Wednesday, May 30, 2007

poker tournament

yeah, finished it in 198th place, but only because i wanna go to sleep.
its 13 usd anyways, and i'm pretty fine with that. haha

mervyn at 5/30/2007 07:20:00 AM

why i live

now that my exams have ended, i have nothing much to do.
i get the required amount of sleep that a nubile young soul like me should get, i drink enough water, i breathe enough oxygen, and i am pretty alright. there is however, a great lack of activities to occupy myself with. most of the time, i'm up by 3, and by that time, there is quite few activities for me to do. i could go for walks, but the weather has recently turned much colder and it is not very conducive for me to be hanging about the place like a young punk.

i noticed i wrote all of that in one single unformatted paragraph, which is very unbecoming of me.

i also go to the gym less often, partly due to sloth. if the concept of reincarnation is true, i think i was a sloth in my past life, and will be a slow loris in my next.

i play a great deal of poker nowadays. at least 30% of my waking hours are spent on playing poker. if you count talking and thinking about poker, i say at least 60% of my waking hours are spent on poker. i am becoming slowly addicted to poker, though i must say that i'm not a very bad poker player. in fact, i think i might just be at least one of the top 50 poker players in singapore, if there were such a competition. i mean, with the amount of time i spend playing poker, surely, i must be of a decent standard? i shall put my great LSE education to good use and utilise the fundamentals of statistics to put the edge in my game.

that is also the reason why i'm still awake at 6.04 am. i'm playing an online poker tournament, and i'm hoping to finish in the money, so i'm still stuck here, grinding out my chips, hoping to place somewhere within the money. in poker terms, to say that you finish in the money means that you finish in a spot that has a cash prize with it. in this case, the tournament which i'm taking part in, that's the top 216. so many, you say? well, there was 1377 entrants, so that's like the top 20%, which is pretty alright. the top prize is 2588 us dollars, which is alot of money, though i don't think i might win it. i'd be happy to just win the 216th prize, which is like 13 us dollars. given that there's 516 players left, i just might make it into the money.

as you can see, i talk alot about poker. if i spent so much time thinking about my studies, i would definitely be a book prize winner.

apart from that, i catched the lion king musical today, and it was alright. i think they have very interesting costumes, but the storyline is a little boring for me. indeed it is, in the first place, it's a kiddy story. but as things goes, we all need a bit of culture once in awhile to enlighten our culturally dry souls.

but that's that.
one day, i shall be going to the museum to see this exhibition on some chinese paintings of deities. i think that is quite an interesting thing.

i also wanna go to selfridges to shop, but right now, i don't have the bankroll to do it. maybe after winning the 1st prize in the tourney i just might be able to.

it's late. i've gotta finish this game, and then off to bed we go.

lengthy entry this, isn't it.
oh, and watch this jap drama called my boss my hero. it's uber funny and nice.

good night.

mervyn at 5/30/2007 05:57:00 AM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


today i took part in a poker tournament.
there were 71 people in the tournament.
it lasted for 4 and a half hours.
it cost me 35 pounds to enter.
and i finished 4th.
i am happy.
very happy.
it was my first tournament.
and i hope that there are many to come.

what immense satisfaction one gets from the littlest things.

mervyn at 5/23/2007 03:36:00 AM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

crunch time

ok, it's currently midnight 16th may, and i've got a math exam to sit for tomorrow.
if past records are anything to go by, i'd probably ace this exam.
however, past records count for nought here.
will i be able to conquer this little hurdle in my life? or will i stumble and fall short of glory?
well, only time will tell.
my preparation has been adequate, but not over-adequate such that i can be readily confident of anything they throw to me. i guess that's the price to pay for not camping in the library daily and imbibing the wise words of the textbooks.
but its ok. tomorrow, we shall see whether it's ok.

but for now, i guess i shouldn't worry so much. after all, the die has been cast, and the stage is set. all that matters now is for me to unveil the cloth covering it.
what a deterministic view of life.
i need that.

mervyn at 5/16/2007 12:15:00 AM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

midweek madness?

there is a foreboding sense of exams creeping up against me.
my first paper is in 7 days time. my last in 12.
it is easy to study for exams, especially when u factor in my lack of mental activity for the last 2 years.
is it too presumptious of me to say it is easy to study for exams when everyone is mugging their head off?
i really feel that it is rather easy, but exams are but a small part of my life right now.

many people feel that their lives are incomplete, that their life sucks, etc etc.
actually, it is not especially difficult to find contentment.
especially when you don't ask for much.


mervyn at 5/09/2007 11:59:00 PM

Saturday, May 05, 2007

set my soul alight

the time has finally come!
one of my uk friends recently remarked to me about migrating to singapore to be a minister! yeah! well done singapore, the ministerial pay rise is even attracting foreign ministerial talent! good job! in a land where foreign talent is everything, i'm sure the government will be pleased to hear that english folks wanna migrate to singapore to be ministers!

on another note altogether, studying for exams have taken a slight detour, but we shall resume regular programming soon. i really hope to be able to get this over and done with (who doesn't) so that i can resume my life without having a constant nagging guilty feeling that i don't study hard enough.
but it's all good.

another thing is that life has been looking good of late.
i am a happy person.
that's all that matters really.
good night.

mervyn at 5/05/2007 03:59:00 AM