Saturday, August 13, 2005

hate this place.

havent posted for long. hopefully nobody reads this place anymore.

anyway im sick and tired of this conniving and irritating place. everyone's out to make a fast buck out of everyone. everyone's yr friend only if they have something to gain from u. it sucks. it really does.

what's the world coming to. oh god save the queen, and do save the rest of us whilst you're at it.

on a sidenote. life has been good for me, but i don't like a good life. what's a life with no challenges but time. its akin to a prison life. that's what prison does to u. it doesn't torture you. it doesn't kill you. it deprives u. takes away your relationships. your family. your challenges. everything that you ever stood for in life. it takes that away from you. and gives you a meaningless existence. which is what i'm leading now.
except that people call me sir.

but so what. screw that.give me a life. give me something to look forward to. other than time.

mervyn at 8/13/2005 08:07:00 PM