Sunday, December 31, 2006

you know

happy new year to one and all.
this is officially the first. first. first post on the first day of 2007.

i just got back from bangkok. which was bombed the moment my plane took off. tragic. luckily i left, otherwise, it would be a repeat of my tsunami experience. and i'll be james bond, living to die another day, with another story to tell. but you could say i escaped tragedy once again.
and to think just last night i was passing by central mall, seeing all the preparations for new year's eve celebrations. hm. that's really life for you. unpredictable, raw, transcient.

enough of that,
bangkok is a really nice place. things are nice, cheap. food is good. weather is fine. lots of sunlight with cooling nights.
i used to wonder why europeans were so crazy about the sun, and would take any chance to suntan, especially in tropical climates like ours. after living in london, i now understand why. and i am a sunwhore too, and i'm happy to see the sun. because in london, i don't see the sun much. on weekends, i wake up at 11 or 12. and the sun sets at 4. and the sunlight isn't very strong, cos it's usually covered by the clouds or shrouded in mist. so i get not-so-strong sunlight for a grand total of 4 hours.
here, the sun is bright, cheery, and it only goes dark at 7-ish. i like. less depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

i like thai people. they are friendly.
and thai girls.
oooh thai girls are hot. like tom yam. and. and and. they are sweet, and demure. so very very sweet. they're all like so nice and friendly and amiable, nothing else comes close. hahaha. and like walking along the streets, u can see many sweet looking, pretty thai girls. so nice. and the thai language sounds so musical and alluring, with its gentle tones and flowy accents. so lilting and pleasant. totally my kinda thing.

it's hard to get yourself accustomed to anything else once you've met the general thai female stereotypical population. welcome to the generation of the brash americans or the materialistic SGGs. (who think they're so sophisticated and classy)
thai girls are simple and sweet. nice.
i'm not trying to be misogynistic here, but i really appreciate their warmth and friendliness. like just speaking to them makes u feel at ease.
as opposed to some people. who. just. make. u feel. stupid.

got quite alot of stuff from bangkok. nice.
(: (:
really quite fun.

but as it is, it is the first. of january.
and in seven. days, i will be back. back to london.
and the thought of it, is quite depressing.
where the things are expensive, the weather is freezing, the skies are always grey, and the people are as cold as the weather.

oh wells.
some things, you just have to do.

and right now, the one thing to do for me would be to go to bed.
goodnight, and have a fantastic year ahead.
hopefully the new year beckons something new.
but i am a man of little change. nothing much has changed. i still like the same people, have the same friends, have the same favourite foods, wear the same clothes.
maybe my living philosophy has changed a little and i've become abit more reclusive, but otherwise, everything's pretty much the same.

dream sweetly. live even sweeter.

mervyn at 12/31/2006 07:48:00 PM

Sunday, December 24, 2006

got a secret that isn't no secret

so last night i went to mos. and the geographer bar.
it was quite nice. though the music is rather alright and abit too crowded. seriously, with the opening of the many bars, u would think some places would ease up on the crowd and go somewhere different. especially when they've gotta pay $25 to get into mos!! hm hm hm!
but geographer was quite nice though. interesting. maybe i'll go there next time. for a coupla drinks or so on. i think drinks here are more expensive than in london. like a beer in london would cost maybe 3quid plus 4 quid for a bottle. here its like 13 dollars! ok but when theres 1 for 1 then its different. and clubs here are terribly fond of 1 for 1.

the kooks is fast becoming my favourite band. i put them on repeat everyday. their lyrics are kooky (the kooks, duh!) and their repetive guitar chords with those occasional riffs just makes for fantastic listening. and their some british band from brighton so they've got this nice english accent going on for them. i like english accents. or at least i PREFER them to american dumb accents. dumb american accents. dumb americans anyways. or maybe i just don't like america. brash americans. thinking they're all the rage.

u know in philosophy of love we learnt about love. i think it can be easily applied to dislike too. much too easily.

i can't believe myself at times.


the other day i watched this uber-retro china movie on channel 8 that was screening past midnight. it was uber-retro, like it was made in 1970s (it probably was) and it was named (don't laugh) su zhou bridge.
but trust me, it was a really good movie, even though it was lousy cinematography. but then again, u can't blame the cinematography for being bad cos it could be deliberate, cos after all, the story was being told through the eyes of this amateur videographer that goes around vandalising walls as advertisements for his videoing services.
but anyways, the show told the story of this guy call marda who likes this girl mudan and how their love blossoms and ends up in this mess cos of his overwhelming love for her and her inability to reconcile her notion of love with his overflowing pool of emotions for her and how she runs away from it all (escapism) she jumps into the su zhou river and supposedly turns into a mermaid. the guy chases after her and gets arrested by the cops.
where's the logic in that?!
but anyways so the guy goes to find her etc. etc and ends up finding a replica but realises it isnt her and eventually finds the real mudan, and they both jump into the river and died. what a dumb story really.
but the movie was really shored up by the powerful acting and the free flow of emotions dribbling out of the actors. and i think the flow of the movie was subtly nice and slow. and i found their storytelling method rather interesting. you never once see the narrator, even though he is one of the characters in the show. and everything, or some of the things, happen through the eyes of the narrator, so its rather interesting to watch.

i shall leave you with lyrics from the kooks, and then read some papers.

Viciously, she sleeps
Walks alone her lonely beat
She trips, falls into it all
And I wish I bite my lip and
crawled up away from you my little one
Oh from you my little one

Don't come too close
You don't wanna see my ghost
Your turn but I'm betrayed
By you my sweetheart
Don't you think that you went too far
Do you want to see my heart bleed?
For you, you and him
Him and you, you know my heart bleeds

All of us, we're going out tonight
We're gonna walk all over your cars
The Kooks are out in the streets
Oh were gonna steal your skies
All of us, we're going out tonight
We're gonna walk all over your cars
The Kooks are out in the streets
Oh we're gonna steal your...

I'm sorry that I let you go
I let you down, I let you down my dear
I always seem to play these games with you my, dear
I always, I always...

All of us, we're going out tonight
We're gonna walk all over your cars
The Kooks are out in the streets
Oh were gonna steal your skies
All of us, we're going out tonight
We're gonna walk all over your cars
The Kooks are out in the streets
Oh we're gonna steal your skies

this is such a fantastic song. you guys should go buy this song off itunes (read : download it from somewhere)

that's all.

mervyn at 12/24/2006 03:39:00 AM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

keeps leaving me needing

today was a hungover day. basically wasted the whole day just lying in bed. and at home. argh. what a wasted day.
seriously, mixers are the worst thing in the world, cos impurities in the mixers gives you a hangover. i wouldnt get a hangover with wine or beer or any pure alcohol, but bring in vodka orange and LIT and it brings with it the hangover. oh all u kids looking for a fast one, why bring this upon yourselves?

so i was suitably bored. and everyone was somewhere or someplace else.
and i did nothing.

and i was frustrated and fed up.
and i was miffed. right.

i really don't understand the deal with mutual sarcasm. or rather, i don't even understand the deal of sarcasm. u get sarcastic here and there and sooner or later it breaks into a nuclear war. ha.

weird, it seems, how it doesn't seem to be able to work, yet you want it to work. just like a broken remote control. doesn't seem to work, but you force it to work. it's not how much force u exert on it, nor is it the angle of the remote control. it's the batteries.
so what's the problem here?

i'm off to bed.

mervyn at 12/21/2006 06:50:00 PM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

very special

i'm just back from zouk. it was so packed today, i almost died of oxygen deprivation. especially if u consider my height, there isn't much air around there. no wonder those tall guys live longer. get fresher air up there. trust me, 7 cm makes alot of difference when you're talking about air.
but it was great fun though, especially going to mambo after so long. seeing smart people do stupid moves. haahaa quite interesting actually. how much time do they devote into practising their dance moves at home just so that they can perform on wednesday night? but nevertheless, i appreciate these souls who do that just to make mambo night a little more interesting.

todays, i went for lunchie with minnie. but i was well tired and well jet-lagged. the food was alright, but then again it was not too bad. so that was good. but i still owe minnie a movie watching. i think with minnie, the only movie that is eligible for watching is happy feet, cos minnie is a stupid movie watcher. as in, stupid movie is the noun and watcher is the verb. stupid is not the adjective. though she might think so. haha.

singapore has been mighty fine, but it just keeps raining. many people like rain, but i'm certainly not one of them. the only time i liked rain was during army, so that our activities could get cancelled. but i'm more of a sun person really. rain doesn't do much for me. except make me sleep. but i like to sleep, so maybe it's good.

you thought that there'd be much anticipation. but turns out it doesn't matter one bit.

some things just wont change. no matter how hard u try to change it, it doesn't change. but this is actually a good thing. ha. ha. what am i talking about.
so cryptic.

no place like home really.

mervyn at 12/20/2006 09:12:00 PM

Saturday, December 16, 2006

every little thing

i'm back from the country of boredom, amsterdam. seriously, it was so boring. should have skipped it and just gone home and perhaps i could have spent my last week in hongkong or taiwan or bangkok, which would have been so much better and more smashing.
but its ok, cos i'm going to be on an aluminimium object that will take me home in less than 24 hours time. back home to a bed that is more than twice the size of this dingy bed in halls. back home to a cosy room. back home to a place where i can go out in shorts and singlet without freezing to death. yayness. back to a place where there are familiar faces and nice, warm people around.

so what was amsterdam like? there's nothing much to say about it, but i'm never gonna go back there again man. hahaa. it's a boring place.

ok i'm gonna go to waitrose to buy stuff soon. and maybe lunch at chinatown.
we'll see. seriously all i wanna do is sleep man. hahaha.
oh nos, and i haven't packed my bags for going back.
ah whatever.

i can't deal with people who are driven.
their determination scares me.

mervyn at 12/16/2006 12:42:00 PM

Monday, December 11, 2006

to the ends of the earth

i'm going to amsterdam today! haha!
see y`all when i get back!
and see all my dearest singaporean dudes next week :)

something for the little boys and girls! spring summer 07! :D

mervyn at 12/11/2006 10:26:00 PM

Sunday, December 10, 2006

be a scofield

wow wow wow wow
here's your chance to be a michael scofield!!
u can analyse the prison furniture!
texas correctional industries
if u click on doors below the link, it even tells u the dimensions of the door! scofield anyone!?!

mervyn at 12/10/2006 12:50:00 AM

Saturday, December 09, 2006

we forgot

its a lovely friday night and school has officially ended. that means 1/9 of my degree time is gone! ohnos! that's 8/9 more times before we go to the world and deal with it. hahah.
so today i was sufficiently tired and failed to attend my philo class. but it figures that nobody else is going for their classes anyways. my stats class had a grand attendance of 5 people today. haha.

i had a nice dinner today at this athemanthus place today, and it was rather fun. the food was very ps-cafe-ish, though i must say PS cafe is much nicer, and the company was quite fun, and it was rather interesting. m m m m m mm m mm m . ... quite niiiiCEeEeE..

riiiight. and i was sufficiently tired so i headed back to halls and failed to go to crush. not that going to crush would have raised my happiness by a fair bit though.
so i'm back here in my room, almost going to watch prison break soon.

last night was spent at rosebery hall with their end of term christmas party with quite alright food. and fun times. nice games and interesting people. and after that i headed to vernon's room to chill before heading home in the blistering cold of the lonely winter night.

prior to that, i caught the producers at the royal theatre, but truth be told, it wasn't that nice really, considering that it was supposed to be nice. the songs weren't exactly nice, and the storyline was rather flat.

m. so the term has ended, and life has just begun. this is like a musical, and december is the intermission. january, together with 2007, brings with it its own interesting challenges, but let's leave that for another day and time. let's deal with december first. :)

off to watch prison break. now.
goodnight y`all.
and minnie, if u wanna order asos stuff, u better do it by tuesday, otherwise u have to order next day delivery or something.

mervyn at 12/09/2006 01:42:00 AM

Thursday, December 07, 2006

you never wanted to

today was an exciting day.
obvviously, all wednesdays are boring, but today was rather packed and exciting.

today, me went to somerset for some ice skating with the singsoc.
it was quite fun. like really quite fun. and we were just fooling about the place and playing dumb games and all. though i can't skate really well but then again, its just for fun, not competing in some figure skating thing. somerset house is a really nice ice rink, especially at night, when the sky gets dark and the purple lights light up the place. the giant christmas tree also adds to the atmosphere quite abit. quite nice.

and then i headed back for dinner and got changed to go to les miserables.
mmmmm les mis was a really classically nice musical. a few overriding themes expounded in numerous ways. rather emotional at parts, almost brought mesomes to tears. the singing was rather good too, and like it was a rather fantastic experience overall. quite nice :) the company was good too, though like throughout the whole show i was mostly thinking about some other person, but then again, i like thinking about the impossible.

hm. so i'll be in amsterdam in less than a week, and then i'll be back in singapore soon. yummylicious. hahaa.

life can get boring around here, but its possible to spice it up a little and make it a little more interesting. and indeed, things are getting fun and interesting. mmmmmm ............

it's all a game isn't it. it's just how well u play it.

i need to go play some sports around here man. my muscles are seriously degenerating. hahaha.

right, off to bed. early rise tomorrows.

mervyn at 12/07/2006 12:23:00 AM

Monday, December 04, 2006

always something more

how's everything going.
so the weekend, has come and gone, just like the forgotten.
and so, that is it.
this weekend, i stayed in and felt like a prisoner on saturday, and sunday, i went out.
i spent saturday sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping. like hitting the reset button on my body. only thing was that it wasn't reset, but i just felt good that i spent most of my day in dreams.

sunday, i went out to the postsecret exhibition at foyle's bookstore. it wasn't as big an exhibition as i expected, but it was good nonetheless.
some of stuff on display were really nice and struck a chord within me. i think the idea of postsecret really is, getting your emotional burden off your chest, without anyone knowing who you are, so it spares the embarassment you might face if you told it to someone who knows you. and another thing which makes it so popular is knowing that someone else has the same issue as you, which you thought was so weird, but knowing someone else thinks the same way is really comforting. another would just be pure voyeurism, knowing other people's secrets. i think postsecret is a combination of all 3, which makes it immensely attractive.

i realised one thing which resonates throughout society and community nowadays is that everyone is so very alike. you might think someone is really different and despise them for what they do etc. etc. but seriously, take a step back, and look. and you realise that everyone has the same desires. everyone desires to be accepted, desires for happiness, for pretty much all the same things. its only a matter of how you express it and how it manifests in one. it's just like how a person who's against homosexuality despises homosexuality and gays and lesbians. but think about it, gays are just people looking for love amongst their own sex. the homo-phobe is looking for love amongst the other sex. both looking for love. not all that different is it? you might think that girl is so bitchy, always bitching about people. she's just expressing her discontent openly, just like how you express your discontent in your head when you think about her bitchiness.
we're all so alike aren't we.

i then went to the ocf christmas celebration thing, which was quite interesting. quite a nice session. refreshing, in this intricate web we live in.

right, imma gonna go to bed now. my body clock is screwing up again. haha. hopefully i wake up for class tomorrow. i seriously think it might be a tall order.

mervyn at 12/04/2006 01:38:00 AM

Sunday, December 03, 2006

desirous souls

ok this post is dedicated to the nice things in the world.
these matches are really nice aren't they! so cute. hahaha..

and check out these fabulous gucci wingtips. so very elegant and classy

these teacups from laurie simmon would add such a quirky sense of style to any home.

and i just couldn't resist posting these pictures of them havanese puppies up, cos i find them really cute hahaa..

and these organisers from symthson designed by missoni really are one of the nicest i've seen so far. knit fabric together with leather. mm

the intercontinental thalasso spa, which is like some eco-friendly spa cos marlon brando left some money in a deed for them to develop this eco-friendly green hotel or something like that. and so the aircon is cooled by like some sea water and it's all green and eco-friendly.

the cavieleri hilton in italy. 2500USD per night per head. if there's any way to splure, this should be it.

turtle bay :)

and original andy warhol prints on actual, real cans of soup. but who would bear to drink the soup packaged in such nice cans.

this winery looks absolutely nice right. architecture students out there take note!

mervyn at 12/03/2006 12:59:00 PM

Saturday, December 02, 2006

come back down

how's everything going.
so today, i woke up feeling tired. and rather miffed that i overslept, once again. argh, it was really damn arghed.
but anyways, i made me way to school anyways for my philosophy class. though i was well exhausted and half brain dead. luckily today's philosophy class wasn't half too difficult.

it seems like fridays are rainy fridays. it has been raining every friday evening since 4 weeks ago i think. and i always seem to get drenched by the time i've gone back to halls. cold rain falling in the dark.

got back to halls and bummed around. nothing really spectacular really.

went to play football at 8 though, and them brits are like really physical. just knock you about.

and that's the end of my boring day.
i'm still significantly tired though from last night. i think what matters to me is that people had fun. though i didnt have fun, it always is enjoyable to know that others had fun, and you contributed to it. vicarious living.

sigh. sometimes i really miss life as i used to know it. so this is what living abroad is like. its not like it's bad or anything, it's just unfamiliar. the memories which you attach to various objects and places are all missing, and you've gotta attach new memories and value to the different objects and places. and its much too late to have any significant memories. and some memories just can't be recreated. and sometimes, it gets a little too tiring.

i actually seriously hate all this politicking going on. but then again, who am i to say anything about it right. its ok. we don't need to have to deal with the world. haha.

i can't believe i'm actually listening to jay chou now on purpose. but the song is quite nice. it's called 退后. and what it's about, or at least what i think it's about, is about breaking up and the chorus is something like jay saying that there's nothing wrong with like either of them, that it was merely circumstances, and that maybe breaking up doesn't solve anything, and that the best love exists only in his memory. my english doesn't seem to do any justice to the song though, but the chinese lyrics are really nice and tugs at my heart just that little bit.

on another note, i changed my blog skin. nice?!?!! i really like it. spent 2 hours making it, and the background was like self made, even though like i ripped it off paul smith's designs, but like i flipped it over and like copied and pasted it and modified it abit.
so niiiiceeeee!

right then, i'd best be off to bed. g`night. n sweet dreams.

mervyn at 12/02/2006 01:26:00 AM

Friday, December 01, 2006

pesky jerks and idiotic girls

let it be known that i absolutely detest preferential treatment.

mervyn at 12/01/2006 02:37:00 PM

L is for the way you

finally, mambo jumbo is over, and my set is over. it's always good to come back to some nice, relaxing tunes after a night of thumping beats. sometimes, life should be slow and simple. haha..

well, the set was rather alright, though the club really quite sucked and the dj console was rather lousy, but then again, i can't complain much. but i want these cdjs.

so utterly delectable. i'd want that for christmas.

no. actually, what i really want for christmas is. i think i know what i really want.
haha for once i know! though its rather impossible, but then again. dreams can always come true.

speaking of christmas, it is, lo and behold, the first day of december! yummy yum yum, christmas will be here in twenty four days. the whole festivity of christmas rocks my socks doesn't it. all the festive lights and decorations and the colourful red and green all around. oh yes, i'm a product of commercialisation, but don't be a humbug. enjoy life while it lasts. gucci is quite christmas-sy, cos its got green and red.

my room stinks but i can't seem to identify the source of the smell. there must really be a dead rat somewhere. or it could just be my neighbours and their constant entry into my room. my room is in a serious mess now, it's almost as bad as a warzone. i'll clean it up on saturday, i'm much too beat to be doing anything about it at this point of time. maybe i'll change my sheets while i'm at it too.

its currently 4.40am and i've got an 11am lecture tomorrow. its alright, i'll just make up for my accumulated sleep debt by sleeping in on saturday. ooh saturday, you are such an exciting creature. i'm absolutely awaiting the arrival of saturday.

you know what i really really really really really want now. i want to go to PS cafe for a nice meal.
a nice meal there, like a proper nice meal costs me like $200 for 2 ppl. that's just 70 quid. i wouldn't mind paying 70 quid for that, seriously.
its been quite a long time since like i've done or had anything nice.

oh its ok, we're all living in the matrix anyways.

ah ok whatever, its been a long time since i posted here anyways.
right then, i should be off, to, bed, now.
sweet dreams to me. i need it.
maybe you need it too.

mervyn at 12/01/2006 04:32:00 AM