Sunday, June 26, 2005

pissed off rants about the world.

so i've been noticing many irregularities about the world, and now i shall mention some which i can recall.

1. why is it that when people take photo together, they are all looking into the camera, away from each other? isn't that just wrong? i mean, in the first place, people take photos together to celebrate them being together or a remembrance that they were together! shouldn't they be like talking to each other or at least looking at each other? i mean, all of them looking into the lens is just like. hey! there's a funny guy toting a camera there, lets all put our activities aside and look there spontaneously! hmm... somehow the idea of it is abit weird to me.

2. then there are girls who try on everything at sales, only to buy one piece.. now, that isn't an irregularity, it's a pecularity about the female kind. something which males would never understand. now, a piece that doesn't look nice, won't look nice no matter how many times they try it on. they think that by trying it on, it will somehow look nice and their subcouncious shopaholic freak will impulse buy the thing so they can bring it home and continue convinving themselves that it looks nice. now that's kinda wrong. but it boosts the economy, which is good, but not at my benefit. which is bad.

mervyn at 6/26/2005 05:53:00 AM

Saturday, June 25, 2005

back from a long absence.

guess who's back. back again.
now. this place hasn't seen the light of days in years! cos i've been busy slacking and doing other more exciting stuff, than to be sitting here and tapping away on the silverish mercury keyboard of mine. which has been dying for some titillating action.

so what's been new around here? nothing much actually. we had social night, and your honour here had the grand honour of producing the social night video. which was good. very good.
now, the challenge here for everyone watching the video or who has watched the video, is to NAME THE TWO MEMBERS OF THE KAMO KREW and stand to win ATTRACTIVE PRIZES. like a date with me. or two dates with me. or the chance to buy me dinner. or treat me to a movie. now now, that is damn attractive right. so girls, please start sending those faxes and entries in!! ok other than that, social night was a real flop, other than the guest list. i didnt eat much on the whole night, my date was a negative, the entertainment sucked. the souvenier sucked. damn....

ok but that's said and done, i've been slacking in delta for the last few weeks, cos there's ntohing to do, and with my completion of the 23km route march, i'm a pro term cadet now. so call me SIR everybody!!! put ur hands up in the air and say SIR SIR SIR SIR. come on everybody!!! ok, so for pro term, i'm saying goodbye to the showcased safti MI, where the stars fly around and the craps crawl around, and i'm going to where home is... seletar camp... hahaha.. the home of the jalan kayu pratas. why? because i've been posted to be a logistics officer. so i'm a logistics officer cadet!! how slack is that...... air con bunks.. 10 mins from home.. whooooaaaaaaaaaaa.... so that's a semi-charmed kinda life.

so like tmr i'll be flying off to brunei for my socjot.
we'll see how things go from there.

oh, and apart from that, there's this thing in my life, which is like. a huge mountain to climb.
but the problem is that it's difficult. the objective to assault ismuch different from other objectives. and that's hard. heli-insertion don't work, paratroopers don't work. this is certainly an unconventional war.


i need ...

mervyn at 6/25/2005 08:19:00 PM