Saturday, May 28, 2005

life in OCS

well, so thhis place hasnt been updated in eons, but probably cos of OCS. i've been busy. very busy.
patrol and platoon field camp over.. ex spade coming up. that's one big one.
so the last week has been rather slack, and i passed my SOC. so that's good, which means i will pass my SERVICE term. n get my 3 bars.

so the big talk in the past few weeks has been social night. now, we all know i'm a very social person, but i basically dateless. but me being me, there has been a hell lot of speculation over who i'd bring. and it has gotten out of hand. now, it seems like im bringing the whole world, when the only thing i said in the first place was, " i don't know who to bring, i have no date!"

man.. but that should be the least of my concerns really. the main concern should be spade. will i live through it?!!?!?!!?!?!?
will i be a CPC!!?!?!?!?! i dont wana be a CPC!!!! i dun wanna be a CPS!!! i dun wanna be an appointment holder!!! spare me!!!

damn.. mosquito flying in my room.

ah, actually there's nothing much. but im looking for a date for social night. pls leave a tag. PLEASSSSEEEE.. hahahaha...

ok i think that's all for now. oh. demolition live firing was cool. now i know how to be a terrorist, block buster hollywood stuntman, and soldier. all through one demolition week of lessons. coool............

hahaha that's it. in OCS, we learn alot of things. which is good.

We come from OCS
We are the very best.
and week after week, im starting to believe in that.
in DELTA wing, we are indeed the very best.

mervyn at 5/28/2005 07:28:00 PM