Saturday, April 16, 2005

i dedicate my life to singapore!

hi, what's been going on around herE? this place has been rather quiet for a long time, considering how i've been in safti MI for a similarly long time. the thing is that now that i'm finally out here, life seems a little funny. its funny how i seem to be a little detached from the civilian world. somehow or other when i walk down orchard road, in heeren, in taka, etc. it seems abit alien. surreal. as if i don't belong to such a world.

it's funny how we all look forward to book outs, but when we finally book out, we don't get the rhythm here. somehow i feel mmore at home doing the stupid routines in OCS, sleeping and waking up and all that crap. i don't know why and i probably will never know why.

so, life has been pretty alright, now that the rhythm and pace of things has settled down and we're into the 4th week of OCS life. which means i'm 34 weeks away from commissioning as a 2lt. which is a short yet long time if you think about it. life is indeed transcient. time and space are nothing but mere occurences. a NORmal day in OCS would be something like wake up at 515, fall in 530, PT at 540 all the way til like maybe 620 or 630, and go for breakfast, and fall in at 0800 for lessons. in ocs, there are numerous lessons. because as officers, we need to know alot, and be proficient in what we are supposed to know. it doesn't matter if we don't really know how to shoot the weapon, cos tts the job of the gunner of the weapon. we just need to know how far the weapon can shoot, so we can tell the gunner where to go. ha, sounds like NATO right. actually that's pretty much the idea. in the past week, i've fired the SAW, the SAR, and learnt about the m203 and the matador, the trip flare and the claymore mine. also saw many trip flares being set off. bloody bright those things are. 120,000 candella. damn bright. it's good being in OCS. u really do learn many things. and the matador that we use to learn is bloody new. we're like the first persons to actually touch it other than the armourer who FFF (fit for firing) the weapon. (FFF is something like a cert to certify the weapon is safe to be used). taking the weapon out of the box it came in is definitely an exhilirating experience. like a young kid opening a christmas present. only much better.

just now whilst walking along orchard road, saw one of my friends who's my senior in sch. he's now a 2lt. just commissioned like 2 saturdays ago or something. it's funny how he's now a sir.. same rank as my pc last time.. guess these are all stages in life.. soon, my turn will come. it's funny how life is. somehow i feel that there's much more to it than the bar.

oh and delta wing platoon 3 is damn good... many friends in there.. fun ppl.. haha.. and we are damn efficient.
i just need to do more pull ups.

yea that's about it for now. wanna sleep mates. gd night.

mervyn at 4/16/2005 06:51:00 PM