Sunday, August 29, 2004

wow this is cool

wow check it out man, this is damn cool.
like from eons ago somehow or other i dunno how it managed to sneak its way onto the internet!

mervyn at 8/29/2004 05:56:00 PM

Saturday, August 28, 2004

the heats are on

hi. so what's up? anyway today was a boringg day, as are all days when i'm not spending the day parachuting or something like that.

so in the afternoon i attended the psc talk and realised that hey.. this psc thing is really not my cup of tea.. yea it really isnt.. i mean its like the whole thing is only prestigous cos of the propaganda. eg. organising huge talks and inviting every tom to the place; keep reiterating that its really prestigious; make it seem as if u get lotsa money etc. but when u think about it, it really isnt very prestigious. not once did the word civil servant pop up in the whole brilliantly scripted tea session. why? cos civil servant has negative connotations to it. and then u think about it. if you take a psc scholarship, 20 yrs down the road.. where r u? perm sec? or at most some kinda minister. ok a minister is quite prestigious and commands respect high pay etc. but how many ministers can tthere be? so out of lets say 40 scholarships, maybe only 3-5 holders will be ministers and 6-10 will be perm secs and the rest? they're just stuck doing some mundane job! pushing paper all around the place. how prestigious can that be??

then u compare between the corporate side and the civil service.. and then u see.. 6 yrs on in the corporate side... if u perform well, u will be a high flyer in just 6 yrs.. but the civil service?? 6 yrs on.. u're still stuck in the bureaucracy.. well true, u get promoted nonetheless and in the corporate u wont get promoted if ur boss dun like u or stuff.. but hey if u got wad it takes to get the psc scholarship, what makes u think u dun haf wad it takes to excel in the corporate world? yea in the corporate world u prolly need some kinda luck and x factor, but then again... it isnt that hard..

so the conclusion is, the psc scholarship is just a big government ploy.. but ultimately, the corporations still rule. u see, thee ministers dun drive the economy, they try to get the machines which drive the economy, which is ultimately these big corporations. and they bait them with all the tax breaks and all that. so a country really depends on the corporations in it. just like unilever's involvement in the developing countries.. they're much stronger than the (non-existent) political leaders.

so now, i have to find some other sponsor for my studies. damn.

anyway here's a test i devised to see if u r more corporate minded or civil service minded
ok if someone commits an error... an extremely grave error costing many hundreds thousands... what would u do?
1. sack/demote him
2. keep him in the same position
3. promote him

so what were your answers??

well, if ur answer was 1, u're good for the civil service, that's error-phobic and strict..
if ur answer was 2, u're good for the corporate side.
well the logic of it is this.. the person has just incurred losses thru a mistake that he made.. and that mistake is a lesson, a part of a training that the person can learn from.. so in future, the person wouldnt commit that mistake and would actually improve upon systems.. so it makes sense to keep him to gain productivity! prromoting him wont be so bad either but then u're incur costs so just leave him as such la.

well another useless waste of time.
ah wells think i'll be going off to watch tv or something nowl.
read hard times perhaps;.
ah ok

mervyn at 8/28/2004 06:14:00 PM

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


hi. so as we all get into the heat of things and prelims come, im thankful i dun take bio, chem or physics, cos that means i dun haf any practicals. never liked practicals anywway. so tmr is the prelims bio practicals, i hope some ppl fail, but most ppl i hope they pass. haha...

anyway its like nowadays life is so monotonous.. and chua sux.. the olympics is really cool, especially the cycling part. i like the cycling man.. the cyclodrome.. really cool. actually olympics highlights the fact that in everything, someone always has to lose. now, are we gonna be that loser? or shall we be the winner?

ok anyway its prelims gp on thursday, and i think i know how to write essays now after getting back my highly graded essay frm her. now to deal with the aq and we should be done.

i think i'm going to lead a destitute life frm now on come home and study everyday.
yah thats about it

cheers to all out there, gdluck to all yr practicals, and we'll see each other after i come out from the cave.

mervyn at 8/24/2004 05:57:00 PM

Friday, August 20, 2004

above all

hi. i'm dog tired at this point of time and i've decided to give up on my math and pray really hard. yeah im real religious i'm like the advocate of hard praying at this point of time. well, havent' updated this place in a long time... and i've been doing some religious studying... practising my math as if i were writing the bible, reading the poetry books as if it were for chanting... well well what can you say, mervyn's been enlightened!

anyway today was such a rainy bitchy day. i mean, i don't like rain so its bitchy. yea im bitchy too if thats like the case. but it was raining from like what 2 to i dunno 8 or 9. where do the clouds get all that water to throw down on us mortals huh. its quitte sneaky right if u like collaborate with the clouds. den u dun need to buy water. ask the clouds to evaporate water from like some place like malaysia, den come over here, pour it down into macritchie or some other reservoir, instantly, x gallons of water addedd to our water reserves daily!! how cool lah! then we won't have to drink piss anymore! yay!! singapore's probably the only sovereign 2/1st world country where you can actually convince ppl to drink their own (and other people's) piss in the name of national resource security and for our national survival. hahaaa.....

so yesterday i splurged out with a couple of me mates on cray fishes, prawns, and some other stuff to the tune of $42 at genghis khan. and ate we did. we probably slaughtered more prawns then genghis khan slaughtered men.

oh and thanks to marklo, i won money today!! how cool. mark rocks!! so do the albirexxxxxies. and all those unnamed punters who pushed the odds up. hha

oh and its how ridiculous tt the 37th student council has to enlist our help to garner support for senior's farewell lah. like who's the one thats supposed to harness the synergy of 74 people lah. who's the one who had holiday camps to prepare them lah... and now they are saying tt its tough organising the project when it's all been done before.... bla bla bla...

anyway today i got a letter in the mail addressed to mervyn tan chuan ming from the air force. it informed me that i have passed the Computerised pilot selection system and i have high potential to be a pilot. but i dunno how to apply. and i dun wan to apply. ok whatever. but the test was fun. ah.....

think i wanna go slp. gdnite folks! til next time, gd luck to me"! and thanks to everyone who wishes me gd luck. gd luck to you too. we all need luck!

mervyn at 8/20/2004 04:38:00 PM

Saturday, August 14, 2004

i've found the reason for me

hi blog. haven't seen me in a long time have you?

actually, i've been rather caught up and busy with things over the past few days. but i bet nobody missed me anyway cos the people who mattered saw me in school and the people who don't matter didn't see me at all hahahahah so it doesnt matter.

ah so what have i been busy with? well, let's see. i've taken 3 driving theory lessons in 4 days, getting my PDL in 7 days, applying to cambridge and other assorted uk universities, which take a hell lot of paperwork, may i add. doing my work, revising my literature, practising my mathematics, studying my economics, watching tv, and basically keeping myself busy. see. and all these activities have worn me out and i am so tired.

anyway, the econs department decided to mock us today but having mock exams and i tried to write short essays today for topics which were impossible to study for. so i wrote lotsa nonsense. let's see how this strategy fares. if it's good, good. if not, too bad. but econs to me... is a joy.. i like to write econs essays. the onyl thing that spoils it all is the marks and competitiveness of it all. contrary to popular belief, i do not strive in competition. i dun like competition. i prefer the scholarly pursuits of education and economic theories and truth. but since i'm so good at it, might as well sweep away all those competitve jackasses. whom i can't stand.

so i have celebrated my birthday 3 times in the past week. how does being 18 feel? it doesn't feel like anything. u know i always thought 18 signifies some kinda maturing, some kinda adolescence, some kinda barrier or club of sorts. but upon reaching 18, i find i'm stil the same old me. didnt even change a single bit. ah.. what a disappointment. but i wouldnt wanna change too much. i like me the way i am right now.

the heat of the prelims is getting to me, and the scholarships which the psc are baiting us students with are so damnn attrative, its inspiring me to sprint to the finish line and grab the laurels. but then again, i have ran a marathon and i have no more energy to sprint. pri 1 - pri 6, sec 1 to sec 4, and this is the final lap. will i be able to go all the way?? i will try to push myself all the way.. so that at this time of the year next yr, i wont be paiting my face with green paints and having leaves jut out from my helmet and staying stationary in the forest... i will be partying my balls out at london and talking econs econss econs and more econs all day long with my dearest economic buddies.
but all this is the future, and who knows what the future beholds for us?
que sera, sera.

that's it for now. til next time. see u. byebye.

mervyn at 8/14/2004 06:25:00 PM

Monday, August 09, 2004

The age of supremacy

hi. happy national day to everyone!! yesterday was me birthday... hahaha.. it was quite nice.. had some of me friends over to celebrate me birthday... cos its my last birthday...... sob sob...... but it was quite fun.. but then.. hahahaha... nvm.. lets not go into detaisl.... i liked me tiger cake though it looked so nice. and then it was mauled apart like an animal ripped by tigers.

was kinda tired........ anyway thanks to all me friends... for making it such a nice day.......

played risk and ah lam played cheat haha..

anyway today was kinda happening but i shan't really bother to elaborate further. and the nat day parade was so seh.. all the commandos hanging arnd the place.... the rapelling frm the tower.. the parachute.. the parade commander.. the guard of honour.. wah so seh man.... really honour ad glory man.. but all these parades are just to trick little kids into thinking tt cdos n all these are damn seh so tt they will wanna serve in the army hahaha..

but its damn funny la the american idol thing... ah but nvm.. kinda tired actually... nth much to say..
so glad i'm 18 now.. but kinda mixed feelings when i look at those young ppl running arnd... like those teenie 14 yrr olds.. like so fun... now... so stress... sian ah..

ok gdnite byebye

mervyn at 8/09/2004 05:29:00 PM

Saturday, August 07, 2004

this is the best day in history

this is the best day in the history of singapore and the world.
and u know why?!?!?
cos on this day, a certain young boy who would grow up the be a great ruler was born. that is, mervyn.
IM 18 18 18 YEAH YEA
no need to sneak into clubs, can buy alcohol and ciggs (not tha i want to) AND BEST OF ALL

okie yay
im going to register for my driving like what. ASAP.

oh 18 also means.... CONSCRIPTION....

18 also means... yao ba in chinese.. yao fa... means i am going to strike lottery soon and be really rich muahahahhahaahaha

ok i rock.
like officially.

mervyn at 8/07/2004 05:17:00 PM

Friday, August 06, 2004

why am i still talking to myself

hi blog, what's new. anyway these past few days have been a very fun, action packed days. let's see. i've not updated since when? thursday? i dunno. anyway i finally took my napfa, and unfortunately for all my detractors, i got a gold. yeah the moment i did my 6 pull ups i knew i get gold and just come down and jump around hahahahaha.... and pull ups was my first station since if fail den dun need to do at all what hahahal... SO not more 6 weeks with BMT!!! yay!! and if commando PTP is crazy... 8 to 8 training all the way.. crazy right... just go bmt enough.. yay!!! but if i go commando bmt its abit crazy lah...

anyway thursday was like action packed sial.. so many things happening in school... watch the play called keep talking or something liek that and the problem was that it should have been keep whispering or something cos it was kinda like a private play cos they were so soft probably only the front row could hear them.

anyway at night went to chomp chomp to chomp chomp some chow. and after that went to see a getai.. the heartlander lifestyle hahaha.. anyway the getai is really damn funny.... but most of us won't understand it anyway cos its in hokkien. and i had to carry stupid joelle on my shoulders.. and she is so heavy... and it was so tiring.. so i told myself that it is just like bmt where u have to carry ur full pack weighing 20 kg on road march... and then i was strong again.. cos i am the future of singapore... the defence of singapore lies in my hands.. and your hands.. (if u r a guy).. so lets work hard together to secure the future of our nation!!! stand up! stand up for singapore~~~~~!!!

today, the whole population of school-going kids stood up for singapore. cos today is the day when we celebrate our independence.. national day... for schools that is. and NDC in NJC was kinda a non-event actually. to tell the truth, it was downright boring and an absolute waste of time... its like i spend 30 minutes going to school and 40 minutes to come home frm school which adds up to 1 hour and 10 mins altogether and u tell me the entire program lasts something liek 1hr 20 mins.. which is kinda dumb right.. but spent most of the time talking cock anyway. so thats ok. but i can talk cock on normal sch days.. and much more cock too cos sch days are longer.. but the fireworks.. kinda disappointing.. cos i expected more.. but then again. anyway i think the 37th is really disappointing.. who to blame??? nobody..... u can formulate ur theories, but in the end it doesnt matter.. i think this is the way to take life. enjoy every moment of it with extreme enthusiam and zest, and when its over, forget about everything, cos it really doesnt matter.

went home and slept, overslept, and was sposed to meet the 2 ballheads bra and ed. and we trekked everywhere to find a movie to watch and clever and horny bra wanted to watch notebook cos he said it had sex scenes in it. turned out tt it was some sappy dumb story. i wanted to watch brotherhood but it was over. ed wanted to watch fahrenheit, hat overhyped biased movie. but notebook. ok lah its quite a nice love story. narrated in a very poetic, rustic fashion. very sweet actually. if u think about it its like their love is so eternal and so truee.. which is kinda unrealistic if u think abt it cos such things never ever exist in real life.. but if u watch it and u're a sappy old soul like..... i dunno.. somebody.. den u'd probably says "ITS SO SWWEEEEET" and swoon and coo over it. its really really sweet... sometimes u wish ur life was like that. but then again, they don't make movies for nothing. movies exist just cos people wanna experience something which isnt frm their lives and drown themselves in fantasy and pray tt a miracle happens. ok im talking crap im probably a sour grapes boy but sour grapes is better than no grapes. sour grapes can make vinegar.

den camy came and all that crap. played a little x box and walked arnd the place.

and then i was home.
and soon it will be my birthday. ok not so soon, but soon enough. and soon i'll take my driving license. and i'll get my 4As. and life will be cruising...

til i get into commandos that is.

mervyn at 8/06/2004 04:58:00 PM

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the red berets

hi, finally im back. many people must have been wondering about my disappearance. whether i had gone into the jungle and hid for 3 weeks with 3 pieces of biscuit, or whether i had been abducted by aliens keen to replicate my flawless genes to clone their alien race. but those are baseless assumptions. for i have been nothing else but.................. BUSY.

u see, saturday, i was busy. cos i had that scholars choice thing but then i probably talked about that already.

sunday i was off to look at toys, but them toys were just plain boring and nothing much new. i want the elvis toys though. though they'd probably cost me close to $25 per fig and considering there's 3 figs, that's a hefty $75, not factoring in the 12 inch one, which i might get. and then it started raining. and i commenced my commando training, running in the rain just like a cdo would. wiping the rain off my face, looking up to the distance. taking out my gun.. and raising it to the distance.. with meticulous, fine aim. and then i raised my other arm.. and flagged the bus. and my gun turned into a wallet with my ez-link card inside and my strong, manly, baritone voice of a commando turned into a tenor, boyish voice of a young jc boy. "uncle does this bus go to chinatown?" and so off i went to chinatown to get my cds, and then i went for some birthday party. which was boring.
and then i came home.
and then i went out for a haircut.
and then i took my specs.
and then i came home.

oh wells... so boring my life is.

so on monday, i gave myself to the armed forces and had a taste of regimented life behind barbed wires and fences and armed guards in red berets. i brought myself to hendon camp. for my vocational assignment. which was slack. slack slack. anyway the camp looks damn seh actually but i guess thats prob cos of the red beret guarding it or something. the red beret rocks lah it looks damn cool. but u can only wear it after 1 yr. 3 months bmt and 9 months of basic commando training.. damn tough.. but then... FOR HONOUR AND GLORY.. that's the commando motto.. so u cannot give up.. and u must perservere... FOR HONOUR AND GLORY... haha so seh when i saw that and the commando crest painted on one of the buildings. but then its damn gay cos we were brought to this room, which is really damn bloody hell cold.. like freezing.. to do our aptitude and personality test, which i completed in no time cos i had seen all that before. looks like i'll be getting full marks hahaha.. but damn boring.. and u had to go around the place with your shirt tucked in and in rows of 3... like the army.. only tt we didnt have to march.. in the camp they have to march everywhere in pairs.. and then i saw this painting on the wall that said.. TO SEE AND BE UNSEEN.... now that's cool.. hahaa... then the interview with the officer was kinda scary. cos the officer was reallly damn fierce. he's like "why u do so little push ups!" "can u swim!" "how fast you run!!!" kinda questions. and he had a penetrative stare. the stare of a commando killer. but then he told me "so which position did ur soccer team come in this year?" then i answered "oh top 8 la" then he said "BUT U KNOW when u come in here. we expect you to be the best right!" and i meekly said "yes." and then he told me "when u come in, we require that you perform to your optimum." and he repeated that a few times over the course of the interview. and then the clincher was "you might want to do some training on your own so that if you come in here it won't be so tough on you.' WOW If that's the commando way of caring, i'm damn touched man... what the hell.. but all commandos are damn seh lah with their ranger badge and airborne tab. but u think so easy to get in ah!!! maybe u will OOC ah!!! OOC meANS Out of course which basically means u fail something or u break a leg or something. wow but they run a damn lot man..

anyways in sch today was so boring. had to go thru the whole day with a splitting headache. and now i'm going to watch tv. damn gay.

anyway i think youth nowadays are very myopic. but if i proceed to elaborate i might just offend the entire population. so no. anyway i wont write so much. FOR FEAR OF BEING A PAIN IN THE ASSS.. hahahahahahhahahaaaahhahahahaha the guys in my class would prob be rolling over in laughter right now hahahahahahahahahahahah thats a reeal classic.

goodnight. salute!

mervyn at 8/03/2004 05:03:00 PM