Thursday, September 30, 2004

the unforgiving world

today i got back more of my paapers. not that i'm unhappy with them. in fact, it is kinda good for my standard. like a BBD and a B or C for lit, i mean eventually a BBBD or BBCD is not too far off from my ABCD kinda prediction righT? but it seems like it is so disappointing that i have got such grades. i should have just studied econs all the while and get a bloody mfing A for bloody econs and get AFFF. that will shut everyone up. yay i get A for econs yay yay yay and how did i do for the rest?
i get FFF but nvm i'm top for econs so kiss my ass. but that's not my original aim.. i wanted a consistent average, and that's how i plan for it. so i meet my own targets and that's good enough. what's up with people having expectations for me? why don't they just study for me

even qixian the cock, dares come to me and say implicitly that its wasted i get B. what the hell is the world coming to lah. ah suck it at least i got 68 overall for history. and 16 and 17 for lit papers. so suck it!!! wow but its amazing my lit get higher than econs but still, SUCK IT!!! aiyah screw it, as long as the big picture is in mind, and i meet my expected target, its good enough. so screw this.

other than that, driving lesson is fine, and im so sad wong lilin has given birth. damn.

ok bye. SUCK IT. this sucks. this sucks. this. sucks. if only i was born a mugger.

mervyn at 9/30/2004 04:27:00 PM

Friday, September 24, 2004

even the gods take a rest on sundays.

right. so it's a saturday early morning, and in 8 hours time i have an econs S prelim paper. strangely, i am morbidly calm, and not panicking. i have attained educational nirvana, a spiritual zen. the sorta mood u come to when u get a sudden realisation that screwing everything won't make a difference and nothing makes a real difference save in the short future. yes, you heard it, i'm not mugging for econs S. well, i won't say i didn't but i'm not anymore. because i got so bored with being constrained in the minds of those damn economists, coase, smith, fetter, galbraith, what have you. i won't even bother about robert lucas and john muth and their rational expectations. they can take their john bates and clark medals and busk in past glories. yes, some of you, who do think much too highly of me, do say that there's no need for me to study anyway. but nobody is perfect, and i want to be perfect. so i study. and whilst reading this and that, i'm saying, hey there's this problem, hey there's that problem with this dumb theory, and a few pages later on, my problem gets dealt with. if only i had been born centuries ago, you people won't be reading this stupid blog. u'd be hating me and studying my theories. damn.

but life is as such, and we often put too much pressure on ourselves to excel. well, when you place everything into perspective, does it really matter if your econs is damn good? does it even matter if your literature is damn good? for hell's sake, does it even bloody damn hell matter if you got big boobs?! (well yea it does) but then, that's besides the point. i mean, who's gonna care if u're top in econs ten years from now, or even five?! even one!!!
it'd be like, you're in the forest, with your rifle and helmet and yr buddy's like go go go go go!! we gotta chiong now!! and you're like, eh... no i think if we chiong later it's better because the elasticity of chionging tells us that so and so, and u know, like we'll get marginal diminishing returns if we run now. and yr buddy would screw u and after that ur officer screws you and basically that's when you end up in a place where u'll have no diminishing marginal returns cos u'll have no returns at all. u don't tell ur officer like "hey i was top in econs ok screw u u dun criticise my knowledge" he'll take his rifle and screw u.
ok so what's the basic point i'm trying to make?
er, its that i dun wanna study anymore for tomorrow's econs S exam.

have you ever wondered like what you'd be doing ten years from now? my life ten years from now would probably be like me being 28,
go to work, corporate suit, board meeting board meeting board meeting board meeting, file some papers, scold (screw) some secretaries, lunch, dinner, then off to the pub to discuss stock options and the latest hot tips for the stock market, what's hot and what's not on the NYSE.
how cool is that. think you'd be enjoying it?
well, i certainly would. why? because nothing matters. we should all just be heretics and pack up our bags and depart to the nearest caves.
but then again, with everyone doing that, the caves would be the cities and the cities, the caves. then people would move back and the process goes on and on. it's just like the scene where one person stands up in a concert to see clearer and everyone does it and everyone is left in the same scenario at the end of the concert except that they all have much more tired legs.

ok. that's all for the day. i figured yiling's a wonderful lit thinker for she can say so much about our dear friend stupid davies, who to me, is just a tramp. ok i'll try to be more literary. a useless tramp. more, you say? a bloody useless tramp! ok that's it.
but i'd be going overseas from tomorrow onwards. so here's an up yours! to you. (the only thing useful from who's afraid of v. woolf.)

right. goodnight. wish me luck. for econs S. tomorrow.

mervyn at 9/24/2004 05:34:00 PM

Monday, September 20, 2004

not dead yet.

ah yes... so im here after a long hiatus. im just here cos im bored. from doing econs mcq. but then again.

so the prelims have been fine, except math, but that's rather expected cos nj math teachers, for all their dumbness, seem to have a knack for being able to make us all F Math students by giving us Fmath standards papers and making our report sheets report MATH F.....

the others have been ok though. though i don't know if i still can get top for econs. sian.... :(

have been going for driving license, which are kinda adrenaline rush yet scary at the same time. the kinda feeling u get when u become a speed demon. u know, exhilarating yet kinda scary thing.

ah ok. til saturday.

alright. goodbye all. back to business.

mervyn at 9/20/2004 02:50:00 PM

Friday, September 10, 2004

funny army recruitment posters

mervyn at 9/10/2004 08:29:00 AM

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

just trying to ask

hi, anyone come across this from vj art's fac? just need a little favour concerning the blackboard yah..... so plsplsplsplspls help me and i'll be infinitely thankful.. thanks! just leave a msg on the tag ya?

mervyn at 9/07/2004 07:13:00 PM

Sunday, September 05, 2004

funny shit about psc

haha this is the funniest shit i've seen about the psc, courtesy of mrbrown. makes one think what the f the psc is doing anyway

Our PSC Scholars go to the NDP

Kindly shared by an anonymous Public Service Commission (PSC) scholar studying in an anonymous prestigious overseas university.

Actually, I am appalled at the email. Why they never ask the PSC Scholars to line up two-by-two and hold hands when they walk two abreast to the stadium after having their attendance taken by what looks like the entire PSC Attendance Taking Department?

Education standards must be slipping.

(Names have been deleted to protect the innocent "public officers who are carrying out their duties" so that they are not "subjected to unwarranted ridicule even if it is just for a laugh".)

From the PSC
Re: NDP 2004

Hi all,

just to remind you that the NDP ticket handed out to you last Friday is not transferable and attendance to NDP is compulsory. My colleagues will be meeting you earlier to mark attendance before the whole group proceed to the stadium.

Here are the reporting details for NDP:

Date & Time: 9 Aug, 3.30pm
Meeting Place : Infront of foodcourt in Leisure Park (next to Kallang Theatre)
PSC staff marking attendance : Mr (name deleted), Ms (name deleted), Ms (name deleted), Ms (name deleted) and Ms (name deleted)

You can find out the public transport to the Stadium at this link :

Please be punctual.

Ok, so much for the NDP details, here are some administrative details for the potluck party and LKY book:

1. You can collect the " Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew" from PSC reception (Level 4, City Hall) from Mon - Fri from 8.30am to 5.00pm and Sat 8.30am to 1.00pm. If you are coming for the potluck party on 6 Aug, you can pick up the book before 7pm. Our colleague will stay back till 7.00pm to issue the book.

2. If you are attending the potluck party on 6 Aug, please inform your scholarship officer before Friday. They'll need to submit your names to City Hall Security so that you can access to PSC office. Please also inform your scholarship officer what food you'll be bringing to the potluck party.

Have fun @ the NDP!

Best Regards,

(name deleted)
PSC Secretariat

mervyn at 9/05/2004 06:17:00 PM

you deal in appearances?

hi blog. today's a sleepy day. cos it's a sunday. and no work is supposed to be done on a sunday. so i slept til i had a headache. ha. and i went running today to keep my body in better shape than it is currently in at the moment. with the rise of the sun tmr, we will have only 7 days to the start of prelims. the make or break of our lives. yes it's stressful, but that's how life's sposed to be.

ah this such a boring day. but tmr i have to be in school. for lit. but at least its with benzie dio and not screw-a-thy chua.
which is a world of difference. u know screw-a-thy chua is the thing which makes me detest lit. she's the weak link in the lit teachers. she should just go teach her gp cos at least she onyl causes damage to a class and not the entire lit cohort. ok i dun tihnk i should bitch anymore.

ah sometimes when i'm bored of all my studying and i sit around doing nothing but staring into the burning ambers of the fire, i think about things. and i think, why r ppl like so f-uped. why do they just deal in apperances, in the superficiality of things. they think, oh just cos u look so pretty, u're popular. and those that look demure, they're demure. OH PLS our dearest dog looks so demure but she's a total slut, bitch. so what's this abt appearances man. if all they deal in is appearances why dun they jst walk around naked and screw the prettiest/handsomest guy they see around. this sucks

ok i've had my say of the day. and yay singapore wins. and i win money too. actually betting is not a zero sum game. its a negative sum game. but im lazy to elaborate further. oh yah, and thru the course of my thinking, i realised why i find tt so many ppl are bimbos. and the reason lies with me. i'm just too smart.

b ye!

mervyn at 9/05/2004 04:51:00 PM

Friday, September 03, 2004

i wish i were you

hi! today's a friday, and incidentally, the last day of school. yeah, school's out, mugging's in. what's new!
yea mug our lives away. so today was kinda a boring day in sch, but i was gllad to get my mock exam essay back..

actually.. reading it, it isnt that impressive... but oh wells. ha glee was obviously rather proud tt his student could produce such a gd essay, but then again, it's him who gives the marks, so maybe he just gave the marks to make himself happy? who knows! hmm.. but i wished i could have added more to get full marks. anyway he told me to forget about aiming to top the level... he said aim to top singapore instead. kinda arduous task. like u think abt all those muggers in rj and hc. hard, and daunting right? u see, if i can get like full marks for mcq, 25/30 for source based, and like maybe 65/75 for my essay, it still doesnt figure to much. which kinda sucks. argh but who cares, just play by ear for the time being and when the time comes, we'll see.

ahh so what have i been up to recently? not much really. life's so boring. history lesson today was fun cos james was a sacrificial lamb. he's like a dog nowadays.. woof woof woof woof. hanging out with dogs too much u see.. but the dog he is following arnd is his master! hahahaa..... ok that sounds derogatory. but it's meant to be.

actually im damn arrogant lah! but i don't care hahahahaha... my driving test kinda is quite well so tts gd. going to the creative sale tmr. aiya im damn bored. ok gdnight all.
time to go. byebye

mervyn at 9/03/2004 04:28:00 PM

Thursday, September 02, 2004


hi. so i've not been around here, but thats nothing unusual. i'll be the bitch and remind all you j2s in nj reading this righty now that u'd best get ur ass off ur chair and go off to do some productive activity (mugging) simply cos the prelims are in less than 10 days. 9 to be exact.

anyway so the last few days been kinda a holiday for me. overslept today, teacher's day on wednesday, teacher's day celebrations on tuesday. so i kinda went to nj and skipped cos it was getting kinda boring so i ran off like a little commando and slipped away thru the main gate right under the noses of the guards and the teachers. so commando. haha.. went back to dunman. well, it was gd seeing ms goh again, considering how long since it passed since i last seen the shortie and her ohp. and she asked me to study hard and all that nonsense, i mean, u know her kind. but i didnt see the rest of my teachers. i saw kiw seng and loo han lin though but i obviously didnt wanna talk to kiw seng. that lj kiw seng... think he damn smart.. then i saw mrs chua, who congratulated me on being a councillor. like "hi mervyn, heard tt u r a councillor! congrats!" er so i just humbly accepted the congrats but then again, wads so congrats abt that? and besides, ive already stepped down. nothing to be too proud of really. i could be the bastard i am and say, nah its nothing, its just me wanting to give back to the school for moulding me and all that.. but im not the bastard i am so i won't say it. but i already did. ah screw it.

so what have i been up to? reading lit, revising hist. and practising math. my 3 subs. what happened to econs u say? i dun know either, all i know is that i havent touched it with a 10 feet long bamboo pole in eons and i got 62/75 for my econs mock exam. ok start cursing and swearing at me, but im not like some selfish idiots out there who just wanna compete and compete and thrash the whole world so they can get their PSC SCHOLARSHIPS. like so sell-out lah. giving up ur drms to pursue something tt would satisfy the psc board so they'll award u the scholarship. but i'm a sell-out too lah so who am i to say anything? i would like to teach but i know the money aiint good enough for me so i'd rather do something which gets me the money. yeah yea i'm a sell out! but afterall, im just a point on the MRP curve, so dun blame me! without me, that point will be missing! so as i was saying, im not selfish, so if anyone needs help with econs just ask me, i'll see if im free. but then it feels damn shiok lah.... to thrash the certain someone who's always thinking that themself is damn smart and high and mighty and greater than thou. ha. it feels so good. somemore i wrote significantly less lah, and i was like damn idle thruout the paper.. yea this rocks. ok not really

wah im damn bitchy lah. doesnt matter. life's a bitch anyway. ah so tmrs my driving test and i'd best be going off.
til next time, see y`all bitches.


mervyn at 9/02/2004 05:23:00 PM