Sunday, July 30, 2006

why the animosity

its a fine sunday night and i'm suitably sleepy.
it's much too early to be sleeping for me, but all the same i'm off in bed about to sleep soon.
i'd probably read a little of my book first. and then i'll shut my eyes and float off to dreamland.

im quite disheartened wiith recent developments.
my life is like an on-going novel. it's up and down. unpredictable.

oh wells. whatever right.
it's sad to think about it.
i'm quite hungry but i wanna sleep.

mervyn at 7/30/2006 03:02:00 PM

Saturday, July 29, 2006

super sloshdom

ii'm finally up for my super sloshdom sleep.
i was at mos last night for a night of hob-nobbing. and trust me, i was SLOSHED.

let's take a live-action replay at the drinks that i drank last night.
1 vodka orange
1 flute of champagne
1 vodka ribena
1 small bottle of champagne
2 heineken
0.5 jug of vodka orange.
and many more assorted drinks here and there which ppl passed to me.

but i was sloshed lah. as in really sloshed.
then i went to smoooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
and then i sent my friends home
then i went home.
and then i realised that i was quite gone.
i took a 1-minute shower.
lay on my bed.
annd then my world started spinning around.

and i told her its ok not to get my records from the US, i'll only don't go and fetch her but that's nothing much lah. hahahaha she'll just cry but it's ok lah hahaha..

and i told her i was gone. and then i told her i was gonna sleep.
and then i just fell asleep!

and now i've got quite abit of hangover.
HOW a,m i gonna survive mikey's party tonight. that's a big issue man. i need a body double.

but last night was fun!
oh-kay. laters. imma going to the UK pre-departure thing for a bit of brit in sing.


mervyn at 7/29/2006 04:34:00 AM

Thursday, July 27, 2006

a million things

what's been up.
just reached home. was supposed to have an early night today, but as it turns out, having late nights are inevitable in my life. nocturnal.

i watched pirates of the caribbean today. it's quite nice, but a tad draggy at times. but then again, it was quite a big budget production, as can be seen from all the special effects. its quite a long time since i watched shows liek this. of late, i've been watching shows that don't really have much special effects, but with lotsa meaning. so its a refreshing change once in a while to watch stuff like this.

but i wanna watch the lake house. the only big prop in that show is the house. which does look absolutely fantastic and dream-like. i'd love to live in such a house. but contentment is but a fleeting ideal which we all strive to. we think something will make us contended, but when we reach it, we aspire for something else. it's in human nature to never be satisfied.

so yesterday i got majorly sloshed. what with free flow henessy and all. u'd expect watered down drinks at an event at free flow. but that don't happen at velvet, especially not with henessy. and so i got major sloshed. but it was all in good fun. but i wannna have less of this kinda fun. i need a quieter life. more serenity, tranquility.

oh wells. looks like i'd best be off to bed rather sooon. it's really quite a strain. shd take care of my health more. if my body were a temple, i'd probably be committing sacrilege. ha.

i'll see in my dreams!

mervyn at 7/27/2006 07:27:00 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mind boggling

i find that generally, i am able to read most people.
i can understand them and what they want.
but sometimes, one is not omnipotent. somehow, there is this one person that i just can't understand.
misleading, deep. as they say, still waters run deep.

i should be sleeping soon.
cos it's 3.20am. and i feel myself getting sick real soon.
ok goodnight all.

i watched nacho libre today. it's cheap humour. but then again, its quite a relaxing show to watch.
i wanna watch the lake house, if only cos the song in the trailer is nice. it isn't even in the soundtrack!

keane - somewhere only we know.
Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

So if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
So why don't we go

This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

mervyn at 7/25/2006 08:26:00 PM

Monday, July 24, 2006


today's quite a fast day. it kinda zoomed by. so i'm quite happy with it. i always hate mondays. mondays are dreary. they signal the start of the arduous journey of getting through the work-week. it isn't supposed to be liek that. we're supposed to do work we enjoy. but it's ok, enslavement is a key feature of the singaporean lifestyle, therefore, we've all got no choice.

but when i have a choice, i'd damn hell better find a job i like, so that i can look forward to work everyday. but of course, you've gotta find a nice girlfriend so you wont be like 24/7 at your job. and of course, you've gotta find nice friends so you can hang out with each other. and then you'll be living the life.

whatever the case, i'm currently in the mood. the ord mood. the don't know don't care kinda mood. the anything goes kinda mood. yes yes, i can hear the dissenting voices telling me "but you ord like in so many months time. well, friends, let me tell u. i ord like in 3 months time, but i'll start clearing my leave like in september. 22 september. so friends, this is it. it's not too far away. yes. the enterprise is coming. (trekkie fans)

well, i should be off to bed soon, seeing that it's currently 1.17am. i slept quite late last night and was subsequently late for my run. can't blame me, they started early today. but seriously, i slept quite late last night. 2 hours past my estimated sleeping time. and when i woke up today, i learnt that night time is not a good gauge of tiredness. the best gauge of tiredness is when you wake up. if you feel damn tired when u wake up, you probably need more rest. if u feel well rested and spring out of bed, you're good to go. the things we learn from simple stuff. hahaha.

today i went to ikea. it's nice. i probably need to go there again cos i wanna get some other stuff, but i had no time today. i got some nice tables today and some chairs for me to chill, so it's all good. :)

"some people would give anything just to be in your shoes. you know little of how lucky you are"
quote of the day, from me!
who did i say it to? nobody.
but still, its the quote of the day.

freak, i'm damn busy the whole week. sucks man.
goodnight all!

mervyn at 7/24/2006 06:19:00 PM

Sunday, July 23, 2006

in my mind, all the time.

its time once again for mervyn's blog update!
it's 11.53 now and imma gonna sleep soon.
i was listening to some rnb songs just awhile ago. rnb songs always have those kinda dream dancy kinda beat and feel. and their lyrics tends to screw with you quite abit, especially when you're just an average guy! hahahaa

somehow the internet looks like something's broken somewhere or something, a great many sites are down or can't be accessed. i don't know why.

but anyhows, today was quite a good day, i spent the whole day cleaning up my pond! it was really really reallly tiring. but at the end of the day, its quite a nice feeling and immense satisfaction looking at the clean water in the clean pond!! :D

dinner was quite nice too. so i'm quite happy.

i'm quite easily contented actually. just gimme something to spend my time fruitfully, gimme some nice drinks, nice food and that's pretty much enough.

but to make me really happy would be quite difficult. hahaha but then again. how many people actually can be happy.

oh no, the song i'm listening to now is quite sad. the lyrics go something like "are you gonna stay with the one who loves you or are you going back to the one you love." actually who would you choose if you were in such a situation? it's quite a real dillema ain't it.

let's see, its 23rd july now. i'm quite happy. i'm gonna bbe back to being a civilian soon. no more army, no more lame nonsense. no more wasting taxpayer's money! it's quite a long way actually. i don't know how i got so far, but i just did, and i'm quite happy about it. at least i'm on the better end of army life, rather than stuck as a rifleman in some forest or something like that. but nobody gets somewhere for free. the sacrifices made were aplenty but oh wells, sometimes you win some, you lose some.

actually alot of people say that i'm mean, uncaring, etc.

but actually. i just realised that i have a soft spot. hahaha but i wont tell you for what man, otherwise i'll be exploited all the time. ah whatever. i hope september flies here in a jiffy. omg, it's 2 months away. ah, time really is short.

okie gdnight imma off to sleep.

mervyn at 7/23/2006 04:59:00 PM

Friday, July 21, 2006

it's all about you

its friday night and i'm being a goodboy staying at home! tts unusual ahhaa...

so today i woke up at an ungodly hour of 5am, brushed me teeth in the morning for the first time this whole year i think (for some reason) and went out for my 15km run! which was damn tiring. but its all good. i then proceeded home and slept for like 7 hours or something. repay the massive sleep debt.

but its all good in the end.

ah. it's quite boring.

u know how sometimes life is damn funny. u can sleep with a girl after knowing her for a night, but u can't fall in love with a girl even after knowing her for months or whatsoever. life is like that. its warped, inverted, weird, and basically funnily screwed up.

think about it man.
when was the last time u actually really felt true love for someone or something?
when was the last time a kiss sent shivers down your spine?

i don't know so much lah but i know i'll love anyone who buys me the above watch. it's 3-4K region and my birthday's coming soon. so pool them money together boys & gals and buy mervyn something he'll like! :)

mervyn at 7/21/2006 06:22:00 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2006

it's time to try

hey heys party people! sup y`all.
it's time once again for my blogfix.
actually blogging is damn fun. or maybe its only fun to me cos i like to talk cock.

seriously, i think i'll be a damn good talk-cock-er if there ever was such an occupation. i can sit at the coffee table and drink coffee the whole day and talk cock! we can talk from the east to the west to the south to the north! hahahaa.. just pay me like $100 an hour. i'll even talk cock to an audience for $150 an hour. so if u ever need someone to talk cock with, mervyn's the man to call.

so today, i was damn tired. super tired. dog tired. extremely tired. i almost fell asleeep on the way to work! but it was ok, i stole an afternoon nap, and then when i came home, i took an hour's nap before heading out for dinner. seriously, all these sleep is good. oh man, i need a job which allows me to sleep and talk cock. hm, i think such jobs exists. the occupation is called "bum" mmm. sounds nice, i like the name already. hahaha

ohh no i just found out that gayle got voted off singapore idol. that is quite sad, cos i kinda like gayle. but of course, i prefer everybody's favourite little princess, jasmine! i also like jonathan leong too. but that's singapore idol and it's nothing more than a money-spinning machine for mediacorp rather than a genuine desire to groom these people to become stars. so erm ya at the end of the day it all amounts to nought. BUT i think rahimah should go out cos i can't stand her! she's so irritating!

mmmmm what else is happening? frankly, nothing much. so that's about it all.

this blog is quite boring.

hahaa okies. :)

mervyn at 7/20/2006 05:40:00 PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

my silent reverie

it's 1.49am and i'm blogging! wooo!
today was quite a boring day.
but i'm quite happy nonetheless. yah in fact i'm quite happy! save for a spoiler which spoilt part of my day, i'm still happy!
i did duty yesterday, but what the hell. duty always makes me tired no matter how much i slept.
seriously, last night whilst sleeping in camp, i had a dream! which i had before! like repeated dreams! same content same everything! ohmigod, this is too good to be true. i like that dream alot. everytime i have that dream it feels so real that i dont wanna wake up! i don't even know its a dream! i mean, in my dream, it'd be like "i think this is a dream, but can't be!" and before u know it, i'm awake!! oh, cruel reality. hahaah..

but anyhows, its a good day nonetheless. i'm quite happy with everything. its days like this when u just wanna smell the flowers and relax and just do nothing and feel happy. natural high!

but i believe the high will fade off after some time, but why worry about that now!? enjoy the moment dudes.

mmm this week looks to be quite a hectic week, what with a busy wednesday, busy thursday, and potentially busy friday. ooooooh my!
but its okie. heheehee

mmm what else is there to say? NOTHING MUCH!
i've got quite a nice tann! i shud start going to sentosa more. :)

ok that's all for today. say say say!!!
hahaha hardgay videos are damn funny lah.

mervyn at 7/18/2006 06:57:00 PM

for huifang

cute innit

mervyn at 7/18/2006 06:19:00 PM

Friday, July 14, 2006

stay a little longer

i'm sure i had this title before. i liek the song. it is sweet, and nice.

today, was a nice day. i skipped the run, and hung out with lynnette and wanwen. which was good. hanging out with them is better than hanging with some people whom i really don't like; despise; disregard; etc. you get my drift.

we were supposed to go roller blading. me with my broken roller blades. but in the end, the weather spoiled our original plans. but what's a little rain? in the end, we ended up doing girls' favourite activities. shopping. actually we had lunch at ikea. i kinda like ikea's food centre. its got an endless flow of coffee. which means caffeine high. and the coffee is strong too! not some watered down nonsense which you get at the coffee shops. the food is relatively ok for a production-line kinda thing.

we walked around the pllace, went to queenswway and all thaat. annd then we went to orchard to take a walk around. girls and shopping. actually i'm alright with shopping with girls actually. i kinda enjoy it and find it kinda therapeutic. but only some girls. the few lucky girls. hahaaha. but sometimes i wannna sit down and take a rest. i'm quite lazy nowadays. but maybe that's a good thing.

we then headed to lynette's place to chill. and that was the end of it. i sent wanwen home, and then headed home. the roads were quite jammed on the way back. COE prices should be higher, car taxes should be lower. from an economic viewpoint, there is a very good reason for it. but i shan't explain further.

i wanted to go home and sleep, but friends called to ask me to paly soccer. so i did. wasn't that good actually, cos maybe there wasn't no chemistry. soccer is all about chemistry. seriously if i put the best player in this team he ain't played with before, he's gonna suck.

then came home for awhile before going over to liquid room, then mos.
quite good actually.

i liked mos. quite good actually. :) but quite high and dry lah. but well. what a tease. ha. what nonsennse.

sigh. actually i dun wanna club. but what else can i do. there's only one thng which can stop me from clubbing at all. but since the one thing is nothing then forget it.

my leg is damn numb.
okie goodnight.

mervyn at 7/14/2006 08:33:00 PM

Thursday, July 13, 2006

all that tension

sup all ya people around here.

nnow that i've got internet access, i'm back!
so today was kinda a lazy day for me, i spent most of the day sleeping.
the saying goes, "mervyn never rises til the sun sets."
how very true. hahaha.. i feel much more awake at night! must be the sun and the incredibly strong heat. seriously today's weather was damn hot. scorching.

went out in the evening.
had dinner at cedele, which i've heard some nice reviews about. tucked in a little corner of wheelock place. but service wasn't too good and portion size was abit too small. looked abit too much like canteen food for me. but the dessert was good though. the cakes on display looked extremely delectable too. shall go back to try it one day.

i watched this jap show called campus ghost stories after that. it was kinda low-budget indie horror film. actually its not that bad. though some parts i didnt really understand the logic, but if we were gonna go thru life questioning logic, alot of things wouldn't really make sense. but it ended quite stupidly, but as i said, its a indie horror film, so alot of things will tend to be quite dumb. but i wouldn't wannna live in japan after watching that movie. the houses look menacing, and the environmentt looks abit hostile to me. somehow even tokyo sounds abit uninviting to me.
i wanna live in an idyllic place, where the air smells crisp and fresh, where i wont see a building more than 3 storeys high. i'm a lazy guy. i need something laid back. hahaa..

u know all human relationships are actually based on economics. look at it. it's like demand and supply. can u supply what the other person demands? and do you demand what the other person supplies? how much is the demand? is there a supply overload? all these intricate complex questions. that is the very basis of all human interaction and relationships, if we were really gonna be a bitch abt it and quantify everything.
well, for all my talent in economics, i still kinda suck at judging demand and supply in people. or rather, some people. now, if u were to ace that, you'd be a pro at anything dude. but sadly, i can't. actually its the same in business. if u can see what people are demanding, and u suupply it to them, the money will gush in faster than u can spell niagara falls. maybe that's why there's always tension.

as what the mats always like to say, jangan tension la brrrrudder.

that's all from me today. i need more money.
peace out dudes.

mervyn at 7/13/2006 08:06:00 PM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

back from rehab

finally i'm back here.
just moved house and had no internet for quite awhhile. and somehow or othher the mindef internet blocks blogger. so couldn't get a update hhere.

ha so life's been alright for thhe past few weeks/days. bbut somehow or other i'm feeling really tired. not well rested at all. i don't know why. and the more i sleep the more tired i feel. if only i could reset my body the way we could reset computers and all.

hhad a council gathering the other day. that was quite nice. catching up with them council peeps. though i don't really talk much to them. probably stemmed from the fact that i was never at council much anyway. school was just too fun to be spent doing council stuff. hahaa. actually looking back at it, school really was fun. :)

ah. its back to school in a cuppla months anyway. but this time it ain't gonna be the same. :(

llooks like a hectic week ahead.
hope we can work something out. :)
goodbye y`all.

mervyn at 7/11/2006 05:02:00 PM