv's.
i bet everyone must have been suspecting that i'm long gone and dead and escaped to somewhere to seek refuge; even asylum perhaps. but the fact of the matter is just that i have not been here for a long long long time. which of course does arouse the interest of my whereabouts.

well. so, i have been caught up in EURO fever, and also i have been studying. ok. so you don't believe the latter. by all means, DON'T! but i went out to the airport to study overnight and i figure i would be going tonight too. yea. so what's been new in my life you say?
well, the very thing which i'm looking at now and which i'm updating this by is new. yes, i have finally took the plunge, that leap of faith, that crucial step.
to change my computer. and for those who know mervyn, you should know that when mervyn makes a change, it is a big, big, dramatic, over-the-top change. so what kinda changes have i made for myself? well, you'd be pleased/surprised/shocked/disgusted/appalled to know that i have converted. not my religion, though some might treat it as a religion, to APPLE!! or macintosh, which sounds vaguely birtish, probably cos it sounds like mackintosh. right so i'm using a powerbook G4 and i'm really pleased with it so far. its a much easier system to use than windows, much faster and much stable. its much more pleasing to the eye too. ah i like it already. and it rips discs like nobody's business. which i'm doing now. itunes like rocks man!

anyway so far my euro ventures have been fine, save for a few major glitches here and thhere, but nothing too serious that we can't save. or offset for that matter.

also, i have finally finished reading the book the god of small things, and i must say it is a jolly fine book to read. its so flowy its written like a dream. disjointed, dreamy, and thanks to this method of not making sense, you make sense out of it. ah if only i were doing it for my literature text.

ok i guess im going off to upload the mp3s that i have so ceremoniously ripped onto my ipod. yes yes yes let your jaws drop in admiration, your face turn green in jealousy, but that doesnt change the fact that music soothes beasts. and if that is the only way that i be soothed, play on.

ok bye everyone take care. til then, for anything, just drop me a mail or sms. yeah.

mervyn at 6/22/2004 09:31:00 AM

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Eye to eye, they solemnly convene to make the scene

hi blog. i'm totally bored now. well, last night was a thrilling night, especially with the sweden italy match. the only thing that sucked was that i didnt have the time to go buy spolls. or i'd have striked HT-FT cos i wanted to buy italy-draw. ah that sucks. but still without any bets i thouroughly enjoyed the game and i was so happy when sweden equalised though i had no money on it. but that game rocks... really enjoyable. the way sweden picked up the tempo in the 80th minute.. rocks man..

also, ytd, i went wif alroy, jaime, and clara to watch Sandakan Threnody on a replacement arts exposure programme. ok that's crap i came up with the programme myself but i really did watch the WORLD PREMIERE of that play. ok its a tad artistic and quite widely open to intepretation. so its ok actually. about war, and the japs. oh wells. such events are to be exploited so there isnt too much to say about it actually.

however, i'm currently reading a book called god of small things by arundathi roy or something like that. its very enjoyable, its what i would call poetic prose. ah sometimes gems like this are hidden away, far away in the annals of what one might call a library or a bookstore. pity our modern lives are too caught up with things that we should not be caught up with to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

oh wells, and what do you know, just when i was thinking about how the caretaker could be staged on a play and hoping everyday that the caretaker would be staged or something, it has been revealed to me in a vision that the caretaker would really be staged! and imma going to watch it. anyone tagging along?! ahh.. sometimes there really is someone who listens to your hopes and wishes.. but only carries them out if they're economically viable of course. haha.

damn im dying soon imma gonna cough me lungs out or something. oh wells methinks me should be going off now.

right on then. goodbye to one and all. a little idea conceptualises in me head.

mervyn at 6/19/2004 09:01:00 AM

Thursday, June 17, 2004

if you can concentrate always on the present, you will be a happy man

and i fully agree with the above statement.
many a times, we are sad cos we reminscience about the past. and we think about times gone by, and how we could have changed our lives if we were able to live the past again. all the what if's and if only's come to mind. and then if we think about the future, we think about how depressing it could be. when we do make an effort to be positive and think abt how nice it would be, we inevitably think about the grief it would cause us in the present, cos nobody likes to work. and we all know we have to work to get a good future. even the most luckiest of tai tais have to first dress themselves up and learn to carry themselves first before they can marry a rich businessman. uh huh so everyone has to work to get a good future. even the man who struck a million dollars in lottery had to walk to the shops to buy the ticket first. and he had to work to earn the money to buy the ticket first. and thus, there is no escape. work = good future. that, my friends, is the principle of "you reap what you sow" hmm.. then what about if we were to reap what we sow, would the method of sowing the seeds be important?!? well, of course my dear friend.. but that's another story for another day isn't it.

today i managed to get myself down to a little bit of work, whether or not it be constructive is open to comments, but work is work. i also managed to get myself up in time, but i fell asleep again a few hours later due to utmost fatigue. well it seems like i'll be sleeping at 4 something today. i also went to 85 (again) for dinner. this time with me mum. anyway times are getting a little stressful what with all those external influences loading up but then again, what's a little stress to me. ha. oh and i saw the jet planes flying past whilst i was having me dinner. preparation for national day i suppose. not very impressive, the usual stuff, though the roar of them jets was a cool baritone which ripped the peaceful sky and set it apart the way it would if it were in war. sometimes i think they make these sounds just to intimidate the peasants and to create a wartime condition. i mean, they certainly can use mufflers on those jets considering their level of technology, but they don't! right on then. its quite a boring day actually i spent my day studying and i noticed i haven't been out getting much sunshine as of late. well, i guess i'll have soccer tmr.. and hopefully we will be able to demolish those chinese high screwballs, cos god knows how much i detest chinese high and all that nonsense. or perhaps its just a few. well, either way, we will be playing with chinese high tmr. and that's all that matters. a little sunlight is beneficial to the body as it aids the production of vitamin D. and we all know how important vitamin D is to the body. as are all other vitamins. actually, we don't know how important it is. we just know that we won't be able to function healthily if we don't have it. so it's important ENOUGH.

i miss my toys. counting down the days til i can get the pre-ordered NECA kill bill figs which i ordered. especially the limited edition quentin tarantino crazy 88 figure. that's like how exclusive lah.. i'd probably spend my night and day drooling over it. oh yea and the sam and twitch figure which i got at a bargain. also the redeemer spawn which is oh so nice. ahhhhhh.... oh since im on the subject of toys, let me do a little private exhibition, albeit mini, of me toys.

presenting to you first, the most primitive, and probably the most widely recognised figurines in toy history. the BEARBRICKS!!!

well, these are me bearbricks waving and saying "all your base is belong to us" but you probably can't hear them anyway cos this is a photograph and photographs never transmit sounds or movement, for that matter. unless of course you are living in harry potter land or something like that. hogswart they call it? ok. anyway the one sitting down is a glow in the dark. and the one in the middle(the clear one) can actually change its color according to the temperature around it. it actually turns blue when it's really cold.. yes, but they are on permananent display for the time being, til i decide to rearrange them. which i do rather often.

next up, are me dearest weirdest of the weird, probably the weirdest figures you might come across to this point of time, they are the evirobs!!

proudly designed by a team of japanese designers who pride themselves on being the DevilRobots, these evirobs are little weird figurines which remain in their box cos i can't bear to open them up. but they look exactly like the pictures on the box. only much nicer cos they're glossed and in 3D(no less)

and then, occupying a prominent chunk of real estate on my wall, probably what you might call the bukit timah or district 10 of the wall facing my bed, is the MANDARIN SPAWN.

this mandarin spawn features such intricate painting and artwork the box is probably wet from all me drooling over it. it's a reissue repaint which means that it came out before. i'm not currently saving up to get the first edition, which is the same thing, except in a different color.

ok i guess that's all for now cos or else people will say i'm a childish boy who doesn't grow up and plays with toys all day long. but i have other interests too! like say.. reading? collecting stickers? listening to music?? oh, hobbies a-plenty. when will i ever stop boring you with my incessant hobbies you ask. right about..........

ok i guess that's all for the time being, spain's currently at 2-2 with croatia. and i'm signing off to retreat to the sweet comforts of my covers. onto the firm springs of my bed. and right under the glow-in-the-dark stars which are a mainstay on that ceiling of mine.

goodnight. sweet dreams! see all of you(my friends) soon, and hope to see you(the strangers) soon. and my enemies probably wont be reading this anyway, otherwise me page will have a high hit count, but that's another story for another day.

oh wells, GOODBYE!

mervyn at 6/17/2004 08:43:00 PM

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

are you my angel?

hi blog, this is damn screwed. im like screwing me biological clock up day after day, its like 6.24 now and i just reached home from bra's house after catching TWO euro 2004 matches and reaping myself a profit of $10.50!! not exactly the most impressive, but at least its a profit. afterall, with an investment of $15, you can't expect too much can you? well, the thing is that its damn gay cos day after day i seem to be turning my night into day and day into night. hm. then that won't be day after day anymore would it?

anyway, today i woke up at 4pm after me cip which i'm sure you should have heard about by now. so then me played around and went out and then to bedok to visit our dearest injured rong, who tried to act strong but is just a crippled boy.. and we bought some nice fruits for him to nurse himself back to the pink of health and rong mama was so happy to see our friendly faces and fresh fruits! ooooh alliteration!! and then we went to 85 to eat dinner. nothing like a little dinner with the 4F boys is there.. hahaha.. the dinner was quite nice though it was a little hot, and the dumb camy had to spoil our plans of a 4F reunion by disallowing us to go to her house.. still a big wet blanket after all those years.. nv change.. if not we could have a great laugh bullying camy.. then we went to bra's house..

and then we just slacked around the place and played a little mind-boggling game called boggle. and then we watched soccer, and i struck gold cos there were 2 goals in the spain greece match and then i struck gold again cos portugal managed to win russia by 2 goals. how cool is that.

and then i came home. and the cycle goes on.

oh anyway me was in the cab just now and me was listening to this nice song. and it really made me feel some kinda touched or what. lemme see the song was way back from 1998 i presume? it's i'm yr angel by celine dion and r.kelly. whoa you ppl should really listen to it. its really nice. yea, life rocks. funny how some things just seem to flip yr entire perspective on things around? but that's the way life is. and especially with mervyn, expect the unexpected. hahaha


ok goodnight (or morning, rather) and take care all. see u soon!

mervyn at 6/16/2004 10:59:00 PM

sweet dreams are made of this.

hi blog, im just awoke from me sleep. me slept til so late cos me went for CIP at sentosa, which wasnt really CIp it was just like some other camps where i went where i had to be station master. now, what really rocked about it was that it was in the middle of the night and i was hidden away at mount imbiah with a few others, and we were speculating about the house and the car in the dark, cos there wasnt a house and a car but supposedly you could see one. but it was really pitch black there and its quite scary if you think about it, but being brave me, i wasnt scared of course. like duh.

but still, it rocks. and whilst i was walking along the trails and beaches of sentosa, me thoughts inevitably drifted to a time when the sun was still shining, the girls were still sunbathing, and i was still in a group, strolling along the dunes of sentosa, on to our next station. no, im not talking about yltc, or orientation, (which rocked for that matter) but rather, im talking about pre u sem. yes. i thought about the time when we were there at pre u sem.. ah.. and whilst i was sitted at mt imbiah, i thought about the time when we were all so lost and we conquered mt imbiah and slacked up there with the britney spears and mr bean and mickey mouse and then how we had to cook up a stupid excuse to explain our lateness and poor nan had to sacrifice her leg just to save us, though it didnt really help in the end.. ah.. the good times..

wish i could relive those times.. actually there are so many times i'd like to relive. yltc, all the camps.. like how cool...

anyway it was quite a fruitful time.. oh and ns is shortened to 2 yrs, which is like a reprieve. cool, now i can be in Ns for a shorter time, ya i mean as an officer, u get bored shouting at yr troops all the time too. i guess there has to be something more interesting to do.

ah and now i have to prepare myself to go out cos we're going to visit injured boy rong and also to watch soccer. which reminds me. i lost $40 bucks in soccer yesterday. sucks. i think i got no betting luck. ah wells.

ok anyway.. life rocks, and everyone rocks.. but i can't get myself to study.. anyone wanna go study together or soemthing or motivate me to study perhaps. me is going off now. cos bra just called. right, bye and take care to all of you.

mervyn at 6/16/2004 09:35:00 AM

Monday, June 14, 2004

that's all i ask of you.

hi blog, so what's been new today?! anyway me is watching shi zi lu kou now and it rocks man damn funny.. wish i can go taiwan and eat the nonsense there hahaha.. and see the nice scenery... korea is also not bad.. and i can go there and have my winter sonata... with a winter girl.. a nice pretty demure sweet korean lady hahaha... but then, dreams must remain as dreams, but one day, these dreams will become my destiny.. muahaha....

so today, i watched amelie on the vcd. it is a nice show, excellent cinematography i must say. the light-hearted nature of it really captured me attention and it was a wonderful story and great story-telling too. basically the show was about a girl named, what else, but amelie? and she tries to control other people's fates and lives but it seems that she has lost control of what's happening in her life, or rather, she is afraid to control it. but eventually she does, and she lives happily ever after with a dreamer named nino. it is a sweet story, and the setting just makes you wish you were french living a lazy life or something like that, as all french people are. which is how they invented cheese actually. this french guy was like too lazy to put the milk in the fridge and left it lying around the place, and went to watch the tv. since it was an epic like lord of the rings kinda thing he left the milk lying there for like a damn long time. when he came back and wanted to eat his french wheat and cereal, he found that he couldn't pour the milk out!! and voila! he wondered what the hell happened to the milk!! then he realised that when he tipped it for a long time, this creamy thing flowed out, and voila! it was cream cheese!! and that's how they invented cheese, and tiramisu.

ok if u just believed the whole load of gibberish above about the invention of cheese, i must say you're one gullible bimbo/himbo, cos I INVENTED THAT!! muahahaha...... how inventive of me, but this is the spirit of innovation and enterprise and we all must have new stories to tell everyday or life would be so boring.

and today, i also managed to complete fixing up my stikfas superhero. soon i will fix my supervilliain. oh cool.

i also went for a run, despite my stress fracture. ah, hopefully it doesnt break or something like that y`know. but it as so cool going for a run. but thruout the run, my thoughts were on pre u sem. ask me why, i don't know either. but i really kinda miss pre u sem and its really gd memories to take home for the family y`know. i mean what wonderful lessons we did learn from that place; what wonderful memories we hold of that place; and what wonderful people we got to know from that place. ah.. if only i had gone last yr, then this yr i would go as a SLO, that would be great. ha. but such is life, and life is transient in nature. and if it never moves on, it would not be life. and so we must accept it. but i heard from veronica that there was a pre u sem group that stayed in contact for like 8 yrs. like how cool is that. hopefully we can stay in touch for 8 years, or more. that would be WonDerful!!! i mean, they are great cool ppl, except miss boss of course, bossing her way around! but such is life, and we have to deal with toxic people.

i guess this is all that i shall write for the day cos im sian liao.. alright so gdnight for the time being. take care everyone!

mervyn at 6/14/2004 05:44:00 PM

Sunday, June 13, 2004

the Soul of the World

evening. today, rocks man!! why? why?! cos i went out and bought toys!! and them toys look absolutely wonderful..

for those who are wondering what me bought, me bought an absolutely brilliant mandarin spawn and a cyberlink spawn.. and them artwork on them toys are absolutely stunning.. the painting, the detail.. so nice.. but the problem is i can't bear to open them. i also wanna get the mcfarlane series of monsters 3. the problem is that they don't seem to fit anywhere in my cashflow cycle. i guess this means that i have to release some of my possessions, like my living dead dolls. hopefully them fetches a price high enough to cover themselves and part of the monster collections. then i'll be happy. muahahaa.. see, that's how life is, you gotta use your money and multiply money.. and sooner or later, this multiplication is going to lead u somewhere. that's life. but such is the intricate complexities in this multiplication formula that many know it, but few master it. and i will be the few to master it. why? because that's life! and i'm an innovation and enterprise boy and i will create the future! why? because the future is created, not placed there for us. and ultimately, it falls upon someone to create this future. and they have found the man!

i also got 2 packs of bearbricks at an absolute bargain, $10 for the whole series. now is that a bargain or what. just imagine, i buy them for $10, and sell them for $20. that's double the money in no time. how cool is that, so i bought 2, which means i actually can get one pack free, and i'll keep that pack. wah rocks lah. and i also got this book, "the alchemist" an absolutely wonderful book filled with numerous lessons which would revolutionise your thoughts and the way you lead your life. and guess how much i got the brand new copy for. $4. ah, that's the way life is. beautiful. i guess it is a blessing that i got the book for so cheap and it is fate that allowed me to stumble upon the book. when fate endows you with a blessing, it is your obligation to act upon that blessing and transform your life into ways which results in the betterment of your condition and the people around you. it is akin to god saying "go forth and multiply." now, if only i could share my knowledge with the people around me, through holding intellectual, meaningful, deep, thought-provoking conversations with them. that would be great.

well, i have to be studying soon. i guess. after i bathe perhaps. hmm this is the time to screw up my biological clock. actually it seems likei work much much much better at night. i am a nocturnal boy. play me a nocturne, mozart!

ok i guess that's all for the time being. i have a newest business initiative, which costs zero funds, anybody wants to be my business associate, pls leave a tag. your effort will determine your profits!! muahahahaa...

ok byebye, goodnight and take care.

mervyn at 6/13/2004 05:00:00 PM

Friday, June 11, 2004

Pre-U Seminar rocks!

i'll do away with my usual abstract bullshit titles for my blog entries for once and get straight to the point.

yes, so after much long time, i am finally BACK. i bet u guys missed me. yah im sure u really did miss me loads man... but now that i'm finally back, YOU DUN HAVE TO MISS ME ANYMORE.. see u guys.. u dun miss ur water till the well runs dry innit...

for those living under a rock or hiding in a hole, and wondering what i have been doing for so long, like maybe i got arrested or kidnapped or killed, though some of you would be quite happy at that. but the truth of the matter was that i spent the last 6 days at NUS, from sunday to friday... and it was the best time of my like.. really rocks lah..

well, if i were to give a day by day account, my keyboard would break down so i'll just see what i can say first.. and say it some other time after i wake up cos i wanna sleep.. cos i woke up damn early today to execute a plan.. anyway checked into prince george's park residences on sunday and i was like rather sian with the pre-u sem thing when i looked at my group mates cos i thought they were really boring ppl.. but then.. THEY proved me wrong~!! these people really rock lah.. it was a wonderful group to work with, an excellent group absolutely... better than any other group i know.. the group dynamics were so interesting.. everyone is from different schools.. and from all the diverse races and walks of life and its just so interesting to see everyone's way of thinking and their thoughts on life and issues and basically just their different characters. it was a brilliant mix.. and its like we really managed to clicked so well.. and its like there wasnt much segregation or cliquish behaviour though it did happen once or twice and i realised that cliquish behaviour was only for the insecure who need some sense of belonging or reassurance that they do matter.. and i understood that cliques do indeed screw up a group.. and i think that was one of the main reasons why our group was so clicked cos we were one big group and not many cliques.. cool huh.. and the energy that these people have was so amazing u realy do wonder where they get their inspiration and energy from, perhaps its just the food that they keep feeding us, like 5 times a day, though our conspiracy theories say some are leftovers. ...... and then ok i'm continuing this from where i left off... but the fact of the matter is that they spent tonnes of money on loads of food for us to eat.. also, the group posssessed such synergy that we were able to accomplish so many things which nobody would have thought possible. like our telematch game.. we managed to break the mark which had seemed so impossible to us at the start.. so i guess that was an achievement.. and we were always the leaders in all the nonsense stuff.. and we are like the most happening group around, compared to the rest of them, and we were havoc and creating lotsa trouble la.. but these are the things which create for great memories, kodak moments, and good vibes. haha there were times when we laughed til we rolled on the floor and times where i thought i was gonna die laughing.. and basically it was damn fun and all that lah..

having been in this group also facilitated me learning abt the stuff that was discussed and the group was very real, as in nobody was acting and all.. and compared to brother, the rj person in me grp was a big bimbo and not an arrogant cocky elitist bastard so that was fun hahaha.. and since everyone was just being themselves, the group allowed me to learn so many aspects of human nature, interacting with others, leadership, ideas, brainstorming, and all that stuff.. and its so absolutely wonderful. and there were times when we had real interesting discussions about so many stuff, though most of the time i was just telling lame dumb jokes which people still laughed at anyway haha.. especially all those dumb songs about wanker and all that nonsense cheers, which would make kyrin happy, though i'm sure kyrin would be happy and hyper about almost ANYTHING. hahaaha..

pre u seminar as an event was also one which was so mega-scale it must have been mind-boggling to organise. kudos to the nj teachers whom i know put in infinite effort for this event. pre-u sem as an event was also one where i learned so many lessons which are applicable to my life for a long time to come, in the present and in future. they are invaluable lessons which have definitely revolutionised my way of thought and taught me to see things in a different light and also made me think about the future of singapore, and what it should be like. it also made me realise what singapore might need in the future, and all the stuff about what could benefit singapore's well-being.

ahh.. it is this time at which i am overcome with a warm fuzzy feeling upon retrospection and ahh.. that sweet nostalgia sets in. but it was only today which i left the place. ah, but now it feels so empty, liek something's missing. if it were still at nus, we'd be sitting around under the brillaitn night sky, talking lotsa cock (abt wanker playing wif his cock hahaha) and also cracking jokes and reflections and all those nonsense.. ah.. but now i'm just sitting here, watching tv, typing this.. and ah... it feels like i've lost an arm a leg, and my hair to boot. such is the extent to which my emptiness reigns in me.

as i was having dinner just now, i felt like there was something missing, all the noise, laughter and jokes and more importantly, the whole group of friends whom were there at the start of the journey, and we'll take this journey from here on. give me that nonsense food anytime, i'll trade it for the best cuisine in the world just to have all those sweet times back.. haha.. damn, i must sound damn gay, sissy and SNAG..but trust me.. i am not gay, sissy, nor SNAG. muaahahaha

i could give individual tributes to each and every one of them, though i guess i wouldnt' since it would be too long here and methinks me should make soemthing in private for them or something like that lah, to thank them for facilitating this wonderful experience.

all in all, this was such a wonderful, magical and unbelievable experience, it seems to be just like a dream. a very sweet dream which you thought you were in, and then it just passed you by so fast and everythig speeds by this way and before you knew it, everything's gone. teaches us to treasure what we have doesn't it? but i did treasure the times that we had, and also, the transient nature of life.. i guess as a group, though we might not be together all the time now, we will take this whole thing, move on to greater heights, and maybe we'll converge one day again as leaders of the nation, of industries, and leaders in all our own rights. just like the divergence-convergence diamond that we learnt in the blue sky canvas yes? ah.. but i think our group was the leader of all.. we initiated so much nonsense and we did so many things that others scoffed at, but most importantly, we treaded where no one dared go and in that, we established an identity for ourselves, an identity which would go on and on in the annals of history and which will live forever in my minds and make for great story-telling to my grand kids hahaha.. we were the most unforgettable group and i guess the only ones to actually have so much fun, with wanker, with chung, with so many people and so many things. man, this has been such an unbelieable thing. ahh.. this is the things which dreams are made of... tears shouldn't escape my eyes, but if they had their way, the definitely would, as i reminiscene about all that has happened. oh well, all good things must come to an end, but group 21, i just have to thank each and every one of you, as seperate individuals who have come together to embody the word synergy and dynaminism in variety. we are the best of the best, and this will go on, forever and ever.

presenting to you, the best group around the place!! corny, lame, and creative, with our OFFICIAL collage. =) you guys rock. and it's not often i say people rock!

mervyn at 6/11/2004 09:25:00 AM

Saturday, June 05, 2004

back and off. again.

hihi blog, im back from the SSS. and boy, was it an enriching experience. it was initally rather intimidating but everyone warmed up after awhile and then we interacted and all that.. haha... it doesnt take alot to get warmed up to them actually cos i guess the only barrier is that we never talk to them.. and once we start.. they wont stop talking!!! muahahahaa

but it really did open my eyes to our society and the people around us. realised that we have been living enclosed in our myopic little world for too long and the world around us is so vast and huge and undiscovered and there are so many different people around waiting for us to befriend them!! it was really interesting too... and i terribly enjoyed the whole experience... sleeping at night was quite cool too, so was the bathing bit... haha.. bitched the sky down actually as i usually do... the thunderstorm was so scary.... but shhhhhh........

took sat today too... honestly, SAT should stand for Simple/Stupid American Test. my god, it was such a waste of time cos it was honestly quite easy lor and its like after u finish a section u have to wait so long til the time is up to go on to the next section and it wastes so much time.. i almost fell asleep....argh!!

anyway, went to watch marc salem's mind games just now, and it was really so interesting. how the mind works and how we all function as human beings. went to my humble house after that for dinner, and the food is top class, decor brilliant, only thing the air con is too cold, causing the food to cool too quickly, but that's just a minor problem though. though portions are a tad too small for me, and the prices are a little too steep, but hey, sometimes indulgence is good for the soul.

anyway i'm heading off to nus's PRINCE GEORGE'S Park hostel tmr for 5 days of fun and education at the pre-university seminar.. where young nubile minds come together to engage in a little frolic and share their educated ideals and visions. well, well, well. sounds interesting ENOUGH to me. hope i have lotsa fun there. but i'm really tired in the meantime.

anyway, anyone up for an ECONS revision session together?!?! muahahaha it'd be great fun!!! the only thing i'm asking for is lotsa help in math, someone to photocopy lit notes from, and I'LL clarify all things econs with you to the best of my limited knowledge!!

in the meantime, im damn sleepy. good night.

mervyn at 6/05/2004 05:14:00 PM

Thursday, June 03, 2004


hi blog, as is customary, i am back once again, to launch a full-fronted tirade on the agonies of the modern world and the utter disgust and revolt which i hold for it. but alas, i am just kidding.

i am writing this after having washed up myself and all, and it is most pleasing to learn that i am going to sleep soon. however, i am only but to awake to find myself in school, early fine and dandy in the morn, with little but my conscience intact with me. yes, to the commonners who might not have that knowledge yet, i have pledged my soul and body to the causes of good, of which the beneficiary is touch community service, for i have placed myself over to be of service for a day and a half to people. people who are unfortunately, less able than what most of us conceive as the everyman. oh, and it is my mum who had just rang on the phone, asking if i would so wish as to have a little supper to make up for my indignant dinner, which seems to have vanished before it even appeared. therefore, having to fulfil my pledge, and also, to submit myself to the scholastic assesment tests which i am most priviledged to be taking on the 5th of june, i thus bode a humble farewell to all my friends, with whom i might lack the ability to stay in contact with over the next few days. for alas, the wonders of technology, though limitless, can only bring one so far.

there is nothing quite as liberating as riding a bicycle i must say. from the previous statement, many should have concluded through their intelligence and deduction that i went cycling earlier on in the evening. oh, the wonders of that two-wheeled invention. to have a steed right under your control, to have it soar with you through the wind, casting all your worries aside and just let rip. oh, who would ever know the wonder of it all? ah, it is thus, the simple pleasures in life which complete a man. but who would have thought, that on such a cloudy, ominous night would i have gone a-riding my bicycle? well, neither would i ever have had that idea crawl into the dendrils of my mind if not for my dear ol` injury, which i suffered on the most unfortunate and unlikely of all incidents. yes, if you were not already informed of the fact, i am talking about the stress fracture in my leg.

well, what else do i have to say here. i know not much. but i would just like to bring to attention the utmost boredom which overcame me during the extra lessons which all students of the dismal science have to go through. whilst it was of the greatest blasphemy to the most revered lecturer standing in front of every one of us, imparting his endless seas of knowledge to us, i must say that this knowledge, was one which i had already procured beforehand, before entering his lesson, which led to my feeling of intense agony and frustration stemming from a contemptous boredom during the lesson. given the chance, i would sincerely hope to repent from this indignous attitude which i hold, although it is deep-seated within the very guts of me.

i also had the wondrous fortune of being able to get my gloved hands upon two fantastic boxes of stikfas toys, which were out of production a long time ago, though it is nothing new. oh but what joy it is that overcomes me whenever i look at this plastic and vinyl objects which only throw me into a world which i know much of, a world long since gone, but oh, it is that fantasy which has allowed me to live and relive those sweet childhood memories, long lost in the depths of eternity. it is with this tools which i reconstruct and retrieve my fantasies long gone. alas, it is cheap. but anything to prolong this fantasy, to get out of this cold, cruel world, which we all live in. don't we all wish to go back to the times, when we were free of all attachments thrust upon us. when we were free of all responsibility, when we could cast no caution to the wind, fall, fall, fall, but eventually rise again. for that was our childhood. a time long gone.

with these words, i must bid my farewell, for it is nothing but late in the night. and this is when we all have to retire to our beds. good night one and all. and remember.
there is nothing quite as liberating as riding on a bicycle.

mervyn at 6/03/2004 05:04:00 PM

i'm going to hold on to that.

You are all across the board
You are all over the board

What Self-Mutilation Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Baby there's something about you that
I can hold on to
I'm going to hold on to that
Baby there's something about you that
I can hold on to
I'm going to hold on to that

i like this song. wonder how true it holds for me. think i'm going out for a little cycling adventure at this point of time.

mervyn at 6/03/2004 12:12:00 PM

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

pass me the can-opener, will you?

hi blog. many people say i'm an idiot. i would tend to agree with them. anyway, today was a really uneventful day i could probably summarise it in 2 sentences. woke up at 2 plus, ate lunch, slept, woke up at 7 plus. read some books, went for dinner, came back.
now, was that my day, or was that my day?

anyway, so many things have happened in the world around me the past few days. and things have changed, the earth has moved, and the moon has revolved. have they affected me? not much i must say, although my leg has affected me quite abit, since i have a stupid stress fracture and so i can't run, jog, jump, basically, i can't do anything except walk. or swim, but i'm not ek kiat and the only pool of water i have is the fish tank, but obviously, i can't swim in the fish tank (though i know some people whose fish tanks are so big they probably could) but that's besides the point. anyway, ppl who have been reading this blog would think they know me from what i've written here so far.
oh but how wrong they must be. because as much as i reveal on the blog here, i reveal oh so little about my pivate life. and me friends would probably gain nothing out of this blog since more can be known out of me delirious, mood-swinging character from interaction with me. it is only those who do not know me who think that this blog can tell stuff abt me real well. well, ya to a certain extent, it certainly does tell abt me values and stuff. though its rather open to intepretation aint it.

so, i guess since life is so boring, its time to reveal a little bit more of me here, this time a little more explicitly.

oh well, where do i start? me name is mervyn, and i'd love to study economics and law in university, tho i'd probably rank law as higher priority if i weren't able to do a double degree. my ambition is to be a corporate lawyer and i wanna go to ocs in the army. if i were to take any scholarships i guess i'd want the edb or mas ones, or if i could, the psc ones, tho i wouldn't like being in the civil service for too long.
i like to go on long runs by myself whenever i'm frustrated or i wanna get my mind off things. i like to cycle, tho its rather dangerous to do so in singapore so i don't do much of it now. i've got many scars to show why i should be fearful of cycling in singaporean roads, though they don't really matter much. people think i like to play soccer, but the truth is i don't really like to play soccer. i am just alright with it, give me a ball and i'll play but im not the kind who'll travel high and low just to play soccer. i've never really been utterly interested in a sport since i was young and i guess you could call me a jack of all trades, though i might take a higher preference for team sports like rugby, hockey and soccer, and solo sports such as tennis and golf. but my knees kinda hurt whenever i put too much stress on it nowadays and there's a stress fracture in my leg at the present moment so i guess that's a little hindrance.
because of my previous experience in track and xcountry and all my life experiences, i tend to be more of a fighter than a quitter when times get rough and tough, and i would absolutely never give up on something. when the environment sucks, i try me best to change the environment rather than to go away from the environment, as a grreat proportion of the population seem to do, what with rising emigration rates and increasing suicide rates and lowering birth rates.
it has been me secret desire to want to learn something abt me heritage and culture and maybe join some teochew opera group or something. my dream house is something which looks like the teochew house near plaza singapure next to the demolished cockpit hotel. its a heritage building which houses the chicago school of business, but it's got teochew inspired architecture.
my ideal girl would be a homely girl with whom i can hold a conversation with, and whom is intelligent, but not too ambitious. tho i wouldnt mind ambition too, as long as someone looks after the kids well. not a maid tho. as for looks, she'd have to be acceptable at least and know how to carry herself. i guess that's about all the requirements.
that's all for now.

sounds very much like the rj play aint it, abt who are you and who are you kinda thing. ha, hope i have given ppl a deeper looking into me life and the person behind these words which you are currently reading.

anyway, as i was saying, the things happening around me recently seem to have forced me to open a can of worms, which i don't really wanna open for i know the widespread damaging consequences of these actions. and that's all i shall say for now, for it really is late.

anyway, i see that the number of tags is increaisng, and that's interesting, cos at least i've got some form of interaction now. ha.

anyway, hi to the fella named hi, but who are you exactly?? anyway kat dun use the words i told u on me ya!! they r me original and i copyrighted them so u cannot use them hahha.. but i probably know enough of these stuff to keep me going anyway. anyway ya hilda do enjoy yr hols, and i will enjoy mine too!! anyway dun need to get too sweet and say u miss me too ya hahaha but its quite true actually when u dun see ur classmates and all for awhile u tend to miss them and the noise and all that, but look on the bright side! nobody to irritate u for a long while!! muahahaaa.... and rach, actually its quite obvious that you're rach so u dun need to put ur name as rach and say hi, rachel here. liike DUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuh.. anyway, do be careful, being honest in your thoughhts would often bring trouble and unleash chaos, but i don't care abt those stuff so i try me best to sound my mind.

news 5 tonight, there is a girl who thinks she is very loving and caring but is relaly very rough. but the problem is that u can't see her. anyway its not the handwriting that matters ok its what written in it and i bet that girl agrees with me also ok.. u are the one who go back to kindergarten lor ur handwriting so ugly, and still write nonsense.. anyway, the truth of the matter is that, it is late, and i really should be going offline now. so goodnight everyone and take care. and see everyone of u soon. soon enough at least. gotta be in sch for econs tmr.. haha..

mervyn at 6/02/2004 06:11:00 PM

just a little something to whilst away my time

tame me, he said. the unmistakeable roar came. and that was the utter defiance. surely not in the face of the devil were you going to do that? oh no, but certainly, nobody thought that he could be the devil? he was the epitome of good. at least on the surface that is. but nobody of them untrained eyes were able to see beyond the surface. none of them could even understand the complexities of the human emotion. not that anyone in the world could. they failed to witness the multi-faceted nature of it all. for if it put them in good stead, who were they to argue?

and so he roared once again, this time in the most inhumane manner. he was a beast. the blood which surged life into his veins were not that of an ordinary human. they were that of an animal. for he had instincts which the humans just could not recognise as being their own. he was the one who was most skilled at fighting for his life in the jungle. but no, they were having none of that, not in the concrete jungle they thought. so he was banished. banished to a place where he could not be free, but reformed. and oh how hard they did try to change him. replace him with a human. someone whom they could converse with. but as was mentioned earlier, they knew too little of the multi-faceted nature of it all. they could change the superficiality of it all, make him human. but oh no, were they ever to change that instinct in him? that wild, savage, free-spirited core upon which all his shells were attached. they never fully understood how to remove the inner shells. so they didnt. they thought it was enough, and so it was.

henceforth, he was released. a fine dandy gentleman he was.

but was he really?

which do u fight for? truth or success. u decide.

mervyn at 6/02/2004 01:11:00 PM

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

a journey of a thousand miles starts with tying your shoelaces

hiya me dearest blog, just reached home after watching ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF A SPOTLESS MIND. ooh it was an intellectual movie and boy was it a good one.. really deep show that has many themes in it, but they are simple themes. oh wells, enough of me nonsense.

today was a day of rushties. boy, did i get a shock when i checked me handphone and find out that it was 8.11 and i was lying in bed when the paper on me table said tt i gotta be in sch BY 8.15. oooh wow even if i were ek kiat i wouldn't reach school that fast!! tho i suspect kiat would take a much longer time to run out frm his bed to the door than i take to run out frm my room to the door. haha. so i rushed to sch, and as luck would have it, made it in time for the psc psychometric test. and some of the sections u could have skipped, cos it was so easy. it was like wallpaper. like they give u some kinda design and just cut out one small section and ask u to choose the missing section. LIKE DUH. oh there was this qstn with 6 options and 5 of the options are exactly the same, thus leaving only one different answer. oh like wow am i supposed to choose one of the five?! hahaha.. ok but then it got progressively harder and stuff and soon the numbers were climbing all over my head and into my nose and out the ears and all those nonsense but LUCKILY i managed to do the math part relatively well. and at least i answered the difficult qstns. the reasoning was gay i completely no-linked it. the personality test was alright. tho i have a screwed up personality. so ya haha.. and there's so many qstns on values and i constantly rank religion as my lowest priority. dun u think its unfair they keep asking religious questions to a free-thinker? god, i might declare i'm agnostic just to get those qstns off my back!!

anyway then i rushed home to change and come for the soccer elections, which was more of an apppointment than an election. anyway so we got the new captain and all that and ms ho gave us our trophies and all tt.. james.. u have me utmost respect for ur commitment and dedication to the team.. it is a pity that we didnt win.. and i am sorry that ur hopes and drms were not fulfilled.. but sometimes.. life is like tt.. but it is always how we get over it.. altho i know it is hard.. u must get over it.. and stop brooding on it.. and ur mistakes.. because now tt u know ur mistakes.. it is time to improve on them.. and u must understand that soccer is a team game.. so dun put the blame all on urself.. sometimes u cannot depend totally on urself to bring the team to victory.. sometimes its also the teams fault.. ok..

anyway after tt went out to get some stuff and watched the sunshiney show and came home..

well, i must say i'm really... touched to see so many responses on me tag board frm many ppl.. at least it gives me the reassurance that someone cares.. and that's really very touching.. in a cold, cruel world like this is. anyway, cool sia news 5 u still tag me blog.. the news 5 thing is damn lame la.. hahaha... but ya tlc rocks.. we are such caring ppl lor.. dunno why u this kind of rough queen is inside tlc also.. write in the log book also so lousy.. cant compare to me.. hhaha.. i bet the girl that we both write in will say my entry is bettter.. next time i reply i going to ask her who's is better she will say mine....

anyway xm u know very well how i feel adn all that... so ya.. lor... anyway private ya i fully acknowledge the fact that ya this is preparing me for life's bigger and greater challenges and it is nothing but a little hurdle in me life. but actually some ppl's council terms are happy.. just ot mine.. but the major gripe i have is that it wasnt even fulfilling at all.. whilst some ppl's are fulfilling, mine is empty. but i guess that is my own failing in not taking up enough responsibilities or that sort. so i guess i should be blamed. oh wells, with every crisis, we take away a lesson or two. and i hope to take away a hundred lessons from this event. otherwise, my soul shouldn't rest in peace.

to me dearest best fren lydia, if me havent emphasised this enough, methinks u should go take a good good rest and fight the virus.. okie?? thanks for ur best-friendship... haha.. okie.. when u r fine i will treat u to a gd ice crm okie??!?! to make up for the one i still owe u..

ok tts all.. off to bed.. with me trusty ol` mate, the bolster.. goodnight everyone. think i had quite a nice day today.
take care yea. and really, i do thank each and everyone of you who do care.. thanks for taking the time to tag, the time to read thru, and the time to think abt what i have written. it is times like this when i feel that life.. doesnt suck.. haha..

mervyn at 6/01/2004 06:08:00 PM