Thursday, February 22, 2007

you've got a way

it is now half eleven, and i should be going to bed soon.
i'm pretty tired, and i plan to hit the gym tomorrow morning.

the past few days have been pretty exciting and eventful, and i've been having quite alot of fun and enjoyment, except that schoolwork is pretty much piling up. that should be sorted out pretty soon i guess.
my budget has also been going pretty much bust, and so, i'm pretty worried about my current state of financial affairs.

so on wednesday, i played floorball. it actually is quite an interesting game, from the little experience i have playing it in JC and stuff, though it is a very unserious game. like ultimate frisbee. nobody takes you seriously when you say you are a floorball player. hahaha. but then again, it's mervyn.
well, i had great fun running around and i was pleased to discover that my two lungs were still in good working order. but basically, i had alot of fun playing floorball. haha. nothing like a spot of sunshine midweek to brighten up everyone's days.

i then went to kintaro for some korean food and it was quite good. so i was pretty contented and happy. but to up my contentment even more, i went to the chinatown confectionery and got myself some chinese confectionery and then i was really really really quite happy.
as happy as a lark they call it.
but lo and behold, i went back to school at 9.30 for SPL rehearsals.

thursday was pretty much a non-event, as are all thursdays and fridays. i pretty much have a rough patch every thursday and friday, but i'm comforted by the fact that fridays are the end of a week in the glorious cycle of the LSE school calendar.

now, tomorrow is a friday, and we have got so many events tomorrow. but everyone knows i'll be turning up for the SPL rehearsals instead of what U-Nite or the hotpot dinner with hot babes or something like that.
the depth of my intense dedication knows no ends.

on the other hand, i'm pretty happy with the way my personal poker game has been turning out.
so, that's good.

apart from that, i feel that i should go to bed now.

mervyn at 2/22/2007 11:30:00 PM

Sunday, February 18, 2007

racing through

happy chinese new year to one and all.

so it's chinese new years day! and the last few nights, i've been having cny eve dinners.
friday saw me at loon tao for the singsoc chinese new year dinner, which i would say was pretty acceptable for the amount that we were paying.
saturday, i went over to bankside for the uber-night of randomness under the guise of a chinese new year dinner. there were loads of random people with loads of random faces and loads of random talk. it was a course in randomnity. it could have easily been a scene out of a murakami book, in which everyone is in the same space, but yet, existing in their own ill-defined space. so totally. random.
but then again, it was all good fun, so it wasn't too bad. only thing being that my clothes smelled of food when i left.

this morning i had the chinese new year carnival thing, which, i would say, was an absolute waste of my sunday. whilst i wouldn't go so far as to condemn the carnival, i should say that the effort put into it didn't really translate into proportionate results. but then again, i guess it was a rather large-scale event. though i really only saw mostly singaporeans around.

sigh chinese new year is such a non-event here.

i really really really. think. that things are spiralling nowhere.
but then again, what more can i do when i never did much in the first place anyways.

i'm sick of my hall's breakfast. why do they have to serve stupid breakfast so early. why can't they serve it like 7-9 or something like that huh. it's not nice anyways. i don't wanna eat bacon and sausages anymore. i don't know how they process the bacon, and i don't know what they put into the sausages, but it sure as hell ain't gonna be good meat.
men's health said so anyways.

that's the end of this entry.
could it be a total mirror image?
i would like to hope so.


mervyn at 2/18/2007 10:48:00 PM

Friday, February 16, 2007

you were my revolution


it's like 2.11 am, and gawd am i tired. no. tired is not the word. exhausted perhaps? but that's not strong enough a word. maybe completely dilapitated. ok i made that up myself but then again, words are but mere concepts. i could invent a word and make it mean a thing and as long as enough people know it, it becomes legitimate. thus, concept.
so many things in life are concepts, BUT enough of that.

i just came back from the SPL performance. the culmination of 2 weeks of endless endeavouring rehearsals. but then again, it's interesting to see how we've progressed from the starting to here. but then again, my character was super bastard, but it was quite an interesting character in the end. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes.
and i like the people whom i was acting with cos they are a nice bunch too. ok. i must stop ranting like a schoolgirl, it is very not me. haahaa.
but i must say that
i really enjoyed the whole thing so far, because it was thoroughly interesting, challenging, and extremely exciting i should say. i think its nice to have a few people acting with you cos the chemistry builds up and its nice to see synergistic collaborations.

but im thoroughly tired now really.
but anyways i guess its better than sitting around in my room, in my lonely ivory tower, looking down upon the plebians.
ok that's not really what i meant.

needless to say, it is approaching chinese new year soon, and now, i am beginning to understand what studying overseas is like. hm. it's rather different, but then again, im not exactly extremely affected by the difference, though i would be rather contented if you could place me back in the sweltering comforts of my home for awhile.

it's quite sad how i often stare into space and think about miracles which should happen. but by definition, miracles won't happen, thus, i am wasting my time. but we should all have a little faith, only that perhaps, i'm hoping for the radically impossible.

but sometimes i think, there should be some compromise. only that i'm more like a piece of straw, which sways where the wind blows, thus, i need no compromise.
what am i talking about seriously.

this is getting too deep and my tired brain can no longer take it.

mervyn at 2/16/2007 02:12:00 AM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

semi charm my life


so today was a day of euphoria amongst the general LSE and Kings population cos of the strand power outage, which meant a cancelled day of school for us.

much thanks be to vernon who informed me about it, otherwise i'd have very sillily gone to school and kick myself for not choosing to sleep more.

so i slept in and went for lunch at this place near my hall which serves the most brilliant pasta i've ever had in my life for 3quid. it's better than the microwaved rubbish that they serve at pastamania or that nonsense they try to pass off as pasta at cafe cartel. it's not only al dente, but the sauce is really good too. and so much cheaper. maybe cos its authentically italian?

anyways SPL was cancelled cos of the power outage, so i went to the gym and stuff. i spent an hour and a half reading kafka on the shore. i absolutely adore murakami, reading his works are like an extension of my mind. i'm not trying to say i think like him, but the way he puts things gives me such brilliant insights that its an extremely refreshing thing to do.

valentine's day is coming up soon. in fact, its 2 days away. but it doesnt mean anything to me. i'm not buying into that capitalist bullshit about st. valentines and how its so romantic etc. just cos everyone else is having dinner with a loved one doesnt mean that the romance factor has increased by an exponential amount? romance never should be about the date. it should be about the company. so what does it matter if it's valentine's day? there's no good company in london. not that i know of anyways. but truth be told, i wouldn't enjoy valentines' day even if there was the right company for i am too much of a non-conformist to believe in celebrating my love for someone else on a day when everyone else is flashing out on the superficial acts of love.

but enough of that anyhows.

somehow or other, i feel that i could increase my life enjoyment much more. and i know just about how i could do that. it's just that,
some things, exist only as a distant reality. so distant that
you might never reach it
but real enough to ensure that you contemplate it all the time.

i don't understand why i find myself staring blankly into space so often of late. maybe its the empty thoughts im having. maybe its them. maybe its you. maybe its us. so many unanswerable maybes.

right then. going to hit more of the murakami and then going to bed.

mervyn at 2/13/2007 01:57:00 AM

Monday, February 12, 2007

take a deep breath


today is a sunday, but then it was quite eventful.

i woke up late, went for breakfast, and went to school for spl rehearsals. i think the rehearsals are going quite well, though i still have a tendency to forget my lines, but then again, nobody is perfect right, and even if someone was perfect, it wouldn't be me.
it was quite an interesting rehearsal and stuff, so it's OK.
i lost my barclays card though, for reasons i know little of. but anyways that's just part and parcel of life and we should accept that such things happen and there's no point being stressed over it.
i think im adopting a very zen approach to life nowadays. u could call it passive, like just accepting everything, but it's not exactly passive, because really, u can't change things that has already happened, but i'll do what i can to change things that are going to happen, or might happen. so it's a passive-proactive attitude.
its not like some people who take an active attitude towards the wrong things, and a wrongly passive attitude towards things they should be proactive about.

so i went to chinatown for dinner because it was too late for hall dinner.
this week's expenses seriously soared over the roof of my budget. but then again, live and let live, some opportunities only present themselves once.

yesterday, i woke up in the early morning to queue for tickets for the royal ballet at the royal opera house at covent gardens.
swan lake was being performed in the evening.
well, i got a ticket in the end

the royal opera house is a nice and grand place which sits alot of people. it invokes oohs and aahs from the plebian in me.

it was a brilliant show, the orchestra was really good, the dancers were technically proficient, and the costumes were a cacophony of colours. it was a spectacular visual and auditory treat.
i must not launch into superfluousness or that might undermine the actual awe and amazement which the show brought me, so for the grace of my sorely lacking vocabulary capabillities, it shall suffice to say that it was a nice show.

that said and done, i must say that it is rather late now right. so i should go to bed.
no psychobabble today folks.

mervyn at 2/12/2007 12:10:00 AM

Saturday, February 10, 2007



it's been a long week and it's finally friday. and it's the end of week 5. maybe sooner than you know, it will all float by and the matrix program will kick in and create a change of appearance in the surrounding environment.

but well, i'm rather tired of late from spl and school and numerous other assorted things which have absolutely no bearing on anything whatsoever. but we'll get by somehow.

anyways, it snowed like yesterday, and it almost turned into a blizzard, cos the wind was blowing the snow quite strongly into my face and the snow was actually quite stinging on the face.
but luckily, it snowed on a thursday, and i have an opportune 2 hour break for lunch, during which a couple of us headed to lincoln's inn field to construct one of the ugliest snowman the world has ever seen.

don't ask me why it's so ugly, you've gotta learn to see the beauty in imperfection. i don't know how we got about to constructing it, but we destroyed 3 beautiful snowmen in the process. hahaa. we had a little snowfight after that, so it was quite fun.

and as promised, a couple of photos from the football match.
emirates stadium

this was the view from where i was seated

alright, i'm rather tired so goodnight all.

mervyn at 2/10/2007 12:50:00 AM

Thursday, February 08, 2007

oxymoron paradox


how's things been around here? life is rather much on the hectic side at this point of time, with most days and nights taken up with some activity, and my free time being drastically reduced. it might not be a bad thing altogether, but i study quite little nowadays. maybe i should start studying more. but then again, i've never been a strong advocate of studying for the sake of studying, because it doesnt make much sense to me really. tell me to sit around in the library and just studying because everyone else is doing it, and i wouldn't last 2 seconds.

so yesterday, i caught the brazil v portugal match at emirates stadium. it was well exciting cos the atmosphere was electric, especially with all the brazil fans in there with their bright yellow jerseys and even brighter drum rhythms. it was almost like an amateur world cup match, only that it was freezing and stuff. my seats were really good too, like 7th row from the front, so i could see like all the action in the penalty box. i'd love to upload them photos, but somehow or other, my camera cable has vanished into oblivion and i can't seem to find it. i'll upload it when i find it though.

i also went to the harajuku party, probably cos everyone else was going for it. honestly, it's an alright club and i didn't really explore the club too much. nor did i dance alot, because the dancefloor was too packed and stuff. i just lazed around and drank abit. but that was it. not a very fun party really, probably a tad overrated, but alright nonetheless.

that's all about my life for now.

school's getting to be quite alright, as we move into the proper tempo of school and set up a rhythm for sch life. but some people are just getting on my nerves much too much. i don't know if its just me and my jumpy trippy nerves, but really, i seem to have less of a tolerance for people this term. maybe its the cold and stuff that makes me irritatable, but maybe not. whatever the case, i try my bestest to stay out of trouble, though it rarely ever succeeds.

haha whatever the case,
i've got an econs class tomorrow at 9am and i should be in bed now. after turning up late for the past few classes.

goodnight then.

mervyn at 2/08/2007 12:24:00 AM

Saturday, February 03, 2007



mervyn at 2/03/2007 04:13:00 PM

Friday, February 02, 2007

stop running


today's a friday.
finally reached the end of the week of a well hectic week, though i'm not really complaining. life has just about reached the peak of its cyclical nature, school, home, somewhere, home, sleep.
but then again, the somewhere changes every night, so its still bearable.

so yesterday, there was the SPL performance at camden's people theatre. i should say it went pretty well, save a few cock ups here and there, but then again, the quest for perfection is an unreachable one. i found that it was quite a scratch-the-surface play, not really my kinda thing. i prefer more no-idea-what-the-hell-it-is plays like pinter, beckett, and stoppard kinda thing. more absurdist. but then again, who would appreciate that?

school these days have been rather bearable, but i have been getting unbearable. hahaa. people are not going to be able to bear with me soon enough i figure, but then again, i don't really need people to bear with me do i?

ah wells, there is a rather busy weekend coming up too, so i guess i'll end it here for now.

i've got quite a few things to say, but then i duno how to structure them.

til next time then.

mervyn at 2/02/2007 11:33:00 PM