Wednesday, November 29, 2006

if only you knew

i'm going to sleep now.
just a post to show i'm still alive. but my shin is quite pain so i might not be kicking for awhile.

mervyn at 11/29/2006 05:17:00 AM

Thursday, November 23, 2006

the sun breaks free of the clouds.

what's happening arnd here.
it's all good yeah.
so today's a midweek break, once again, lazing around in halls, with nothing to do, not seeing anyone, amazing.
but actually i did see quite a coupla humans. and i had fun at night, watching people play dumb games in their rooms. it's amazing how conducive student hostels are to university students thinking up of dumb things to do. seriously. and i played abit of squash, though i was very lousy at it cos i havent played it in years and i didnt wanna run. haaha.

u know, people who are in love, may not necessarily be together.
coversely, people who are together, may not necessarily be in love.
sad state of life isn't it, but necessary for life to go on.
some people get together for money, some people get together for sex, some people get together for fun.
and when its gone, it crashes down. but nobody gets hurt, because it's a mutual thing. i think what happens is that when it's not mutual, that's a bad thing. because you're expecting different things out of each other, and seldom does both parties get satisfied, so things can turn out bad.

and why do people break up?
you know, it is like a mathematical equation. if it doesnt balance out, it's gonna fail. like economics.
if the for for the person is stronger than the against for the person, you stay together, if not, you don't.
how easy it is to simplify all this.
how come some people can just break up so easily, and forget about the other person completely?
how come some people, after breaking up, will still think about the other person?
well, a break up is just a name. it's just in name. but frankly, there's no way you can cleanly erase traces of a person from your life. so, those who can just forget about the other person completely probably have had too much from the other person and just wanna shut them out of their lives, forgetting that the other person has contributed so much to their lives in the past few months/years/days.
those who think about the person, well, i don't know, maybe they've got some unfinished business, maybe they miss the good times, but not the bad times. i don't know.
hm i should go to university and start a course teaching people such stuff. RS100 Relationships 100.
but its just nonsense. i'm just talking nonsense.

ah, i should be off to bed soon. get meself some proper breakfast tomorrow morning.
i wish i could have erased parts of my life. i really do. as in, when i think about it, i really feel quite messed up.
haahaa. OH well, at that point of time i didn't think it was messed up right.

ah, yah i should be off to bed.
goodnight .

mervyn at 11/23/2006 12:19:00 AM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Imogen Heap

ok, i think this video is a must watch. it's really... amazing.. as in the song is.

mervyn at 11/22/2006 05:45:00 PM

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

take me on a ride

ah, don't u just love roller coaster rides.
especially emotional roller coaster rides.
that's what i like.
u have something, then you don't, then you have it, and you don't.
u get my drift.
so very fun.
disneyland anyone?

mervyn at 11/21/2006 08:56:00 PM

Monday, November 20, 2006

lonely nights, silent hearts, warm thoughts

its a cold, rainy night today, and i'm here listening to the gentle tinkling of the pianos emanating from my speakers.
i could close my eyes and transport myself to another world with this music on here. but physically, i would still be in this place. the only place where what i want to exist exists exists only in my mind. yes, u read that right, the 3 exists together are no mistake.

today, i spent the whole day cooped up in my room, doing my homework. ok, only math, not statistics or anything like that. truthfully, the only homework that i ever do is math and stats. econs homework is like 5 mins. and philo homework is like just a summary of the lecture notes, which is damn easy.

but today was so boring. i felt like i was doing confinement in army. just hanging around the place, doing nothing. i think i'm much too lazy to maintain a proper social life around here. i can't like drive here and there the way i do in singapore. so if someone asks me out, and it involves dressing up and walking like for 25 minutes, the probability is like 60% that i'll go, and after awhile, people forget about your existence.
which is quite good anyways cos then u can just lie under the radar and be a mysterious man.

don't life seem so much like a game sometimes. like a matrix. like everything u experience are just experiences. and if u know how to manipulate the rules around abit, it's just a game. is that all there is to life? i dunno, but there should be some form of fulfilment somewhere. not just the way it is now is it.

i'm listening to music of the night now. i wanna watch phantom of the opera. why do i wanna watch it?
i like the story.
how come so many stories in our lives revolve around love, and denied love, or forbidden love, or something like that. it is rather sad isn't it, our obsession with all these.

i think sundays are always quite a sad day.
i might start to cancel sundays out from my calendar.

ah whatever, i think i should just go and sleep. tomorrow will be a monday, and monday brings with it its own challenges.

girls are stupid. they like jerks and like getting their hearts broken. imma gonna start to become jerkier. then maybe girls will think i'm a nice guy.
idiots. argh.

mervyn at 11/20/2006 12:51:00 AM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

the way it's meant to be

itsa 3.40am now and imma still up cos of that horrible prison break thatsa keepin me up.
me was, for a very long time since i don't know when, doing homewokr in front of a tv programme! that hasnt happened for like how long. prison break is BREAKING me! haha..

today, me was in camden. and that was it.
it was a, by far, normal day.

and i'm quite sad, cos now i can't get back to singapore cos there're no tickets, and i dun have travel plans, cos i thought i was goin back, but now me is goining back so it's crap now. except for my little sojourn to amsterdam. that is gonna make a very very sad december.

to think me was making plans for christmas this year.

looks like its busted then.
gonna be a computer christmas, me and me computer.
terribly exciting ain't it.
argh i'm so irritated with meself for not booking them tickets earlier.
that's that.

i think i've got quite more to say, but imma gonna leave it til next time i guess. it's me and me prison break for now. argh.

mervyn at 11/19/2006 03:35:00 AM

Saturday, November 18, 2006

prison break

i understand why everyone is talking about prison break.
it's damn addictive.

mervyn at 11/18/2006 04:16:00 AM

Friday, November 17, 2006

too far away.

imma got back, showered, and bout to go to bed.
fabric was awesome. i must have heard the greatest set of my life there. it was like 5 djs spinning a set, having a song each, one after another. and it was. awesome.
i'm serious. it's probably one of the best, if not the best, sets i've ever heard in my life. the energy and the mix was just there.
fatboy slim wasn't too good though, i reckon he's a better producer than a dj. but he's a fun dj.

beats MOS anytime. but that's prob cos i go to MOS (SG) like 3 times a week or at least 2, so i've heard the same mixes over and over again. yes. the fact of the matter is that MOS plays almost the same tracks and the same mixes everyday in the hip hop room. ha. now u know.

i think imma quitting this whole deal. its not that i cant keep up. its just too pointless and aimless. its practically going nowhere.

i'd be better off floating.

when i was walkin back, i looked up, and saw a star.
it was a bright star.
i should end my endless obsessions with them things which i know are impossible.
stars will always be stars.

imma off to bed.
stay healthy, don't drink and drive, and don't take drugs.

mervyn at 11/17/2006 03:34:00 AM

Thursday, November 16, 2006

a sense of believin`

its a wet day today. rained in the morning. rained in the afternoon. and i couldn't be bothered about evening. lucky it's dry now otherwise that'd be a total damper to my evening plans.

it was so terribly cold in the morning that for the first time in my life i wore a scarf. as in seriously. mmmmmm :) but sorry jace it wasn't the scarf that u gave me, if you're even reading this. haha. its another scarf that i bought for myself. that scarf just didnt match. haha.
ok that was nonsense, i don't think jace even comes here.

aight. so it was so terrible, i had like a morning 9am class. econs. which was quite a waste of time, cos i is so bored by it. and i took a bus cos of the rain and cold.

and after class, i just sat outside the library and stoned. and it looked so sad, and that's the photo u see on the top there. even the tree looks so sad.

and after that, i went to like math lect. and then i went to chinatown for lecture. i mean lunch.

i'm quite happy to be able to study at lse, as i was in melancholic introspection outside the library. i felt quite lucky to be sitting there at that point of time.

chinatown was quite alright. and then i went back for philosophy lecture.
and then i went home.
sounds like a sad day isn't it.
actually today i feel quite ok.
but nyways i've got a date with the fatboy slim todays at fabric.
yum yum.
AIIIIIIIIIIIght. imma gonna change and go out. cya chicks.

mervyn at 11/16/2006 08:55:00 PM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

look in your eyes

its a midweek wednesday, and we're almost there. surprisingly though, weekends and weekdays seem to make little of a difference to me nowadays. i could probably explain this, but i shan't.

so today, for fear of feeling much too guilty for missing lessons, i went for stats. and like people only go for stats if they happen to be in school and like they have nothing else to do, but like stats was my only lesson, and i attended it. and it was a good reminder of why i stopped going for the stats lectures in the first place. and so i went for lunch, and then i went back.

and i went to islington to watch saw 3.
now saw 3 is a gory, bleeding, blow-you-up, tear-you-up, drill-holes-into-you kinda movie.
and it was good, though i would have appreciated it if it were a little more gory, but i guess it was good enough. it wasn't exactly the most scary thing, but like it was damn psychologically thrilling, like what the hell is going to happen next kinda thing. it's quite fun. i would say it was worth me 6 pounds.

see, if let's say in singapore, i go on a movie date with a girl, and i pay for the girl, i would pay $19. here, i pay 5.90 quid, which is less than $18. so on the whole, its cheaper.
of course, there ain't the kinda company which i prefer, but it was good company nonetheles, with cyn and vern.

but the kinda company i prefer comes along only once in awhile, and i think the last time i actually watched a movie or anything like that with preferred company was like damn long ago. definitely prior to august.
that is quite a long time ago.
time passes quite fast doesn't it.

mm, i have an early day tomorrow.
i've gotta be up at like 8am. so i can go to sch at 9am. whatapain. but i'll do it anyways anyhows.
long day tomorrow, but i'll be going to see norman cook and damon albarn in the PM, so that's gonna be rocking wicked.

why does X remind me of Y?
i need some rehabilitation. this is getting on my nerves quite alot.

a few days back i got an email from one of my best friends. its times like this when u're reminded of how good life is.
although i think it was only 2 sentences or 3. not exactly inclined to words are we.
not him at least, but me, i'm all for words.
cos that's all that i've got.

okies. i'd best be going to bed and doing my reading and going to bed.
that's the wise thing to do i guess.
goodnights goodfellas.

mervyn at 11/15/2006 11:44:00 PM


omg its damn cold.
maybe its cos my window is wide open and i'm in a singlet.
whatever. but im going to sleep.

mervyn at 11/15/2006 01:58:00 AM

is this the way it's going down?

how's everyone doing?
today was a bad, sad, day. at the end of the day, i was sufficiently exhausted.

the day started off on a bad note i guess. some days u just feel like staying in bed with a good book. i guess that's how i felt this morning.

but i dragged myself to school to attend the economics lecture. and the math lecture. and had lunch inbetween the both of thems. i sorted myself out with a pint during lunch too and that was alright. after schools, i went to IH to play mj, which i have not done for quite awhile. it was rather exciting and fun.

i then went to salsa with the joanne and the charmaine. er it was quite boring cos it was quite slow and for the people with them 2 left feet. so i stoned quite abit. no incentive for me to go la. but its ok, i guess some days u just have to be friendly about such things. and im always a friendly person. unless u encounter me in the mornings then i figure you should best stand clear.

i had dinner at wong keis. today's budget was quite overshot, as was yesterdays. tomorrows would probably be overshot too, but i figure if i eat like the croissants for lunch i wouldn't overshoot it. i probably won't wake up for breakfast tomorrow anyways.

sometimes you think about things and then u wonder what the hell is going on.

u know school everyday is really like survivor.
there's tonnes of bitching, backstabbing, gossiping, etc etc. etc. etc. etc. omg. its not that i'm complaining or anything, but i never thought people would desire to live like a survivor life.
i wanna live the entourage life. hahaha. no i'm just kidding. i'm just happy to live life the way i live it now.

well, maybe it could be improved on. and i know just how i could do it ;)

cheers and goodnightey.
tomorrow will be a better day.
i wants to do my reeading now.

mervyn at 11/15/2006 01:01:00 AM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

gucci wallet

HI fellas, christmas is coming.
:) :) :) :) :)

mervyn at 11/14/2006 10:27:00 AM

sunrise, sunrise

i think the rumour and gossip machine is a fantastic thing.
it turns the most mundane details into the most salacious gossip.
definitely so.
tabloids are fantastic inventions.
and everyone in this life wants to be either 1.) a celebrity 2.) the paparazzi 3.) the reader.
take ur pick of the side of fence u wanna be on now.

mervyn at 11/14/2006 09:42:00 AM

a place called here

its like 12.50 and imma contemplating going for stats tomorrow, even know i know not many people will turn up. such is my hardcore industrious nature.

school today was interesting. econs was spent on the second level with yanneng. how sweet. circle seats them theatre folk like to call them. the view from the circle seats was quite good, and the lecturer looked quite small, as compared to a week ago, where i is seated right at the front, and he looked quite big.
i think the way he talks is like the apple guy talking about ipods.

i then rushed (well, not exactly) to tower two to subject my brain to severe torture under the wicked hands of math and its numerous equations and numbers. i was also subjected to torture from my neighbour, who was vandalising my homework in chinese.

after school, i headed to angel with vernon, the most eligible bachelor, to a buffet. it was quite good. something like the pizza hut buffet. maximum utility. actually we think buffets are damn save money, but its just lunch. unless we chiong buffet and don't eat dinner. but thing is, my hall has dinner, so it doesn't make economic sense for me. but its ok, food is always good.

at angel, i bought 3 books for like 8 quid. and the books are like new books which would have cost me like at least 80dollars if i bought them in kino. not the kinda lousy books u often find in 2nd hand bookstores.

and for the first time in my life since i was in london, i took a free bus! the long bendy ones that you don't have to pay. i was rather tempted to take the tube cos i was lugging 4 litres of waters and 3 very thick books, but it was only 1 station so i decided to walk. whilst walking, i passed a bus stop, and the bus incidentally passed by me. deciding to throw all caution to the wind, not knowing where the bus would take me, i decided to board it, relying on my powerful intuition to think that it would bring me to where i wanted to go. and indeed it did. so i was happy.

and that was it.
and i spent the rest of my day playing around in halls and trying to get my philosophy essay done. only to find out 10 minutes ago its due on friday. BUT i am by no means a procrastinator, and i love to do my work days beforehand.

ha ok. that's all.
i'd best be going to bed.
i wnana go for breakfast tomorrow.
i shall.
yanneng just u wait and see!
i'll drag the zombie down to breakfast.

mervyn at 11/14/2006 12:55:00 AM

Monday, November 13, 2006


i am taking 4 courses in school.
econs, math, stats, and philosophy.
each course has 2 hours of lectures, philosophy only 1 a week.
it should be quite relaxed.
so i shall go and lie on my bed now.

mervyn at 11/13/2006 04:25:00 PM

bape mania goes crazy

look at this bape car!

it's a bape bugatti veyron. what can i say. bape mania is crazy!!
but seriously, i wouldn't mind a car like that. it's damn funky. but then again, it just cries out "SCRATCH ME NOW!"
and no drink driving with this car!
u never know when the drinks might spill!

and i will marry anyone that gives me this collection.
so girls, here's ur chance. grab it before someone else does!

mervyn at 11/13/2006 12:43:00 AM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

that treacherous canyon

hi. its a sunday afternoon, and i've been stuck in my room for the longest time, trying to do my work. i've got a terrible philosophy essay on death, and i've got math. and its so funny how when you're so terribly caught up, 3 people ask u to go watch soccer. when you're free, nobody asks you to do anything. there must be some bug in the program that's life.

so i've officially burnt my brain on math, and i'm taking a break. and amazingness of all amazingnesses, i'm listening to jay chou. and i'm listening to his slow songs. and its quite mellow and gives one a sense of melancholy. hm.

i'm so incredibly bored. i feel like eating but i'm not hungry. i feel like doing my work, but i don't feel like doing my work.
why is it like that. why are your feelings and emotions always conflicting with each other? there must be some weird paradox in this world that i don't seem to understand is there?

there's something about being in a foreign land with foreign people. people look strange when you're a stranger. well, that's how nomads live ain't it.
i wanna melt into a puddle of water and then maybe condense and coagulate myself a few days later.
maybe that will refresh me infinitely.

but then again, i don't know.

mervyn at 11/12/2006 05:20:00 PM

make it good.

i just got back from notts.
spent the whole day like, going to notts, staying at notts, coming back from notts. so basically the whole day revolved around notts.

what's notts like. well, for starts, it is a sprawling, humongous, big, ginormous campus. its like 10 X LSE. or maybe more. but its really big. and the fields they have there are just rolling greens after greens after greens. and the trees and the scenery there is rather scenic, with some of the trees having green leaves, some yellow leaves, and some with them red leaves of autumn. it was indeed picturesque.

what did we go there for? we went there for a time to play games and see each other. but it was alright. it wasn't anything to scream about really. the games on the most part, were kinda boring and uninvolving. they weren't exactly the kinda fun that i'm used to when i'm playing soccer.
its one thing to play soccer competitively. and another thing to ENJOY soccer competitively. i personally like to enjoy what i do. i don't understand why some people just have to take everything like a matter of life and death, and neglecting the whole point of the issue in the whole process. oh wells, that's why everyone exists as different individuals in the world, for every different individual is a agglutination of different characteristics.

i met a coupla old friends there. its ok, none that i'm particularly very close to. oh wells. the people i'm close to would probably not end up anywhere near london or anything like that. sad fact of life.
but then again, that means that i can meet more new friends. so maybe its a good thing. oh wells, that's life i guess.

i enjoyed the journey home though, cos i talked to joanne, which was rather interesting talk. its been quite a long time since i actually seriously talked to some one so it was quite fun. or at least i would like to think so. i think bus rides are always good fun for knowing people or something like that. hahaa. wells.

on the journey there, i finished reading my book. it is. such. a. fine. book. i was reading it, and i felt every spectrum of emotion in the words on the page. it was as if the words on the page had a life of its own and had sent its invisible radiowaves into the depths of my mind and soul. it got quite hard reading the book at some points not because it was dry/unreadable, but conversely, it was due to the intensity of the emotion which was written that i could hardly read on, for it was just so real, and the emotions which it stirred up were very real too. at times, i had to just close the book and close my eyes for awhile, for the barrage of emotions was too much for my fragile heart to handle.

on the journey back, i was just staring at the passing lights. watching the world go by. there is something so very serene and tranquil about that. there is permanence in transcience. and i was just thinking about things. its amazing how much can pass through your heads in moments like that. that's why i like taking long bus rides. but i dunno any buses arnd here. haha.

i think i must visit el bulli at least once before i turn 25.
maybe i should start booking sometime soon. table for 2? the dinner date can be arranged earlier. i think its much easier to get a dinner date than to get a table at el bulli.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

feeling quite funny tonight. when i feel funny, i listen to 3 doors down and lifehouse.

ok goodnight.
i need my precious beauty sleep.

mervyn at 11/12/2006 12:41:00 AM

Friday, November 10, 2006

your eyes say everything

heeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllloooooooooooooo world!
its a FRIEDAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! and every friday is a fries day!!!!
but i had a tremendously long day today :(
i had like mathlect followed by spanish class followed by stats and then a 1 hour break and then philosophy. such a long day. by the end of the day i was out of battery and i felt like collapsing in front of the peacock theatre. but of course, the cold told me that i should go home and reside in the warmth of my room. so i did.

oh, and i so must definitely plug the croissants at tescos. the butter croissants are only 51p and they're infinitely better than any delifrance ones! like they're really damn nice. especially if u get them when they're hot/warm. they're very crispy and fluffy and fragrant, and when u bite into them, they're like damn chewy, and the butter is so fragrant. YUM YUM YUM. it goes well with milk!

oh talking about milk, today, i OD-ed on milk. i had like 2 pints of milk! omg if only i drank this much milk when i was growing up, i'd prolly be like 2m tall. too bad its damn too late to grow now. the only way i can grow is horizontally, not vertically! hahahaa

I'VE been reading a book recently.
and that book is so absorbing, it draws me in and like i just keep reading and reading, cos its so. descriptive and accurate of real life.
like . hm this is quite a depressing topic, i think i shouldn't talk abt it lest i feel emo. haha. i was quite sad when i went for spanish class cos i was reading the book prior to it. i was feeling quite messed up/unsettled.
i think i shall be off to bed now then. its 8.37pm!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
goodnights <3!

mervyn at 11/10/2006 08:35:00 PM

singapore is the place to be this christmas

who wants to go back to singapore!!!!!!

Singapore to see its longest and brightest Christmas Light-Up
By Yvonne Yong, | Posted: 10 November 2006 1923 hrs

Photos 2 of 4

Christmas Light-Up 2006 on Orchard Road

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Dick Lee creating a 'wow' factor on Singapore streets during the festive season

SINGAPORE : The annual Christmas Light-Up on the streets of Singapore promises to be even bigger, brighter, and more spectacular than ever, with creative genius Dick Lee once again at the helm of its design.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) say this year’s ‘Christmas in the Tropics’ will be one to remember, with Singapore’s longest and brightest Light-Up, a Christmas Float Parade every night, and more entertainment, festive performances and shopping exclusives.
“Singapore is the place to be this Christmas..[it] has become one of the most attractive holiday options for tourists in the region and beyond... More than 20 per cent of visitors who were in Singapore during the same period last year had specifically planned their trip to coincide with Singapore’s year-end celebrations,” says Dr Chan Tat Hon, Assistant Chief Executive (Leisure), STB.

Dr Chan says about 22 per cent of tourists are in fact, repeat visitors to the Christmas Light-Up, which is in its 23rd year and has become a signature highlight of the festive season in Singapore.

Creative Director of Christmas Light-Up 2006, Dick Lee, wants this year to be no exception for visitors and Singaporeans, “The first time they see the Christmas light-up, they will go ‘Wow’! That was one of the things I had in mind when I was designing it... that there must be strong “wow” factor. And that it is fresh and different.”

When describing his inspiration for this year’s light-up, Mr Lee recalls the euphoria felt at Christmas time when he was a child, “Christmas to me is a time of joy, childlike wonder – I’m reminded about my childhood, and how I believed in everything – Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas – and that’s what I tried to convey in my design, to bring a feeling of that – to transform the street into this Christmas magical fantasy wonderland.”

There will be two themes this year – ‘The Enchanted Christmas Garden’ down Tanglin, Scotts and Orchard roads, and ‘Christmas Bells’ spanning Orchard, Bras Basah and Stamford roads as well as Temasek Boulevard, Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue in the Marina Bay Area.

“My setting is an enchanted forest somewhere – where the trees are gold and jewels are embedded between the tree trunks... I’ve got gilded mechanical birds flying around – that’s in the Orchard area,” says Mr Lee.

“But for the Marina Bay area I use more traditional elements like poinsettias and bells – bells being the main theme for the Marina area.”

The Christmas Light-Up will total 6.4 km of glittering over-street lighting effects with 1,388 bejewelled birds, almost 100,000 replica diamonds and gems and 43,000 metres of electrical cables.

But what there won’t be this year is snow or snow-like decorations, as Mr Lee feels it doesn’t suit a tropical climate, “As always, I want to bring out the fantasy and magic of the season, this time making it more relative to our region.”

Apart from sights and lights, shoppers will be treated to special Christmas deals and extended shopping hours during the festive season, with Orchard Road malls open late on Dec 15, 16, 22 & 23 and Marina Bay malls doing the same on nominated nights.

December is traditionally a month that sees a large numbers of visitors to Singapore – last year, the city recorded 829,000 visitors, only slightly less than July’s 877,000 visitors the same year, and up 28,000 from the year before.

‘Christmas in the Tropics’ will run from November 11th until January 2nd, 2007. - CNA/yy

mervyn at 11/10/2006 06:22:00 PM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

got me locked up

greetings from space.
its 10.10 pm now. and imma gonna sleep like soon.
because i've gotta be up like at 8am tomorrow. cos i've got a 9am class tomorrow. AND i havent had breakfast for the whole week. i miss them bacons and eggs and sausages. and milk and cereal.

todays, i spent most of my day hiding in my bomb shelter in commonwealth hall. but i went out for awhile to kick a ball around and try to imagine i'm david becky with my wife poshy looking at me kick the ball around. but pity i'm no becky's.

and then i went for linner, dunch? ok, i went for tea with my friend and ate some mediocre ciabatta with ham and cheese. the ham and cheese here is good though. somehow europeans take much more pride in their cheese than them americans, who seem to be contented with KRAFT, or some philadelphia cheese spread or something like that. you muzz take ze pride in ze cheeeeezzzz or nooobody vill eat yooooour cheezzzz.

and i spent the rest of the day like doing my work, and reading.
and i did my laundry, and packed up my room. now my room is damn neat. except for the clothesline and the table, the rest of the room is damn neat. ok wait, lemme take a photo of my neat shoes.

see, so neat. and my wardrobe is damn neat also. all the clothes are hanging in proper order with like colour codes, and proper hangers, and like segmented into different kinda clothes like pants, shirts, jackets.
i am a neat boy.
but my table says otherwise. it is a organised mess. a mish-mash of chaos.

and check this out. this is an ulu snowsports event. who would wana go. so ulu
ok i'm damn lame.
ok i'm going to read my book and go to bed.
oh nos. i've gotta read republic too.
ok. cool.
no time to waste.
sleep is precious too.

cheers! gdnite!

mervyn at 11/08/2006 10:16:00 PM

so sweet

jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous

mervyn at 11/08/2006 01:39:00 AM


ok this is an extra to my post, though its quite a different issue, but i'm listening to a song now, and this thought just came into my head.

sometimes, u feel like life is more worth living than other times. why is this so? what are the constituent parts of the worth of lifE?
what makes life worth living?
:) I KNOW THE ANSWER :) :) :) :)
did i just proclaim to be able to answer the most sophisticated simple question in the world,
what is the meaning of life?
nono i meant that
i know what makes my life worth living
oh no the full house song is playing now. the chuh eum geu ja ri eh song.

this is the english translation of the song.

You have come into my arms now
And you are talking about love.
I pray that it is not just a dream.
My heart is so full of you now
That I can't hold anyone else there.

I guess that since it is you,
I’ll probably say something stupid.
Your love happened to draw nearer
It was strangely unfamiliar to me~~

But the destiny I was promised
I didn’t know that it would turn into love~~
After a little while I’ll have to let you go
Because I don’t believe in myself enough

You find the seat I sit in alone
Now you must just return it
It was something so natural, so why does my heart ache?
You have found the love you were looking for
Now you must just return it
As you smile happily I’ll let you go woo~yeah~

As you look in my eyes, say that it is love.
I experienced love, but it is over
But I was so happy for that short moment
Exactly as if I were dreaming.
Now I realize
That we were in love from the beginning~~

* Repeat

You must not give me your love
You really shouldn’t do that!
Now I love you this much~

OBVIOUSLY i didnt translate the lyrics myself.
i found it somewhere.
eh i really should go to bed. but this is my blog, and i will terrorise my blog. haaahaahaaa

mervyn at 11/08/2006 01:30:00 AM

if only you would

its an amazingly late hour, but like i just got home sometime ago.

today, i had a tremendously long day in school. cos i had a 6 - 7pm philosophy class, so that was interesting. but i went back to halls like from 3-5pm to like do my stats. hahaa i'm such a nerd! yummy yum yum.
school today was terrRRRRRRRRRRRrrrible cos i got jacked. ha
but lunch was good though, so in the end it all balances out.

after school, i went to this salsa class at leicester square, and it was quite interesting really, though hip hop/rnb is still in my veins. someday i will dance like rain/justin timberlake. hahaa big joke that is.
but i like ballroom too. salsa is abit too.................. mixed up for me, but its fun though, so its worth considering.

ahh. what is there else to say? actually there's not much to say. but my liquidity is running low. i must find some way to sort some cash out soon. all my money is stuck in figures. i need to translate them to some paper. what am i talking? i'm talking nonsense man.

ah, should i be off to bed soon.
oh, ok i'll post a photo of my industrious nature and what i did to my noticeboard.
:) :) :) :) :)


mervyn at 11/08/2006 01:18:00 AM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

statistics question 4

go here for the answer to stats question 4!!!

for question 6,
the total number of squares on a chessboard is 64

Consider the lefthand vertical edge of a square of size 1 x 1.
This edge can be in any one of 8 positions. Similarly, the top
edge can occupy any one of 8 positions for a 1 x 1 square.
So the total number of 1 x 1 squares = 8 x 8 = 64.

mervyn at 11/07/2006 04:41:00 PM

Monday, November 06, 2006


hi, this post will be rather brainless, so if u're at risk of losing ur brain, u might wanna skip this.

check out the following glasses, they are damn nice.

these marc jacobs are so amazing, the bold coupled with the classic aviator shapes are just the right balance, and those smokey lenses gives a very bold, yet understated look.

emporio armani.
now, these are just about the classiest shades. the shape is so sleek and modern, and the graphite frames are so elegant. pair it with a classic scarf and that's the ultimate look of the season. so yummy. very rock star on a holiday.

ok, this are not very me, but they're really geek chic, and its very cheeky, pairing turtleshell with those pink lenses. very very paul smith.

i really like this j crew puffer vest, especially since it's winter now. the red lining really brings out the life in this vest, and it's packed with goosedown. it'd definitely keep one warm. haahaha..

i really like this michael kors vest too, the print is ideal for a lazy, toned down day, and the cutting of the vest looks really comfortable too. that said, it also comes with zips insteads of buttons, unlike other vests. very contemporary. brilllllllllllliant.

i need money for these nice stuff. so send those dollars and pounds in now! credit cards are accepted too.

ok. i think i better do work instead of spending my time on these brainless activities. hahah.

mervyn at 11/06/2006 09:40:00 PM

explain the obsession

this is damn sweet. everyone who has a warm, beating heart should at least watch it once. it is SO so so sweet. words fail me.

mervyn at 11/06/2006 04:02:00 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

i really do work!

today, i woke up, ate brunch, went to sleep, overslept, played football, and did work!

wowness. hahaa.
football was quite fun, and its going to get unfriendly soon. hahaa... i will unleash the unfriendliness when we get to notts games. building up all the pent up frustration and angst so that we can get unfriendly at notts. hahaa. how unsportsman-like.

so when i got home, i checked my lse email, and realised that horror be of all horrors, my philosophy homework is due!
so i rushed a philosophy homework, and mailed it to my tutor.

and i spent the whole night doing math, of which there are several questions which i still do not know how to do, and econs, which is due on friday, so i'm still a relak jack. but my table is damn messy now.

yeah this is what my table looks like! but its good proof that i'm doing my work right. but i think my brain has worked to its maximum capacity and its saying, go to sleep. because its 11pm already. so i think i shall go and sleep. like now. maybe read abit of GQ first.

anyways, i was reading thru indifference curves just now (what a geek!) and i was thinking, why do people need gfs or bfs, and i have come up with a coupla reasons why!

1. activity partners - people with whom u have similar interests and do activities with
2. emotional support - people who calm ur frizzled nerves
3. clown - people who make u laugh
4. eye candy - people who you look at
5. atm - people who give u money and buy u things
6. status givers - people who enhance ur status by the very reason that u all are together. like if i date paris hilton. er. maybe not.
7. just because - because both of u feel bored and jaded of life.

ok, what has this gotta do with indifference curves?
see, some people prefer a mix of them, some people prefer either one or two of them.
ok, does that make sense?
ok then erm, i'm sorry, i'm a bad econs student. hahaha..

oh, and the whole evening, i've been hearing fireworks. and i'm not a wet blanket or a spoilsport or anything like that, but i wish that they'd stop the fireworks or at least make soundless ones cos the pop pop boom boom of the fireworks only make me feel sad at how i'm stuck here doing my work and not enjoying the fireworks with some nice company or something like that. it's like every pop pop boom boom is like "haha, u are stuck doing ur work whilst everyone is watching nice little fireworks!"
ok, but at least others are viewing it, so its not that bad.
and why does lazy me only choose to do work today?!
ok lah, but then again, i think the whole world, except the industrious ones are doing their work today. and i think the good companies are doing their work today.
so no choice, do work today, and miss the fireworks.
who's guy fawkes anyway! guy sebastian i know, the australian idol.

eh seriously, i'm talking lotsa crap.
i needa brush me teeth and go to bed.
i needa sink in my room! ok i'm gonna buy a drill and install one in my room tomorrow.
hahahahahahha jokes.
goodnight y`all!
a.) may the sweetest dreams be upon you tonight.
b.) may you have a bright and sunny day

this is like meals ok, u can only choose one option, depending on which part of the world or what time you're reading this. if you're reading this for the second time, which is like second helpings, then ok, u can choose the other option.

mervyn at 11/05/2006 11:04:00 PM

Justin Timberlake - My Love

check this video out, this is just about the most groovy song and the dance moves are so. awesome.

mervyn at 11/05/2006 07:49:00 PM

come this way

its an ungodly hour of 4.30 am and i stayed up and i've just finished all my tutorials for the week!!!!

ok i think everyone is quite stunned.

obviously i'm kidding! haha!
i wont be the kind to finish my tutorials like on saturday night right, i'd have done them all by like last wednesday or something.

oh. ok i'm kidding again! hahaha

yea but i just got back anyways, so i'm abt to retire to my warm bed, where i shall spend some quality time in dreamland.

so today, i went to regent's park to play ultimate. though it's not really my kinda game, but it was fun and it was a good workout. not too bad actually. i ran like a dog til i was panting my lungs out. actually not really, but i ran alot til i was quite tired lah.

after that, i went to roseberry hall! to eat zhixian's cooking! i must say that he is quite a good cook, compared to all the other jamie oliver wannabes lurking around the non-catered halls. hahaha.. i'm just contented to make my way down and eat my catered meals! hahaha... but it was quite good and yeah, it was great company too, and yeah we had fun, so it wasn't too bad.
what i didnt like about it though, was the tremendously long walk back in the freeeeEEeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEzing cold. ok lah it wasn't really that cold i'm really prone to hyperbole. but yah it was cold. and it was a tremendously long walk and my legs felt like they were gonna shatter at any time, but somehow they didnt.
so i went out to trafalgar sq. and then i came back.

how exciting.

oh, and u know those hot dog sellers along the streets at night, they usually sell the hot dogs for 3pounds, and today, i worked my charm on the hot dog seller, and got it for 2.50 pounds!!! so proud of myself!! ahahaha.. maybe i just had a hungry face.. but like there were a coupla girls after me, and they paid 3 pound for their hot dogs whilst i got mine for 2.50 pounds! hahahahaa.. maybe next time i can get it for 2 pounds. maybe i got a very sad and hungry face, so the guy pitied me and charged me 2.50 pounds. hahaha i don't know!!!! but the hot dogs are quite nice though, though it can be improved if the bun was like toasted or something.

ok that's all i have to say.
oh, and i saw fireworks just now. yayness!
yah that's all.

oh, and one more thing.
very cute!

mervyn at 11/05/2006 04:37:00 AM

Saturday, November 04, 2006

stuck on a feeling

it's a saturday afternoon and i've just had a nice brunch. i think i live quite healthy in london cos the food is like really healthy. i mean, at least its healthier than what i get in singapore. let's break it down into its component parts.
in london, i have bacon, eggs, tomatoes, baked beans, sausages, cereal, milk.
in singapore, i have noodles, oil, chilli, fishballs, fishcakes, lard (yah im describing mee pok)
now, in london, i've got milk! calcium! i've got sausages, eggs, bacon, PROTEIN! and i've got tomatoes! bursting with anti-oxidants and lycopenes!
now, in singapore, i've got oil, fat! lard, fat! noodles, carbo! where is my protein and vegetables!!!!
now, that explains why all the englishmen grow up to be so big.

last night, i was at covent gardens waiting for a coupla friends. i was sitting there listening to the busker singing, and it was really nice. some days, the deep bass beats have gotta stop and give way to the harmonic strains of the guitar and the deep mellow voices. and the really nice lyrics. sometimes we need abit of quiet in our lives don't we. can't possibly live life going from party to party ( though i certainly know a few people who do.)

i headed for a couple of drinks after that, and it was all good. though the cold after that was killing me, cos it ws so blistery chilling it was crazy!

wells, as it all turns out, its all good. though i've got econs problem sets to complete by monday, and there're quite abit to complete. but nothing is too high an order for the incredible mervyn. hahaa.
or at least i hope so.


mervyn at 11/04/2006 12:56:00 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i need help!

help help help help help
i'm damn hungry
and there's nothing worth eating in my room. there's like instant noodles but anyone who knows me should know that i never eat instant noodles.

this is damn taunting to me lah.
i can't take it man
i'm going to sleep!
at least i'll have food in my sleep!
i'll dream of a 10 course dinner followed by a dessert buffet.
and of course, a wonderful dinner companion.
why not 2. whilst we're at it, make it 3!
ok i'm really going to sleep, i'm incredibly hungry, and the more i think about it, the hungrier i get!

mervyn at 11/01/2006 11:24:00 PM

everything says you were meant to be

today is the official start of winter. the cold, unforgiving breezes. the short days and long nights. the dry, blistering air.
winter is a sad season. there is no warmth in winter.
or maybe it's just the environment in which I exist.

it is terribly superficial. people are only interested in your activities, what you're doing today, what you're doing tomorrow, what you're doing. they're not interested in you per se, how you feel, how are you doing, how you're coping.
but then again, you can't blame them, they're not like your close friends or anything like that.
actually, coming here like a year earlier, whilst it has its advantages, brings with it its disadvantages too. you don't know anyone around here cos everyone is not from your year, so you don't have your same year friends here with you or stuff like that.

i was rather hungover, ok, very hungover today, so i slept til 1 + pm. and then i headed off to play abit of football, and it was really cold and the air was really thin. it was an alright game of football, not exactly the most enjoyable game in my life, but it should suffice for a midweek fix.

feeling abit pensive and homey today, so i packed up my room, and there is a world of difference, after packing up. did abit of work too, though not too much. i never believe in doing alot of work anyways. i'd rather put in 2 hours of good work than 10 hours of sitting around pretending to work, but your mind is probably drifting off elsewhere or something like that. that's something i'll never understand. people go study in groups, but end up talking away most of the time, and then they ask "why i study so much but i still fail exam?" and people who see me say "you're so slack, you probably pretend to play, but actually u go home and study and study and study" not very true. i just put in better quality studying hours, and spend the rest of the time doing other stuff. like reading. and drinking. and partying. and doing exercise. oh no, sounds so bad. hahaha. the exercise part was like to mitigate it. haha.

anyways, i'd best be going to do my laundry and read plato's republic.
i'm rather bored.
goodnight y`all.

mervyn at 11/01/2006 08:29:00 PM