Tuesday, October 31, 2006

yanneng is damn funny

<<> gosh cravecoke says:
why u always wanna sell me away
flow sounds says:
what sell
flow sounds says:
bankside is a better place to be
<<> gosh cravecoke says:
<<> gosh cravecoke says:
i haf nice arms too k
<<> gosh cravecoke says:
after u look past the hair
<<> gosh cravecoke says:
they're nice
flow sounds says:
flow sounds says:
flow sounds says:
im going to paste this on my blog

mervyn at 10/31/2006 12:29:00 AM

Monday, October 30, 2006

gently soothing piano melodies

i'm here typing this just before i retire to bed with my book.
so today was a rather unproductive day, cos i just felt like i didnt do much. i felt quite like a slob really, but it's alright i guess.

went to school for an econs lecture, much of which i've already read or heard before. there was math class after that, which was rather fun, working with maple and all that kinda thing. i then went for lunch at wright's bar, where i was charged an obscene amount by the kind lady for something which i ordered which was off the menu. i suspect the price changes day to day cos its not on the menu so its up to them to decide the price.

i then went for philosophy class, which was so interesting, cos there was so much intellectual debate, which jolted my dormant brain cells into activity. finally, some semblance of intelligence in this place.

u know, so many people are so presumptious. they think that just because u're one way on the outside, means u're that way on the inside. these people are so sadly wrong. u know, i could launch into a complete barrage on the bi-polarity of the singaporean society, but it would probably escalate, so i'd better keep my guns to myself.

anyways, u know, during dinner, i was just so irritated. i literally lost my appetite there and then. i mean, some people should just know their role and shut their mouth, instead of acting all prissy and beautiful and classy. i've seen class, and them is certainly not one of them, so please don't even try. it is such a put-off, i think i left the dinner table quite soon.

but enough of that kinda thing, school is getting interesting. life is getting better, the weather is getting colder, the sky is getting darker earlier.

u know, life in LSE is like being on survivor where no one gets voted off. it's the essential survivor. really. hahaaha. like in one day, u can go through the entire spectrum of emotions. it's really quite reality TV.
its not like NJ, where u were either bored, or really bored. hahhaa.

anyways, i had something i thought was quite intelligent to say just now, but i think it escaped along with the CO2 molecules which i breathed out, so i guess that's about all i have to say.

come join my fan club sometime soon.

u know usually i'm dropping them hard and heavy beats, but today, it seems like i'm pretty happy playing gentle, slow music. a guy's gotta keep it slow sometimes. all we want at the end of the day is something simple.
isn't that the essential point of human existence.
think about it,
reduce all ur needs/wants to its basic fundamentals.
what do u really want, at the end of the day?

it's simple isn't it.

mervyn at 10/30/2006 11:56:00 PM

the approximation of small things

its a clear, cold monday morning now, and i just had a brilliant breakfast of sausages eggs, cereals, and yogurt. it's the same breakfast everyday it gets kinda boring, but i guess that's what the english have for breakfast yah. maybe abit of variations, but essentially the same thing.

so let's talk abt yesterday.
yesterday was quite a happening day. i went out to hare and tortoise for brunch, then headed to camden, then to like leicester sq, picadilly circus, etc. then i headed to school! for fright night! ahhhhhhhhhh1!!!!!! ok actually it wasn't damn frigh`ning, it bordered on being comedy central instead.

so this lovely place is brunswick, which is like a 3 minute walk from where i stay. there's like waitrose, which is this really big supermarket, and there's like babyGAP, Office, and alot of other stores there. its like a small shopping complex cum apartment, so yea. whilst i was there, there was this harp player busking there, so that was quite cool. anyways, i went there for like hare and tortoise, which is this eatery that is essentially asian, and like 90% of the people there are chinese, including the staff!

and then i headed off to the little town of camden, which is like a big market, and there're all kinda quirky things around. it is pretty much the breeding ground of subculture, cos i saw alot of punkish people around, alot of shops selling marijuana paraphernalia (is that how u spell it?!) its quite cool actually.

this is what the main street of camden looks like, with all the weird shops along the side. its quite nice.
i didnt manage to get a photo of the market though, maybe next time!!

after that, i headed to picadilly circus, to check out the bape! store!

bape bape bape bape bape bape bape
but the only thing about bape is that its OBSCENELY expensive.
but seriously, the bape story was unfortunately, closed when we got there. they don't wanna be making too much money in case nigo's swimming pool of money overflows. we don't want that happening would we!
but i got a shot of the display of the store too!

now all the bapeheads should be sufficiently satisfied with this shouldn't they.
its quite cool isn't it haha. now all we need is abit of money to buy the whole store down.

ok, then i rushed back to get changed for fright night! ahhhhhhhhh! ok, actually fright night was less of an ahhhh! but more of a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha a hahahahahaaa. FORTUNATELY, or UNFORTUNATELY, depending on the way you sway, i was paired with jiayAAAAAn. it wasn't too bad, at least she wasn't the shrieking, squeaking, desperately screaming sorta lady. so my eardrums weren't assaulted by the incessant high-pitched girly screams.
haha... anyways it was just a nice walk around the old building, during which i got older by like an hour or so.
and eventually we didnt win the topshop voucher, horror of all horrors, sadness of all sadness. that means i can't go to topshop to buy anything anymore! :O
not that i ever did anyways.
ok that's about all for the mo, i'd best get showered and command my legs to take me to LSE.


mervyn at 10/30/2006 09:27:00 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2006

individually small things

in hall now! just showered and imma gonna sleep now! woke up just now for a round of soccer, wasn't that bad, it was quite fun actually, though the ground was abit slippery and the muscles were abit tight, but it was quite good fun though. scored a coupla goals so it was quite alright. been a long time since i played soccer anyways so yeah. but i still prefer to play on the field though, but anyways court is fine too.

so last night, i headed down to CCcCCcCCccrush to get CrrrRrrrrRrushed! and it was quite a fun time, y`know, drinking, talking cock, etc etc. but the music is quite bad, as in selection, flow and mixing. but anyways the more drinks in yr system, the harder to fight! so the music must have sounded fabulous to the numerous drunk souls there. i drank quite alot actually, i had like a pint glass of white wine, like 2 triple shot vodka redbulls, aftershock, etc etc. omg i should count my blessings that i could walk even walk after that! much less in a straight line. hahaha. but i was fine. after shock is such a tongue-numbing drink. i wonder what it does to ur stomach. maybe if u've got a stomachache u drink some aftershock and it'll numb ur stomach so u wont have a stomachache anymore. ok i'm seriously talking nonsense.

i talk so much nonsense that its incredibly incredible. i should try to reduce the amount of thrash i talk yeah. hahahahahaha it'd be an uphill task though. i think.
anyways i have to do my math tutorial, but what better spirit to do it in than a well rested spirit right.
and how do u achieve that state of nirvana in which ur spirit is well rested?
elementary my dear watson. sleep!!!
ok, so that's what im gonna do now.
tata folks! oh, and it's like 1.30 pm now.
BUT I'M STILL GONNA SLEEP LET NO ONE FOOL U THAT 1.3O PM IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO SLEEP. the spanish take siestas every day around noon time.
but actually, any time is a good time to sleep. especially when it's in the peacock theatre. and it's stats tutorial. now, that would be a marvellous time to sleep.
but now is also a marvellous time to sleep.
SO GOODNIGHT AND WISH U SWEEET DREAM (ok that bad english was intentional. duh.)

mervyn at 10/28/2006 02:35:00 PM

Thursday, October 26, 2006

don't give away

i'm supposed to be in bed, but all this music i'm listening to is so groovy that its getting to me.
i like groovy music, it makes u feel.
i'm currently listenining to justin timberlake's my love. and trust me, the starting part of it is so insanely unique, its the ultimate soundclip of the week.
i know i just plugged chop me up by j timberlake in the last entry, but i'm plugging this too! his album is pretty good for all its lush beats.

anyways i've been thinking about this for quite some time, and i'd like to proclaim i'm so sick with girls and them thinking their so strong, so good etc. etc. at the end of the day they all want a nice guy to take care of them. i know this sounds so bigotist and so arrogant, but its just a thought of mine. i hear this so much, "ah we had so much fun without guys" or "ah who needs guys!" and when u hear that, u think guys are useless etc. that's the initial thought, but realistically, examining the underlying undertones of those statements, you realise that the expanded version of the earlier statement, much like how (X^2+2XY+Y^2) is the expanded version of (X+Y)^2 is actually, "u know usually we have to depend on guys for so many things, it's amazing how we managed to have fun without them around." ok that's quite a fallacious argument, but essentially, that's how i feel. i mean, i could elaborate abit more on it, but i'd totally get flamed, so do mail me if u wanna hear more. but like i really feel so pissed off with girls getting rude when it comes to exerting their feminist authority. i mean, i'm totally cool with girls getting what u want, and feeling superior and all that, but seriously, you don't have to exert your authority to the point of being rude. there has to be mutual respect isn't it.
and it's not very fashionable for girls to be rude. don't be a prude, but don't be rude!
but face it, every girl wants a nice guy to cuddle them when the nights get long and the wintery nights get cold. snuggle in fronta the fireplace or something. it's only a matter of how hot the guys are. so yeah. u get what i mean.

ok, i've got another gripe on guys and fashion, but i guess i'd leave it to next time.
on to my GQ then. hahaha.

mervyn at 10/26/2006 12:25:00 AM

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

do you know your way around?

what's up tonight! it's 11.37pm and i've got a 9am class tomorrow! which means i've gotta get out of my place at 8.30. which means i've gotta be up at 8am! oh no! but luckily, thurs is the only day in which i have such an early day. all my other days are like 11 am or 12pm. ha! beat that all u NUS/NTU/SMU dudes!

oh wells, school today was nonsense. i had a massive hangover today, and i got up for my ONE hour of statistics lecture at 12pm. what the hell, i shouldn't even have gone, it was such a massive time-waster! no wonder there were so few people in the lecture. every wise person skipped! only me and a few other industrious souls attended the lecture. but seriously speaking, u'd be more productive not attending the lecture. the girl on my left was asleep, the guy on my right was talking cock with another guy, everyone behind me were either asleep/talking cock. and the lecturer was also talking cock. so the basic key of the matter is that stats lectures are useless.

anyways i slept alot today. and soon i'm gonna sleep more.
anyways i'm rather bored and the deep beats and flow sounds of the rnb music i'm playing is creeping into the deep crevices of my cranium.
so i shall be ending this entry here.
anyways, to keep in mood with the endorsements of the LSE and its student elections nonsense, i strongly endorse Justin timberlake's chop me up! it is a smashing song! hahaha
okies goodnight

mervyn at 10/25/2006 11:44:00 PM

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

what's grinding!

hi party people!
what's grinding!

anyways, school has been good, fun and interesting.
i just received a mail from my philosophy tutor, saying this
I propose we meet from 5-6 and go for a beer afterward at The Beaver to talk more about death.
hahaa how funny is that! go for a beer after class to talk more about death. oh, in case u think we're morbid creatures, its cos the philosophy class is currently dealing with death and its effects on the person who is dying. haha.

anyways, with london being pre-dominantly english, you'd think these english people have got their english well sorted-out, but the english here is so funny that i confuse myself sometimes when speaking to them english people. it is so weird. haha. apparently they don't seem to speak english yeah.

so life has been all fine and dandy and all, the weather has been getting colder and all. and i'm gonna go to MOS tonight yeah! cool dudes! right on then, i guess that's all for now man.

i can't believe i wasted all my energy and time man.

i've gotta go sort some pretty people out man. haha.

mervyn at 10/24/2006 07:38:00 PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

life's intricacies

its an early sunday morning and i'm sitting in my room waiting for time to pass. one could always go for an early breakfast and sit around watching the world go by, but no, i shan't do that today. for there is just no company around that would do that with you. who could i possibly ring up now and say, hey let's go for breakfast! and have the person say ok, instead of "are you insane/out of your mind?" oh wells, that's the way it is here, one's gotta deal with it no matter what ain't it.

i'm quite hungry though. i look forward to the delecatably delicious sandwich which i will be getting at tesco express later!

life is just about the most exciting game in the world. u make decisions all the times, sometimes good, sometimes bad. sometimes u wonder why didn't you make that decision sooner, why didn't you make that decision later, why did you even make that decision at all? but that's life, and the timely unravelling of these are what makes life, life.

on another note, check this pair of pants out!

aren't they nice! but they cost a mind-blowing $1095 usd. no less! oh wells, the well-lubricated definitely have it going for them don't they.

anyways that's about it all for now. :)

mervyn at 10/22/2006 08:50:00 AM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

full house

it's been a long time since i've felt this way.

i just heard the theme of full house play and the nice memories of that show came back to me.
actually that show is just another korean drama, with all that lovey dovey thing. but underneath the facade of the show, lies a simple, sweet story.

life is getting much too complicated nowadays. it'd be nice to have a simple sweet life again. but then again, since when did i ever have anything simple.

haha yeah there was. back in the days.
time to hit the reset button!

mervyn at 10/18/2006 07:17:00 AM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

no porter for your emotional baggage

it always is difficult dealing with life. but why should life be difficult?

oh well, let nobody fool you into the illusion that life is about pain,hardship and suffering.

should you do what you enjoy, you'll enjoy what you do.

there should be no cancers in life, for they are but mere interferences.

so let's go back to doing what i do best.

world, game on.

mervyn at 10/17/2006 06:08:00 PM

Sunday, October 15, 2006

all eternity long

today i realised something.
we complain far too much.
we complain about this, complain about that, and even right now, i'm complaining about how we complain too much.
actually, i'm not complaining, i'm just highlighting an observation in order that people who read this will realise it and cease the amount of inane complaints which they have, and lead better lives.
seriously, we complain much too much. and we compliment far too little.
think about it, when something goes wrong, our first instinct is to complain. "why the air con so hot?" "why the restaurant spoon not shiny"
if we look at it from another angle, we could always say, "it's a great day, i'm happy for my company." everything is all abt perspective.

i could complain everyday about LSE, and its workload. "work is so difficult, math is such a bitch, it's so hard etc. etc." but instead, i choose to think about how fortunate i am to be able to be here at LSE, how i am one of the very few who are able to have a chance to even study here, etc. etc. and that far outweighs all the hardship which I've gotta go thru.

now, did the abovementioned situation change in any way? it stayed the same, but because of the way i approached the situation, it seemingly changed from a really tough situation into one which many people would give the shirts off their backs for.

we thank each other far too little. surely there are so many things to be thankful for, so many things which we appreciate far too little. but we never think abt that. we expect things to be perfect, and when something goes wrong, the blame-machine is set in action. let's chuck out our blame-machines and set our thanks-machines in action.

maybe that would make life a better place to be. maybe we could all be happy, finally.

mervyn at 10/15/2006 03:40:00 PM

Saturday, October 14, 2006


plato's symposium is by far one of the greatest works of philosophy expounding all things, amongst which love plays a big part in it.

but what is love for those who wonder? surely, that is a funny question for which many want the answer.
i mean, it's so funny that u don't know a person, and then u fall in love with the person, and love is just this invisible bond that brings people together which is immensely difficult to break. it is not a perfectly symmetrical state in which u either love or don't love.

consider this, will u be the same BEFORE loving a person and AFTER loving a person? in theory, u would be in the same state, as there is an absence of love, ie. you don't love the person. however, in reality, we know that surely this isn't very true.

what is it about love which makes life immensely interesting? but then again, without it, life would also be funny. its funny how the initial attraction by which love emerges exists from an exterior, superficial attraction. it is this superficial attraction which evolves into a deeper, more serious relationship in which deep bonds and common feelings are forged and shared.

oh wells, at the end of the day, plato propounds that love is but a helper of man; love in itself is not beautiful; love in itself is nothingness. indeed, it is a helper of man, helping man to achieve things which he otherwise couldn't. is it indeed nothingness? i wouldn't think so, for when love leaves, it's empty.

it is by far the most fleeting ideal ever. more fleeting than beauty, not even as concrete as change. oh wells.
just some inane rants from a messed up mind.

mervyn at 10/14/2006 10:05:00 AM

Friday, October 13, 2006

addicted to speed.

i've got a speed addiction.
no, not speed as in amphetamine. speed as in fast.
it gives me a rush. surprisingly, my senses are so much more aware when i'm moving fast. there're times when i'm driving slowly along the highway, and so much can escape my eyes. i could totally miss out a car, or something like that. but when i'm fast, nothing escapes me. swift.
and it's not only fast cars i'm talkng abt. i like going fast on bicycles too, with that wind on yr face, knowing that the harder u pedal, the more resistance you'll encounter. but all u can do is pedal faster to go faster.
even in my daily life, i walk fast. i try to run fast. i pass the ball swiftly when i'm playing soccer. i like fast things. the only thing i like slow is food. but that's only when the company is good. maybe if time were to tick slower when there's good company, and faster when there's none, then perhaps life could be so much better.
there's just something about speed that makes me excited. it gives me a high; an adrenaline rush.

maybe i should go sign on as a pilot and fly a fighter jet. i would, if not for my strong distaste for the organisation which uses up close to 30% of government operating expenditure and contributes to 0% of GDP. trust me, in economic terms, that is A LOT of waste. but enough abt that, that will forever be a sore spot with me.

anyways, times are bad.
oh wells, what can i say. sometimes, not everything can be blogged. sometimes, all u gotta do is call a friend and sit on the sidewalks with a cuppa coffee. now. that's much better.

argh i'm standardly messed up.

mervyn at 10/13/2006 10:24:00 PM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

need i say more

what's goinding here!

its been a long time since i've updated here. not cos of the lack of things to say actually, but rather the lack of motivation to say anything.

recently, i've been feeling like i've burned all my bridges and cut all communication lines. which isn't so bad actually. not really burned my bridges, but rather, i've installed toll booths on 'em, which pretty much explains it. but then again, i've built many more bridges, so that's that.

life is supremely funny, and that's the way the cookie crumbles.

y`know london is a pretty nice place actually. if only things weren't so expensive. but i guess its the priciness of it that makes it it. oh wells.

im an easily irritable person, but im trying to tone it down a little. sometimes its difficult. u just meet such irritating people on a regular basis, it's taxing.

maybe i've just got a small capacity to attend to such people.
or i think i'm just dumb and worthless.
or just not worth it lah.
eh since when is anything worth it. yah the only thing that's worth it is me going to LSE to study man.
that's worth it.
but LSE is just a small institution. nothing to match those big american institutions, like berkeley.
oh wells, maybe LSE's just for dumb people? haha. am i like making the biggest travesty on earth by insulting my own school? haha for LSE people, i'm jst kidding, as i always am.
blogging is not as therepeutic as it used to be. makes me more fed up though.

mervyn at 10/12/2006 09:05:00 PM

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


its really late here, and i just got back from a boat party here. there're so many parties happening here, it makes singapore's party scene pale in comparison. the students here are all like part-time students man, the way they drink and all that. but surprisingly, they're all doing well enough to be in LSE, so i guess it's not so bad.

anyways, the boat party was kinda cool cos it was like down the thames and all, and u gotta see nice stuff and all that, so that was pretty funky actually. other than that, today, i went to school. lectures have started already, but the lectures are still quite elementary, and i've like read the textbooks like at least 4 lectures ahead, and flipping thru the lecture notes, they're all REALLY elementary. like JC level things. things that gilbert lee could handle with a buncha students. hahahahahaha ok, i'm not saying he's bad lah. he's a good guy. haha.. afterall, he also studied in LSE! yo mr lee if u're reading this, it's all cool yeah!

anyways, math is quite like secondary school math, quite a refresher actually, but it's only gonna get better in this intellectual pursuit.

ok, its really late and i'd best be off to bed. there're a coupla english guys downstairs making a lot of noise, probably cos they're drunk but its all cool.

the weather here is starting to get colder, but its all good yeah. :) smiles all around!

gdnite y`all!

mervyn at 10/04/2006 02:25:00 AM