Sunday, April 29, 2007

they refused to fall

it's been an eternity since i've posted here, but i suddenly felt like posting something here.

so i'm finally, and sadly, back in london.
london is pretty nice at this period of time, with it being spring and all, and all the trees finally having leaves and pretty little flowers blooming all about the place.
it's quite nice actually, if only i didn't despise the way of life here. it's like a reverse colonial mindset that i have.

so yesterday, we (finally) had the SPL thing, which went by quite eventfully. improv was quite hilarious and fun, interesting stuff i must say. and i got myself a place in the exco together with shimmie. it was quite unexpected really, with vanessa just coming over and asking me. maybe it was cos everyone didnt wanna do the dirty job, and me being me, would agree to just about anything, considering my lack of morality. so i did it, and voila, now i'm in the hot seat. it's not anything daunting really, for nothing much really daunts me nowadays. i think it's something to do with my attitude that leaves nothing much to worry about nowadays. it's a very transcient lifestyle.
we ended the gathering by going for dinner, at (no surprises) furama.
it's funny how whenever SPL meets, the conversation has to veer towards sex and it's derivatives somehow.
but then again, it's not very surprising is it, considering the biological make-up of SPL. this what happens when creative minds meet. there's a sExplosion.

i like rock nowadays. things like fall out boy, death cab for cutie, bowling for soup etc. they've got some rather creative lyrics and nice tunes. i especially like it when everything shuts up and all u can hear is the bass guitar. i must say bass guitarists have been on the rise in recent times. bass guitarists used to be the losers who faded into the background as the lead guitarist injected their furious rifs. but they've suddenly become the strong dark person who emerges in times of crisis with their unpredictable counter-melodies.

exams are coming up soon, and i'm very predictably starting to study, though not even half as hard as some of the more conscientious people around here. its not that i like seeing people fall or things like that, but i really don't like people who mug very hard. i especially like it when the same people get bad results. it's not that i like to gloat, but i think its just that throughout my life, something in me grew to slowly despise these people who bury their faces in books. perhaps it's me never being able to match up to these people in mugging (never really liked that term; i prefer studying) or perhaps it's just my innate repulsion for the singaporean education system.
u know, the only point of rote learning is to score well in the exams, that's all. where's all the scholarship gone to nowadays? bah, at least 70% of the people here must have devoted insane amount of hours to memorising their stuff to get the As required to get in here anyways.
nobody told me LSE would be flooded with people who were like that. but then again, if i knew, i might still come here, for the simple fact that it IS the london school of Economics. and my deranged obsession with economics would drive me here anyways.

it is pretty late, and i've been taking extremely long breaks from my studying. but i'm coping anyways.

i guess it's time for a shower.

mervyn at 4/29/2007 11:02:00 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i know you won't miss me

i'm going to indonesia tomorrow!!!
so if there's like a bomb blast or earthquake, you know you can delete my name from your phone book (if you haven't already.)

you also know that if you suddenly see an update here, then the concept of an afterlife exists.

you also know that this is one of the many reasons why i'm going to fail my exam.

it's 4.50am.
sleep sleep.

mervyn at 4/17/2007 09:46:00 PM

Thursday, April 12, 2007


i'm damn happy about this day.
i wont have to deal with talk of
"i'm from singapore"
"oh! isn't that somewhere in china?!"

the new conversation is
"i'm from singapore"
"oh! that's the place where ministers are paid a record amount. what's that figure again? 3 million isn't it!"
"oh boy! singapore's prime minister's pay is enough to pay for the combined prime minister's pay of the top 3 economies in the world!"


mervyn at 4/12/2007 09:54:00 PM

Friday, April 06, 2007

oh god it feels like forever

ok dude.
here's the game plan.

it's the 7th april.
and school reopens on the 23rd of april.
which is in 16 days time.
but that's inconsquential.

exams start on the 16th of may.
that's 39 days away.
39 days, 4 subjects.
that's pretty much alot of time.

so what say you step up the game.
rev the engine up once more, and get past this hurdle.
it's not something you're unfamiliar with anyways.

MA100 16/05/2007 10:00
EC102 18/05/2007 10:00
ST102 21/05/2007 10:00
PH103 21/05/2007 14:30

besides, it's 44 days away from heaven. and then u can start living like a god amongst men. 44 days. that's not forever.
and that's when life begins.
no nagging worries at the back of your head.
ample time to concentrate on what's really important.
but for now.

and no one ever told you that forever feels like home.

mervyn at 4/06/2007 09:42:00 PM

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

don't know what i'd do

it's been quite some time since i've been here, and the number of visitors to this place is dwindling down. which is actually a good thing.

of late, i've not been doing much.
recovering from my emotional damage, and then mulling about. most of my time is spent sleeping.
mainly sleeping. there's not much else that i'd do really. i haven't even been to town since i came back to singapore.
guess i have to assimilate back into society.

but i'm not doing a very good job at it.

and circumstances are not helping either.

it's hard to elaborate on things really because of the way they are, but sometimes, that's the way life is.
u devote all your efforts to a single cause, only to be told that you've been misguided and misled for the bulk of it.

it's frustrating isn't it?

well, i guess so. you've just gotta live, and let live.
sometimes it's hard to explain things, but i guess that's the way it is.

perhaps one day i'll understand.
not for now though.
now, it's just a broken pipe dream.

mervyn at 4/04/2007 07:46:00 PM